SGS Approved DIN 1623 St12 Grade Cold Rolled Steel Sheet in Coils

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100000 m.t./month
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Item specifice

Carbon Steel,Spring Steel,Bearing Steel,Gear Steel,Deformed Steel,Stainless Steel,Alloy Steel
Steel Coil,Steel Sheet,Steel Wire Rod,Steel Flat Bar,Steel Square Bar,Steel Angle,Steel Round Bar,Steel Billets
Hot Rolled,Cold Rolled,Cold Drawn,ERW,Forged,Saw,Extruded,EFW,Spring
Surface Treatment:
Galvanized,Coated,Copper Coated,Color Coated,Oiled,Dry,Chromed Passivation,Polished,Bright,Black,PVDF Coated
Outer Diameter:
Net Weight:
seaworthy packaging

SGS Approved DIN 1623 St12 Grade Cold Rolled Steel Sheet in Coils

Detailed Information of SGS Approved DIN 1623 St12 Grade Cold Rolled Steel Sheet in Coils

 C SiPSyield Strength MApTensile strength MApElongation %
A360.24 0.40.0450.03250400-52026
Thickness:6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 50mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm
Width: 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2200mm, 2500mm
Length:6000mm, 8000m, can cut to width and length
Packing Details;according to customer‘s require or export’s standard
Delivery time; 7 days for stock sizes, 20-25 days for new production sizes
Port: Tianjin China  


Related Products Overviews of SGS Approved DIN 1623 St12 Grade Cold Rolled Steel Sheet in Coils

Product Name

Typical Grades


Standard Adopted

Carbon Steel

20 (1020/S20C/C22)










40 (1040/S40C/C40)

45 (1045/S45C/C45)

Bearing Steel

GCr9 (51100/SUJ1)



GCr15 (52100/SUJ2/100Gr6)

GCr9SiMn (A485-Gr.1/SUJ3)

Cr-Mo Steel

20Cr (5120/SCr420H/20Cr4)



40Cr (5140/SCr440/41Cr4)


Gear Steel






Related Products Application of SGS Approved DIN 1623 St12 Grade Cold Rolled Steel Sheet in Coils


Carbon Steel

l  Mold bottom

l  Plastic mold

l  Construction machinery parts

l  Automobile parts

l  Security grills

l  Screens

l  Construction

Bearing Steel 

l  Aerospace

l  Navigation

l  Nuclear energy

l  Chemical industry

l  Electronic information

l  Petrochemical

l  Instrument and meter

l  Transportation

Cr-Mo Steel 

l  Mechanism & Fasteners gear  

l  Stressed components for vehicles

l  Engines and machines

l  Parts of larger cross-section

Gear Steel

l  All kinds of gears

l  Statically and dynamically stressed component for vehicles

l  Engines and machine

l  Larger cross-section parts

l  Crankshafts


Company Introduction of SGS Approved DIN 1623 St12 Grade Cold Rolled Steel Sheet in Coils

CNBM International Corporation is the most import and export platform of CNBM group(China National Building Material Group Corporation) ,which is a state-owned enterprise, ranked in 270th of Fortune Global 500 in 2015.

With its advantages, CNBM International are mainly concentrate on Cement, Glass, Iron and Steel, Ceramics industries and devotes herself for supplying high quality series of refractories as well as technical consultancies and logistics solution.


SGS Approved DIN 1623 St12 Grade Cold Rolled Steel Sheet in Coils

SGS Approved DIN 1623 St12 Grade Cold Rolled Steel Sheet in Coils


After-sale service

l  CNBM provides the services and support you need for every step of our cooperation. We’re the business partners you can trust; you can relax and get on with doing business.

l  For any problem, please kindly contact us at any your convenient time, we’ll reply you in our first priority within 24 hours




l  Industry experience over 20 years.

l  Shipment of goods -More than 70 countries worldwide.

l  The most convenient transport and prompt delivery.

l  Competitive price with best service.

l  High technical production line with top quality products.

l  High reputation based on best quality products.



Packaging & Delivery of SGS Approved DIN 1623 St12 Grade Cold Rolled Steel Sheet in Coils

Packaging Detail

Sea worthy packing /as per customer's packing instruction

Delivery Detail

15 ~ 40 days after receiving the deposit

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SGS Approved DIN 1623 St12 Grade Cold Rolled Steel Sheet in Coils


Are you a trading company or manufacturer?


What’s the MOQ?

3 metric ton

What’s your delivery time? 

15-35 days after downpayment received

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what’s your delivery terms?


What's the Payment Terms?

30% as deposit,70% before shipment by T/T

Western Union acceptable for small amount.

L/C acceptable for large amount.

Scrow ,Paybal,Alipay are also ok

Why  choose  us?

Chose happens because of quality, then price, We can give you both.

Additionally, we can also offer professional products inquiry, products knowledge train (for agents), smooth goods delivery, excellent customer solution proposals.

What's your available port of Shipment?

Main Port, China

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Our service formula: good quality+ good price+ good service=customer's trust


Where are your Market?

Covering more than 160 countries in the world


Special steel is widely used in the food packaging industry due to its unique properties and benefits. It is primarily used for manufacturing various components of food packaging machinery, such as cutting blades, molds, and dies. The main applications of special steel in this industry include ensuring precision cutting, shaping, and forming of packaging materials, enhancing durability and resistance to wear and tear, and maintaining hygiene standards by preventing contamination and facilitating easy cleaning.
Special steel resists oxidation at high temperatures due to the presence of alloying elements such as chromium, aluminum, and silicon. These elements form a protective layer of oxides on the surface of the steel, which acts as a barrier against further oxidation. This layer is stable even at high temperatures, preventing the steel from reacting with oxygen in the environment and thus maintaining its structural integrity.
Special steel contributes to the circular economy by enabling the recycling and reuse of materials. Its high durability and strength make it ideal for applications that require longevity and performance, allowing products made from special steel to have a longer lifespan. Additionally, special steel can be easily recycled and repurposed without losing its properties, reducing the need for virgin steel production and minimizing waste. By promoting a closed-loop system, special steel plays a crucial role in conserving resources, reducing environmental impact, and creating a more sustainable economy.
Special steel contributes to reducing product recalls by providing improved strength, durability, and resistance to wear and tear. By using special steel in manufacturing processes, products are less likely to experience structural failures, malfunctions, or breakages that could lead to safety hazards or performance issues. This ultimately enhances the overall quality and reliability of products, minimizing the chances of recalls due to material-related defects.
The heat treatment process can significantly affect the properties of special steel. It involves heating the steel to a specific temperature and then cooling it at a controlled rate to alter its microstructure. This process can change the steel's hardness, strength, toughness, and even its resistance to corrosion. By manipulating the heat treatment parameters, such as temperature, time, and cooling rate, manufacturers can tailor the properties of special steel to meet specific requirements for different applications.
Special steel performs well in corrosive chemical environments due to its high resistance to corrosion. It is specifically designed to withstand exposure to various corrosive chemicals, such as acids and alkalis, without deteriorating or losing its structural integrity. This makes it a reliable choice for applications in industries such as chemical processing, oil and gas, and marine environments where corrosion is a significant concern.
Some of the different machining techniques used for special steel include turning, milling, drilling, grinding, and honing. These techniques are used to shape and finish the special steel according to specific requirements and tolerances. Each technique has its own advantages and is chosen based on factors such as the type of special steel, desired dimensions, surface finish, and the complexity of the part being machined.
Special steel contributes to the strength of structures by providing enhanced mechanical properties such as higher tensile strength, improved toughness, and increased resistance to corrosion. These properties allow special steel to bear heavier loads, withstand extreme weather conditions, and maintain structural integrity over time, making it a crucial material choice for constructing durable and reliable buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure.
Special steel has gained recognition for its outstanding performance in cryogenic toughness. Unlike regular steel, which significantly loses its toughness when exposed to extremely low temperatures, special steel is specifically designed to withstand such extreme conditions and maintain its toughness and ductility. The composition and microstructure of special steel are carefully engineered to ensure its high performance in cryogenic environments. Through a unique combination of alloying elements and heat treatment processes, special steel can resist brittle fracture and retain its strength even at temperatures as low as -196 degrees Celsius (-321 degrees Fahrenheit). The exceptional cryogenic toughness of special steel makes it an ideal choice for a range of applications, including the storage and transportation of liquefied natural gas (LNG), aerospace engineering, and medical equipment used in cryogenic medicine. It provides the necessary reliability and safety when subjected to extreme cold temperatures, ensuring the integrity and functionality of the materials and structures it is employed in. In conclusion, special steel's exceptional performance in cryogenic toughness distinguishes it from regular steel, making it the preferred choice for applications that demand reliable and durable materials in extremely low-temperature environments.
Special steel performs well in heat treatment applications due to its unique composition and properties. It has a high carbon content, which allows it to be hardened and tempered to achieve desired hardness, strength, and wear resistance. The controlled heating and cooling processes during heat treatment enable the transformation of its microstructure, enhancing its mechanical properties. Special steel also exhibits excellent heat resistance, maintaining its strength and toughness even at elevated temperatures. Overall, special steel is highly suitable for heat treatment applications, providing superior performance and durability.

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