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Container house

Container house is one kind of environmental architectural forms with high safety, high flexibility and strong adaptability. Compared with the traditional building of brick concrete structure, it can reduce 60% of concrete and water consumption during concrete construction, about 70% of construction waste and renovation waste, more than 40% of the construction period, about 50% of energy as well as noise pollution and dust pollution. However the price is 35% lower than traditional buildings. Its products are mainly applied to temporary housing on the construction site, room for mine field operation, room for emergency and all kinds of modern hotel building, mobile shops, private residential buildings

Due to the fine quality of steel in the main body, It can withstand the impact of sudden storm and torrential rain. In the meantime, it also can be combined together freely.

Each container house weighs about 8000 pounds, 40 feet long, with a bearing capacity of 50000 pound. Standard combined container houses can be stacked up to 8 stacks at most.

The functions of container houses tend to be diverse, for example, folding and pre-assembled container housing is a good solution to lack of space and huge cost in the process of transportation. In the meantime, it is also beneficial to field installation.

Container architecture also is simple in design, construction fast, material recycling, etc, in the future will be more and more widely used in the construction field

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