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Home decoration shop what the floor is good, listen to people said that solid wood flooring and cork flooring are good, I would like to ask if there is any used to give a suggestion!
Now many people are using the renovation of the floor. I was the last time a decoration company introduced to me. They are professional to do the renovation, after the shop and the new no difference. I do not believe that I have a consultation, a lot of people say that the renovation of the floor has been shrinking not deformation. Moreover, more than a hundred square meters cheaper than the new floor it
Is the bathroom suitable for cork flooring?
A week to change
Home with the elderly and children, would like to choose cork flooring, but these two kinds of good, please provide some suggestions? More
Quiet forest floor of my house is also just renovated for some time, my baby's room is chenzhen silent, the child honestly playing on the floor, there is no such a big sound, formaldehyde content is very low, the harm is relatively small.
Can you explain the professional?
Can have any difference, have been stepped on to step on
Picking wood to do the floor is good? Online selling 249 per square meter is not real goods?
The general wood, is not very good, you can look at cork flooring, the price is also an advantage, and cork is the world's most environmentally friendly materials, one of the world's most environmentally friendly materials
The advantages and disadvantages of cork flooring
Cork flooring is known as the "floor of the pyramid tip on the consumption." Compared with the solid wood flooring more environmentally friendly, sound insulation, moisture effect will be more excellent, to give people excellent foot feeling
I do not want to install a wooden floor
Find the door to solve
How to remove the paint on the wall
In addition to the original decorative surface layer, such as the old paint. Method: the first water covered with walls, so that the pulp softened, and then shovel from the bottom up to eradicate, oil 籂 笭 burning locusts Hao Hao Feng Fook Kun paint can be hot water, spray or roasted paint remover , To be softened after the film was removed. If you have more questions, you can click on ID consultation.