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Floor paint and water paint difference
Floor paint and water paint is a two different classification category, there is no comparable.
My carpet is dirty, the carpet is chemical fiber, I want it dyed gray, there is no such pigments, where can I buy? Requirements as far as possible not fade, not finished after the hair hard, it is best to spray water spray.
I long-term supply of the following varieties: direct dyes. Acid dyes. Acidic dyes. Acid media dyes. Neutral dyes. Sulfide dyes. Reducing dyes. Basic dyes. Reactive dyes. Cationic dyes. Disperse dyes. Printing chemicals. Printing with nickel mesh, dyes intermediates. Fur chemical dyes. Leather chemical dyes. Chemical additives. Resins. Ink. Organic chemical pigments. Imported. Domestic waste dyes can be recycled. Companies seeking business and customers to develop , Cast a better future .-- Thank you !!
I am now in the decoration of the house and found that there are many wall painting is very beautiful wall, wanted to show their own hands, ha ha ,,,, just do not know what pen is used when painting, you can use watercolor on the wall to do painting, or What is the economy, affordable and good to buy a pencil to do pencil, there are wall painting need to pay attention to what, thank you to help advise ,,,,
Do not recommend the use of watercolor pen, although the wall paint raw materials between propylene and oil paint and no adverse reactions, but the use of its adhesion to be time to test, in general, easy to use watercolor painting deformation.
Polymer lithium battery and 18650, which is more expensive?
18650 at least two 2600 parallel to achieve 5000MAH, and the polymer to do 5000MAH can be changed in the size range. According to the shape you need to do; but 18650 is currently only Panasonic Sanyo's monomer can do up to 3200MAH, you can buy 5000MAH polymer batteries. The price of expensive polymer, such as domestic: 5000MAH polymer prices in 35 dollars, 18650 also two parallel prices in 27 dollars. But the 18650 is much easier to explode than the polymer batteries, and I recommend choosing a polymer cell. Safety first
It is best to buy their own harmless dyes with what grass to do paint
Red - madder: moss red in the week before that by the considerable attention. The main types of Dongyang Qian, Western Qian, Indian Qian three kinds. Used in China belong to Dongyang Qian, its stained parts in the roots, dyed hue orange, but because of different varieties, and have different hue. "Book of Songs" there is "stripe clothing Ru 藘, chat with entertainment", "East Gate of the 墠, Ru 藘 in Osaka" and other sentences.
What is the color on the model? Paint or watercolor paint? Hit the water out of color
Basically can be divided into three types: water-based paint (acrylic paint), oily paint (enamel), oily paint (nitro) these three kinds of coating properties are different, understand their characteristics, the fans made model It would be helpful to choose a model paint for painting.
Paint and water paint which prospects are good,
Because the paint into the Chinese market relatively late, in the domestic water-based paint usage and market awareness is still relatively low, only 7% -8%, in OKorder, OKorder and other developed areas are less than 25%. In addition, the general paint in the marketing misleading, so that the water paint this environmentally friendly paint from the attention. On the contrary, the international market has been more mature water paint in Europe, the utilization rate has reached 80% to 90%. And from April 1, 2004, the EU has banned the production, sale and use of oily paint. There is no doubt that the use of healthy paint instead of paint, is an international trend.
What is the difference between the paint and the paint?
Paint is characterized by the use of organic solvents to adjust the viscosity, can not add water.