High - End Galvanized Steel Door In Shanghai

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Detail Specifications

1:Steel sheet of door panel

0.3 ~ 1.0mm cold rolled steel sheet

2:Steel sheet of door  frame

0.7 ~ 2.0mm cold rolled steel sheet

3:Frame outer sizes (HxW)

2050 x 860mm / 960mm, or customized size

4:Thickness of the door leaf

50 / 70 / 90mm

5:Opening direction

Left inside / Left outside / Right inside / Right outside

6:Inner filling material

Honeycomb paper / Rock wool / PU foam

7:Rubber sealed:Double-layer rubber sealed strip around the door

8:Door sill-High quality stainless steel threshold

9:Doorbell--Invisible alarm doorbell ( both practical and beautiful)

10:Peephole-Wideangle peephol

11:Hinges-Galvanized steel hinges

12:Surface treatment

Bright, lustrous and durable appearance, the door surface via acid cleaning phosphorizing antirust processing

Heat-transfer printing on surface: looks like the natural wooden grain. Or powder coating on surface

13:With high quality burglarproof lock;ABC lock-set with 13 lock points

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Q:How do I spray paint my exterior metal front door?
Your door came primed from the factory. Just clean good, wipe and let dry. Lay flat on horses out of full sun. Make passes from left to right across short width of door. Don't put on very heavy. Let dry 10-15 minutes- check to make sure it's dry. Now make passes the long way of the door, short spray . It's better to put on less paint than to put on too much on a single pass. Now go back to spraying across the door and then the length. For a good job I would say if you make 3 passes each way- you should have covered all the metal and eliminated blotching. Let dry 1 day then flip and paint other side and edges.
Q:Why aluminum doors and windows have a gap there is still a lot of how to solve it?
Change the bridge off the aluminum bar, broken bridge aluminum sealing effect is very good, aluminum are so
Q:How do I repair stripped hinge screw holes in metal clad entrance door?
You might have to drill out the old hole and insert a wall anchor....you know...it's the little plastic or metal thing that spreads out when you screw in the screw...it expands and holds the screw in place.
Q:is metal frame doors are bettor tha wooden frame doors?
metal frames come in 2 flavours - aluminium and steel. both have their advantages and drawbacks, but are better than timber doors in a number of ways. you should select a polyester powder coat finish (dual colour is now available ie 2 different colours for inside and outside) for a virtually maintainence free finish whereas timber will need regular maintainence. the lifespan of metal over timber is quite considerable, many steel windows fitted into 1930's properties are still in very good condition and have many serviceable years left in them (aluminium hasnt been around as long as steel so lifespan cannot be compared to steel). the sections used for metal are much slimmer than timber allowing more light into the property. metal is available for domestic situations and is not only used for fire rating purposes. steel is inherently stronger than aluminium and in most applications stronger than timber also, making unauthorised entry more difficult (ie cannot be drilled or cut easily). downside is cost - steel is most expensive in short term, but when lifespan and maintenance are factored in, works out cheapest (aluminium will not last as long as steel due to construction methods ie steel is welded, aluminium is screwed at joints). steel is also hot dipped galvanised prior to polyester powder coating, guaranteeing a corrosion free lifetime (1930's windows were not galvanised and are still around, so galavanised will last a lot longer). metal windows and doors can also be double glazed to comply with current building regs.
Q:How to clean aluminum doors and windows? Make it a new look.
Aluminum alloy has a special cleaning agent. You can use this point of the rub, do not use the kind of acid things, was very clean, how long before it may be black.
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows surface oxidation how to deal with?
The chemical nature of the aluminum element itself is very lively However, the aluminum alloy surface will form a layer of dense aluminum oxide film Thereby preventing the internal aluminum from being continuously oxidized The surface oxidation of the aluminum alloy is for the thickening of the aluminum oxide film Enhance the corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance of aluminum alloy products.
Q:How can I hang a framed pic on a metal door?
you dont need to drill just get those little velcro dots that you can stick onto the door and the poster/painting and it will stick just find and no damage to your door.
Q:What are the differences between aluminum doors and windows and steel doors and windows?
It depends on how to think of aluminum alloy first strength is good in the sun will not be deformed, there are aluminum alloy paint can be a lot of color and recycling is widely used. But the price is more expensive than plastic. And the plastic itself is made of plastic and synthetic resin color itself is white and other spray color easy to paint a long time easy to deformation, but the steel is also better than the aluminum alloy sound insulation is stronger
Q:How can I repair my metal front door to my house?
sand the dents and fill them with auto body bondo/filler sand the door with 400 git emery paper and clean the surface with metal prep from a auto supply shop and paint again with a good enamel paint.
Q:Aluminum doors and windows have a sound what is the reason
Ordinary aluminum alloy sealing effect is not good, sometimes the indoor air will produce convection, the gap will be small air convection will produce the sound, check all the windows of the seal, closed, closed, sewn place with stuff Live, it is recommended that you replace the windows, ordinary aluminum alloy, no matter from the closed, insulation, sound insulation is not a good choice, or change the steel flat window or broken bridge aluminum alloy. And are hollow double glass, the effect is very good. But do not be black, and now fake counterfeit too much.

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