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What is the meaning of the floor on both sides of the chamfer?
Is the male and female slot is anti.
Is it good for wood flooring or bamboo flooring?
Of course, is the wood. The current production level of bamboo flooring is not yet ripe. All aspects of the indicators are not better than the wooden floor. Solid wood flooring compared to the grade. But maintenance care is more trouble. Save the words directly on the composite floor. Just a calamity. With a few years later replaced. And the cost is lower than the solid wood.
From the troops just down, want to do business. Listen to friends that cork products are more popular, and healthy environmental protection, thinking should be the future trend, so would like to have a well-known brand, you give the provision of protection for the Paihao spring Koopo pseudo-sickle reference, very grateful. Question added: we say that when the specific brand remember to tell me where the manufacturers, do not care to engage in an overseas, I was not the power of that time Oh more
Resistant to it, I also recognize the brand, good quality, in many parts of the country already have a physical store, you can Google their official website to ask you there is no dealer, to get an agent to make money The. My friend dry decoration, recommended to me. Now cork products are still not common, personally think that the brand has to be market test, I recommend the resistance is only appropriate relative to the current industry level to do better. I hope to choose my answer, very hard to answer, to earn your points. Thank you.
How to put the first piece of tiles. How to know when the brick side straight straight.
Use a ruler to look at it, or use a landmark line
Cork flooring which brand is better? How is the good floor?
Still forest cork flooring can also be
The advantages and disadvantages of cork flooring
Cork flooring is known as the "floor of the pyramid tip on the consumption." Compared with the solid wood flooring more environmentally friendly, sound insulation, moisture effect will be more excellent, to give people excellent foot feeling
I do not want to install a wooden floor
Find the door to solve
How to remove the paint on the wall
In addition to the original decorative surface layer, such as the old paint. Method: the first water covered with walls, so that the pulp softened, and then shovel from the bottom up to eradicate, oil 籂 笭 burning locusts Hao Hao Feng Fook Kun paint can be hot water, spray or roasted paint remover , To be softened after the film was removed. If you have more questions, you can click on ID consultation.