Cork-04,Soundproofing Cork Flooring

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500 m²
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40*40GP m²/month

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Product Description:


Cork Flooring 
1. Material: natural cork 
2. Size: 915 x 305 x 11mm or customize 
3. Prepainted 
4. Ideal for bedroom,office etc


Soundproofing Cork Flooring

1. Details Descriptions


Cork Floating Tiles


915x305/195/145/113x11mm (Unilin Click system)


3mm top cork layer

7mm HDF E1 Class

1mm cork backing sheet


Wear 3 coats of water-based PU varnish

Cork Density

Wear layer 500kg/m3 (30lb/ft3) – Underlayment

Impact sound absorption

approx. 14dB

Thermal resistance

approx.0.129m 2K/W

Test standard


Wear resistance

with the Taber Abrasion method – Wheels


7 planks per pack or 1.9535 sq m

48 packs per pallet(915x305x11 mm)


2. Technical Specifications:


Test item


Test result

Length tolerence



Side straight 


-0.04~ +0.05

Right angle 


-0.05~ +0.04

Surface Flatness 

Center curvature


Surface quality 

A minimum of 95% of the tiles shall be free from visible defects.

No visible defects

Water absorption

Mean value E≤0.5     


Breaking pressure

When the thickness is ≥7.5mm, the average shall be ≥1300


Modulus of  rupture

Mean value≥35     


Luster degree

≥ 55


Abrasion resistance

≤ 175


Resistance to frost

No crack or peeling.


Resistance to Household Chemical Reagent

 Not lower than UB level

UA level

Resistance to Chemical of swimming pool

Not lower than UB level 

UA level


3. Application Space:

 Meeting room, Library, Office, Bedroom etc.


4. Certified by:




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Q:How to remove the water from the floor
Pour water on the wood floor of the alkali stains can be wet towels, dipped in a small amount of vinegar, and then gently wipe the floor can be. If the alkali is too much, you can consider using warm water against vinegar can be wiped. Wood floor care methods: regular maintenance: the same as the solid wood flooring, for the surface of the brush with cork flooring, the general half a year to play a floor wax can be. The cork flooring with a resin-resistant layer on the surface is as simple as the care of the composite floor. Small repair: cork flooring use after a period of time if the individual wear, you can use the local remedial method. In the wear and tear with sandpaper gently polished, remove the surface of the dirt, and then gently wipe with a dry soft cloth, re-coated coating, or in the local coating polyester film. Cleaning and maintenance: the use of mop to clean the floor, the mop dry and then use a better, too wet mop, when used in the water will penetrate the seams, damage to the floor, causing the floor of the tilt deformation, especially wood flooring, plastic Flooring, cork tiles. Daily protection: at the same time should try to avoid the sun for a long time direct exposure to the floor, so as not to long-term strong ultraviolet radiation after the film, premature dry and aging.
Q:Would you like to warm the floor with cork mats?
Simple thermal effect, then the best natural stone, followed by artificial stone tiles, followed by composite floor, followed by solid wood flooring.
Q:What kind of floor is environmentally friendly and economical?
Composite flooring
Q:Want to proxy cork products, which brand is good?
My home decoration is resistant to good, and now the market is more recognized on the brand, the Internet also has a lot of relevant information, is said to have been doing exports, is the largest cork manufacturer. There is rubber and natural, but also very good protection for the pole good horned spring Ge pseudo-sickle. The other, never heard of, this is a new industry, the domestic market has not yet fully developed. The first floor is purely advertising, a little contempt....
Q:Picking wood to do the floor is good? Online selling 249 per square meter is not real goods?
General wood, is not very good, 249 price more popular, you may wish to look at cork flooring, the price also has advantages, and cork is the world's most environmentally friendly materials
Q:Is the bathroom suitable for cork flooring?
Paste-style cork flooring can be laid in the bathroom. Cork flooring itself is waterproof, cork flooring performance through the lung porphyrin plating monk Han Ji special plastic is not waterproof. Cork flooring shop in the bathroom than in other places to be more than a process - leaching paint. After the lacquered cork flooring will not break the water to break the cold world of tiles
Q:This softwood flooring feels better than solid wood flooring, green cork flooring should be the industry leader, right?
My home is still forest cork flooring, when the time saw a few brands, but never heard of this
Q:What is the floor? Ferragamo wood cork floor how ah?
Now a lot of wood flooring on the market building materials, various manufacturers of the classification of the floor are not the same. So many tricks are not easy to confuse? Variety from their cases, wood flooring patterns and more, in the final analysis can not jump solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring these three "princes." No matter how hype the ads, grasp the basic criteria, and then according to figure, always find a suitable for their own. Solid wood flooring Solid wood flooring is a high-end product in the floor. With the pattern of natural, comfortable foot feeling, the use of safe features, is the bedroom, living room, study and other ground decoration of the ideal material. Price: price is more expensive. Advantages: material temperature, foot feel good, more close to nature. Disadvantages: the businessmen, after-sales trouble. This is the popular ground material in recent years, it broke the physical structure of the logs, to overcome the poor stability of the logs, in addition, strengthen the floor wear layer can adapt to the harsh environment, such as living room, aisle and other regular Someone walking around. Advantages: color varieties, touch workers whip Jizhuang shortage Biao Weibo Li has a strong wear resistance, pavement easy, without polishing, painting, waxing, easy maintenance. Disadvantages: water or exposure, etc. may produce anti-warping deformation phenomenon. Solid wood flooring The floor and the stability of the composite wood flooring and the stability of solid wood flooring in one, but also has environmental advantages. Advantages: to maintain the pattern of wood, and not easy to deformation, suitable for geothermal heating room. Disadvantages: feet feel more rigid.
Q:Carolyn cork flooring. Okay?
Feet good, but not practical
Q:What is the meaning of the floor on both sides of the chamfer?
Chamfering generally refers to the work of the floor seam is to do the visual effects I made the composite floor for more than 5 years of the early chamfer is the V-groove is the side to see two pieces of assembled flooring side was V-shaped advantages Is easy to cover the floor and the floor between the level of difference (because the floor and the floor can not be as much as 100% of the top of the top of the dumplings of the dumplings of the porch out of the poor) shortcomings are poor visual effects and out of date now Usually the molding process is also called U-groove molding pressure is also a large part of the mold with a small molding effect is almost more impressive is now the main floor of the composite chamfer work to remove these three kinds of basic are deceptive what is what Corner of the fact that the three are one of the inside only changed the name of a fills
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1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Xi'an, China
Year Established 2004
Annual Output Value Above US$ 50 Million
Main Markets Europe; North America; Southeast Aisa;
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000

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3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin;
Export Percentage 51% - 60%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 200 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 45,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
Product Price Range High; Average