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Both the forest ranger station and people on Facebook have told me it's hunting season in an area I like to hike and to wear orange.I'm curious if there's anything special about the color orange, or if any easy to see color works?Also, do hikers really get shot all that much during hunting season, or is it more just a smart precaution?(Please don't understand me out of context. I'm not doubting that one should be careful. It's just that I'm very curious about the above.)
Here are three links to good camping checklist.
can anyone list of safety considerations for laboratory experiments?
Don't use heat. You won't get anything hot enough, and hot tires give off nasty fumes that aren't good for you. You can try Gorilla Glue. There was a cheap product called Shoe Goo that was made specifically for rubber. Look at Target or craft stores.
whenever I play multiplayer, my friends want to use riot shields. I personally think that they are cheap and therefore I do not use them. However, I always seem to lose when I play my friends because I can't shoot through, which is not very fun. SO, how can I beat them without going around them with a knife? (because I suck at melee)
because we all hate the guys who drive those lowered honda lawnmower cars with the irritatingly loud exhaust pipes. i love to see them grind their under-carriges on speed bumps!
I dont understand how anyone in thier right mind would do what a stranger on the phone claiming to be a police officer told them to do, especially since no police would ever ask a person to strip search another, make them do jumping jacks in the nude, and perform sexual acts on others. I cannot comprehend why these people would ever believe a police officer would do such a thing, and why didnt they refuse to do the horrible things they did to the victim? Who I might add must also be out of her mind to comply with all the things these people told her to do without a fight. After watching the story on 20/20 I was completely shocked, they had video of the whole incident in the Kentucky Mcdonalds and it turns out it was not the only time this had happened. I really cant believe average everyday people working at Mcdonalds could be naive and mindlessly obedient enough to do the things the fake policeman on the phone told them to do. What do you think this says about those involved?
This Site Might Help You. RE: How much does it cost to learn MMA? I am 16, and I was thinking about leaning MMA. How much it is for the gear, and what the monthly fee is(on average). Also, what do you recommend. I don't know much about it. I don't really know the types, and what the difference is. I really like the movie Never Back Down if that helps
And he's no youngster. One day there could be maniac who will fight my dad or God-Forbid worse. I dont like sitting in the same car as my Dads. He will also get me beat up or worse. How do I tell him to stop. He loses his temper if there are people cutting across or lights etc all uncessarily things which dont merit any pshcycal fights. Its truly embarassing too. My dad says if somebodtt starts on him then I should fight too lol, but I got my own problems and I dont want to get beat up just because my dad provokes people. Gosh why does this always have to be.
Ive find 2 resources : 1)in recent years balloons made of metal films have become popular. The manufacturing process of these balloons is very different. They are made from a sandwich of two swatches of mylar—a polyester film—often circular in shape, which are sealed together around the edges. 2)The envelope(in airships) is usually made of a combination of man-made materials: Dacron, polyester, Mylar, and/or Tedlar bonded with Hytrel. The high-tech, weather-resistant plastic film is laminated to a rip-stop polyester fabric. The envelope's fabric also protects against ultraviolet light. Usually the envelope is smaller than the bladder to ensure that the envelope takes the load when the blimp is fully inflated. The bladder is made of a thin leak-resistant polyurethane plastic film.
since i moved into my hud apartment i have been sick for 1 year every month, we have a gas furnace and no carbon monoxide detector here. my doctor has been prescribing allergy medicines when i have no allergies. i just researched about carbon monoxide poisoning resembling respiratory problems and allergies and other sicknesses. could i sue the housing authority for me being sick all year? i am a smoker but ive never had any problems relating to this stuff. been having lung pain, dizziness, seeing stars, weak, short of breath, and others as well. ive never gotten this sick until i moved into a hud apartment complex. i go to the doctor every month because i get a new sickness every month. reminder they have no carbon monoxide detectors in this apartment and they use a gas furnace, my dad lives with me im 24 years of age and he hasnt been getting sick. can i relate this to carbon monoxide poisoning? if i cant sue them for that can i sue them for not having a detector while having a gas furnace here? thank you!
Surprisingly, it doesn't snow in Colorado as much as a lot of people expect it to I always recommend a 4 wheel drive for when it does snow though, doesn't have to be a truck. I drive a Honda CRV and it works perfectly fine in the snow I've only gotten stuck in the snow once, and it didn't take much effort to get out. At that elevation, you won't be getting a lot of snow though. No worries, you won't be stuck for days or weeks it's very rare that that ever happens.
I just want to know if you were to sit into a shopping cart, and set off a fire extinguisher from the back, would you actually go further than like, 2 inches? I'm wondering the same thing about office chairs too.
LOL it hapens to us, too. But, it bugs the hubby more than it does me. So I found some garters that you attach to the fitted sheet and mattress pads that keep them anchored under the mattress and prevents sliding. They have them at linen stores, like Bed Bath Beyond, Linen's N' Things, but they were cheapest at the WalMart in the bedding section. They had two kinds there, I got the one with two rubber ends with clips and elastic in between. They came in a package of six and cost $2.99.
As you know, I recently bought a Simplex 4040, now I have a concern. Is the paint on the alarm lead? I need to know because it has a few chips in the paint, I'm afraid it might have lead in it. If so, would it be harm full to have around pets, humans, etc. Just another precaution, does anything in it contain asbestos? I truly doubt it, just trying to be safe and stay healthy, please help!!! Should I get rid of the alarm??? Help!
there are a lot of my dog's hair on them I take it the dog isn't supposed to sleep with you. You're right that a lot of hair can clog the pump. Try vacuuming the sheets to get as much hair of as you can (his sheets too). Then, if you have it, use duct tape (or packing tape) to get off the sticky hair. Take a length and roll it sticky side out around your hand. Then apply and peel to get the hair. As long as you get most of the hair, the washer shouldn't suffer too much. Bleach will only strip your sheets of color, it won't dissolve the dog hair. If his sheets are too hair filled, then fill the tub with soapy water (don't use too much soap) and stomp on the sheets like you're stomping grapes. Then rinse by filling with fresh and doing it again. You'll probably have to do this several times. I also need to disinfect my dog's toys, what can I use For hard surface toys (rubber chewy toys) fill a bucket or the kitchen sink with water and about a half cup of bleach. Allow to soak for about 20 minutes then rinse with fresh water. Be sure to rinse well so there is no residue. I need to clean my fridge ****-n-Span, Top job or any other concentrated cleaner will work. So will a bucket of soapy water, thought the cleaners usually have ammonia to help disinfect.