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Do you have to place your alarm clock across the room to make sure you'll get up when it goes off?
if your class has a permetheon or something u can sneak and draw on it using the computer (this guy in my class would do it its hilarious) it kinda depends who u want to pull the prank on well anyways have fun hope u can find a good prank
Last night, the smoke alarm (BRK brand, stuck up on the ceiling) was sounding a single chirp every minute or so. I assumed it was the Low Battery reminder, so I left it alone. My housemate said he fixed it last night by pressing the button or whatever, and mentioned that one of the gas burners was just slightly turned from the off position (accusing me of leaking gas into the kitchen).I've been having serious issues with this housemate lying about issues around the house, and he's already brought this up with my landlord! So, I really need to know: Could the smoke alarm have been beeping in response to gas? (which I honestly don't believe was even present) Even if it was a gas alarm, wouldn't it sound different?I've looked up the different chirps on the BRK website, apparently the Low Battery sound sounds exactly the same as the Supervisory chirp. What is the supervisory sound for?? Is that what it was?Any help is really appreciated!
I would check out the mattress and electric blanket company websites to be on the safe side, if they don't have it in their FAQ, I would send them an email. Better safe than sorry.
i bought a new xbox360 from the store. i hooked the xbox to my tv and powered it up. about 30 miniutes later the xbox disk drive began making strange noises. on further inspection i noticed a small pool of thick red sulfuric-smelling liquid under the xbox. i then unplugged and moved the xbox, when i picked it up about a 3/4 cup of the liquid began dripping out of the vents. is this a defect of the xbox or did i accidentally break something inside? and is this liquid safe to clean up normally or do i need safety gloves?
Don't know of any major brand building a 100cc 2-stroke so guessing your asking about some Chinese POS and there is a H-U-G-E difference berween a Chinese POS and one of the major brands 125s.
Is it Maxxis Creepy Crawlers? How about Super Swampers or BFG? General Tire is trying to get back in the game as well.
In my experience no, at my old job the truck I used for plowing went on ice one time in 4 wheel drive, the tires just spun. I got across but I don't think it was a noticeable difference.
can you get banned off FB for posting a youtube video many times in a group's comments section on a post?
even in California, ive never heard of a 2 inch water meter. wow
The reflective paint is to be applied by paint sprayer to the joists and to the underside of the roof's plywood sheets, where the asphalt singles are nailed down. The theory behind it was that most infra-red heat waves that penetrate the roof and heat up the attic air space are redirected or reflected back to outside of the attic.
Sounds like this is for a class, but conceptually space is a giant rubber sheet. The Sun has 99.8% of the mass of the entire system so it bends the rubber sheet so much that all the 8 planets, 5 dwarf planets, hundreds of moons and asteroids are all caught in the bend caused by the Sun. It is being caught in the bend of the Sun that keeps the planets from flying off into the distance. All objects in space physically bend the space. The more massive an object becomes, the more it bends space, hence the stronger it's gravity.
like during a lightning storm have a bunch of rods to attract the liughtning and then run that energy through a generator instead of having coal and fossil fuels polluting
Anything is possible. Unfortunately not now with current technology. Ask again 20 years from now
I turned the heat on the other day but it just blows air no heat is coming out I think I need to turn the gas knob on but I'm not sure and I don't want to blow up my house.
Speed bump and other traffic devices are not usually added or built in to an area unless requested. They are not free and do cost money to erect. If I see a neighborhood with an abundant amount of sped bumps then I think that neighborhood is full of people to careless to self monitor their own driving. If they are to selfish to do this, do they cut their grass? What about removing garbage and refuse and other community friendly services that they should perform on the property they own? Do they instill better ideals in their children than they practice?(probably not) Speed bumps, more than likely do adversely effect the economic pricing of a neighborhood. This said, can you put a price on safety? If the speed deterrents are their as I stated before, more than likely someone has been speeding or worse injured or killed someone while speeding.