pvc flooring for car

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Product Description:

PVC Flooring

Quick Details

  • Material: PVC

  • Style: coil mat

  • Pattern: fashion

  • Technics: machine made

  • Age Group: adult,children,old

  • Design: waterproof,anti-slip

  • Feature: Waterproof, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Slip

  • Use: Door, Floor, Bath, Outdoor, hall stairs ,supmarket,hotel , school

  • Size: 40x60cm, 50x70cm,50x80cm and so on

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • material: PVC

  • feature: waterproof,anti-slip,easy to clean

  • backing: foam.firm,plain,spike

  • color: red,black,beige,grey,brown

  • weight:2kg/2.5kg/2.7kg/3.0kg/3.5kg/4kg/5kg/sqm

  • thickness: 9mm, 10mm,12mm, 13mm,15mm and so on

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:In carton box or plastic bag
Delivery Detail:in 20 days


1. PVC material
2.waterproof,anti-slip,with different backing

5.cheap price

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Q:Why is pad pad written on the sofa mat?
Sofa pad is a lot of specifications, and some pad butt, there is a big one is used for stepping foot, that is, put the front of the sofa for barefoot treading.
Q:Is the ground mat of the EVA material poisonous?
First of all, the main material of EVA mats is EVA and pigment (color masterbatch)This mat is made by foam molding of EVA plastic particlesEVA resin, in itself, is non-toxic, even food grade, and can be eaten. (there is one way to test the quality of EVA, which is to take it and chew it in the mouth)
Q:Do you need two floor mat under the tent?
Damp mat is used as a mat or mattress in a tent, especially a self inflating mat. It can strengthen moisture, keep warm and increase comfort.
Q:Is it very hot to put a plastic mat in the bedroom in summer?
Your room and your plastic pad nothing, you can see if your room is not open fan, air conditioning and the like, and if your room floors high, hot is not surprising, especially. Another point, the color of the room can also be visually from the left and right of human feelings, generally you see green, blue and the like will feel relatively cool, on the contrary, red, powder and the like, you will feel hot. Second, you see if there is a heat source in your room, such as the refrigerator (from the conservation of energy, the refrigerator, how much cold it is, how much heat it will emit). In addition, from the point of view of physics, the plastic mat is a bad conductor of heat. It is slow to heat. Of course, it won't absorb a lot of heat. If so, your room should be cooler, right? You sleep on that hot is because of your body heat can not be quickly passed through it, on the contrary, if you sleep on the floor (of course, wooden and bamboo like except) will soon feel cool, because the floor heat transfer is relatively rapid, it continuously to you the body heat is gone, so you feel cool, plastic mat slow heat transfer, your body heat can not be timely to pass through it, so you will feel some heat, is the truth.
Q:Why sell floor is not recommended for mat Bao
The floor quality should still pass, but if you want to buy titanium surface flooring solid wood flooring was selected best friends of the world. After all, the scratch resistance of titanium is very good ah.
Q:Which is better, the EVA mat or the EPE?
What are you mainly using in that respect? Each has its advantages. I mainly study this piece. I think it's still good for EVA. When you use it, it's very soft, and it's very elastic when you squeeze it with your hands. I hope my answer will be helpful to you. And I hope you have something like that for me.
Q:How to match the color of the floor mat?
The whole room is biased towards dark colors. It is recommended that the table mat be planted with cold tones, and the personal recommendation is orange and yellow, but ultimately it depends on the hobby of the landlord.
Q:What is the structure of an anti fatigue mat?
Anti fatigue mats are anti-static series of products, good anti fatigue axiata pad structure is divided into two kinds, one is two layers: the upper layer is antistatic conductive rubber PVC/, lower urethane resin foam.
Q:What is the ground mat, how to buy, and how to match?
A good mat must first be able to perform its functions well, such as storing dirt, scraping sand, and absorbing water. This is the basic standard to measure the quality of ground mats. Secondly, a good mat should be easy to maintain, and does not need to spend too much manpower and material resources, and it should be durable and environmentally friendly, and the design can be maintained for a long time. If you meet the above, it should be said to be a qualified ground mat. When consumers buy, may wish to go a few stores, contrast material differences. In addition, it is important to strengthen the daily cleaning and maintenance of the floor mats that you want to make your home.
Q:Does the floor cushion under the composite floor affect the geothermal temperature?
The effect is negligible, and the temperature difference is not even half a degree.

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