pvc flooring for car

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Product Description:

PVC Flooring

Quick Details

  • Material: PVC

  • Style: coil mat

  • Pattern: fashion

  • Technics: machine made

  • Age Group: adult,children,old

  • Design: waterproof,anti-slip

  • Feature: Waterproof, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Slip

  • Use: Door, Floor, Bath, Outdoor, hall stairs ,supmarket,hotel , school

  • Size: 40x60cm, 50x70cm,50x80cm and so on

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • material: PVC

  • feature: waterproof,anti-slip,easy to clean

  • backing: foam.firm,plain,spike

  • color: red,black,beige,grey,brown

  • weight:2kg/2.5kg/2.7kg/3.0kg/3.5kg/4kg/5kg/sqm

  • thickness: 9mm, 10mm,12mm, 13mm,15mm and so on

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:In carton box or plastic bag
Delivery Detail:in 20 days


1. PVC material
2.waterproof,anti-slip,with different backing

5.cheap price

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Q:What mat is good for the kitchen?
After we know how to buy mats, it is difficult to choose what kind of color. We can see in the store ground mat of color, no less than dozens, really dazzling. But what you need to remind everyone is to try to avoid buying a single floor mat, because dirt on the floor mat will be very prominent and affect the appearance.
Q:What kind of car mat brand is there?
Now on the market sell leather, wire ring, silica gel, four kinds of plastic mats, weighing all kinds of material pads, each have their own advantages and disadvantages, from the price differences between the plastic, the cheapest price, followed by silica gel, then the wire ring, finally is leather.
Q:How do I clean the floor mat?
1, the pad flip, shake off the sand, through the bottom ground mat without turning, shake off sand directly. 2. Vacuum the dirt between the mat surface and the fiber gap. 3. Clean and clean the floor. 4. Rearrange the floor mats. Two, cleaning, renovation: 1, and daily care, shake off the dust on the mat. 2, the use of high pressure water pipe irrigation, it is best to use water below 40 degrees Celsius rinse, you can properly use some neutral detergent, do not use acid-base cleaning agent, because they will accelerate the aging pad. 3. Dry and keep dry. 4. Rearrange the floor mats.
Q:PVC plastic flooring, anti-skid snow surface in the ground how to deal with?
The above four steps for general cleaning method, if the floor is used for a period of time, many times after waxing the floor surface yellowing and re waxing, to wax removing agent processing methods are as follows:1) wax removing agent according to the proportion, to uniform the spill on the wax, wax removing agent for about 10-30 minutes after the water will seep into the floor, the floor brush as (no wax case), wax completely removed, or re waxing not bright.2) remove the wax after cleaning, and then clean it in accordance with step 1-4.Matters needing attention:1. Place mats at the entrance of the building to avoid entering sand and dust through shoelaces.2, in carrying goods, especially at the bottom of sharp metal objects, do not drag on the floor, so as not to scratch the floor.3, although the PVC floor fire rating is B1, but never represents the floor will not be burned by fireworks. Therefore, when using PVC flooring, do not put burning cigarette butts, mosquito coils, live irons, hot metal objects directly on the floor, in case of floor damage.4, clean floors can not use steel ball, wire brush cleaning. Should not use conventional methods of cleaning of dirt, should consult professionals, not indiscriminate use of acetone, toluene, strong acid and other chemicals.5. Avoid large amounts of water standing on the floor for a long time, especially sheets, floors, and floors. The floor is often soaked in water and may be soaked under the floor, allowing the floor to melt and lose cohesion. It may also make the floor surface wax water layered, causing floor pollution, or sewage infiltration into the interior of the floor (transparent floor), resulting in discoloration of the floor.6., avoid direct illumination, prevent ultraviolet radiation, to prevent discoloration and discoloration of the floor.
Q:How does the rubber pad stick to the concrete?
Epoxy adhesive, commonly known as adhesive. This kind of adhesive many ah, to bond high strength, not only adhesive choice is good, but also be glued surface treatment should be done well, such as grinding, rough, clean and so on.
Q:What kind of material is good for the lobby?
The mat has good decorative effect, also has health function, to ensure a good general, for indoor floor mats, material mainly choose acrylic, cotton, superfine fiber, used for outdoor mats, material selection should be based on rubber flocking, coconut fiber material and other synthetic fiber materials.
Q:What pads are environmentally friendly and practical?
So extreme durability, no maintenance, anti dropping, anti slip, strong penetration, suitable for all kinds of environment playgrounds, sports venues, leisure venues, schools and other all-weather use, cheap, by the company responsible for the installation of professional construction, the different thickness of products can be a high degree of anti dropping were A. Thick 25cm, anti drop height 1.5cm, B. Thick 45cm, anti drop height 2m, C. Thick 70cm, anti drop height 2.45m.
Q:How to lay the ground cushion treasure?
Bedding treasure leveling environmental protection is still lacking. Earthworm leveling cost is higher than the first two, but the most long-term, after the need to change the solid wood floor, change composite, you can continue to use. The foot is the best. Bedding treasure price is based on the thickness of the pricing.
Q:Method for laying geothermal wood floor mats
Installation procedures are exquisite: floor installation is not standard, may cause all kinds of quality reasons, such as: uneven ground, paving the floor will lead to floor deformation.
Q:How do I remove the mildew from the bathroom mat?
My home in the decoration, because the tiles piled wet wood, moldy floor tiles to black, with a variety of cleaning products are not working, and finally poured some vinegar, second days miraculously restored the primary colors. Thanks for the answer.

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