double colors coil design pvc mat

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  • Material




    Regular size of piece

    40x60cm, 40x70cm, 45x75cm, 60x90cm, 90x120cm, 120x180cm.
    size of roll: 1.22x12m, 1.22x18m,etc


    10mm,12mm, 15mm,etc




    various colors and logos are available


    easy to clean, comfortable to step on,durable, economical

    Environmental standards

    no lead ,no poison,low cadmium


    600pcs/color(normal color:black,grey,red,blue,etc)

    Payment terms

    T/T or L/C at sight




    30% deposit, the rest by T/T or L/C at sight


    Within 30 days after received T/T advance or open the L/C

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:PP bags for pvc coil mat or customized. 20GP capacity is between 80-122 rolls. 40GP capacity is between 200-300 rolls
Delivery Detail:PVC coil mat: 30 days after the confirmation of the order


Multi colors PVC coil mat
1.Incredible tensile strength
2.Water proof
3.Non toxic, Eco friendly

4.Durable, anti slip backed.

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Q:Do you need floor mats for solid wood composite floors?
Direct bonding method: suitable for fine board pavingBoard (tofo laying floor)
Q:Bathroom mat how to choose non slip mat mat what material?
Toilet skid mat purchase, material is indeed more important, because the bathroom is relatively humid
Q:Would you please tell me how to warm the floor with cork mats?
This question you want too much, there is a special cushion, you don't have to worry about this, there is a word on the mat, I know it at a glance
Q:What kind of material mat anti-skid?
Nylon: good wear resistance, easy to clean, but easy to deformation, easy to generate static electricity, fire will be partially dissolved. Polyester: wear resistance after heat and light fastness of nylon. Polypropylene: light weight, good elasticity, high strength, rich raw materials, good wear resistance, low price. Acrylic: soft, warm and elastic good, soft texture, soft color, not easy to lose hair, the back has skid design; but water absorption is not strong, poor wear resistance.
Q:Floor before the floor is good or good floor mats treasure?
After the self leveling is done, the floor mat is ready until the floor is dry. The common floor mats in the market are made of aluminum foil and polyester materials. They are laid close to the ground and play a role in leveling, moisture proof, moisture proof, vibration reduction and floor protection.For laying wood floors, the ground leveling requirements as strengthening parquet floors and so harsh, and a keel is the most important link, according to reports, the wooden keel material for Chinese fir or pine. The height of the keel depends on the ground condition, but not less than 1.5 cm, and the width shall not be less than 3.5 cm. Need to be reminded that, after a keel to do after cleaning and cleaning, and then evenly release moisture proofing agent, insecticide.
Q:What can a foam pad do?
The foam floor mat can be used as a toy for children, and can also be used as an ornament, and has the advantages of beautiful appearance, lightness and durability. The use of the foam mat prevents the child from walking, walking and falling down, and blocking the cold of the floor in winter. Often used in baby rooms, halls, kindergartens, parents' paradise, outdoor and other places.
Q:What are the harmful effects of foam puzzle mats on the human body?
For children's health, please do not use foam mats, foam plastic puzzles, foam slippers, foam toys, etc..
Q:Do you need two floor mat under the tent?
Under the general tent is to use waterproof index higher Oxford cloth, so basically do not need mat ground;
Q:The puzzle block is poisonous. How should we use it to reduce the damage to our body?
Foam puzzle mats in Belgium and France have banned. The reason is that the pad adds a foaming agent called formamide to the production process, which is toxic. It may cause irritation and even damage to the skin, eyes and respiratory tract of infants and young children.
Q:What brand of ground mat is good?
This is the most basic requirement, we say ground control pollution is a system engineering, or its own internal building functions of different regions will have different pollution, you need to solve the water and oil in the region of the problem, or dust, sediment, or static, slippery and so on.In establishing what kind of ground pollution problems need to be solved, we can really select the function of ground mats. At the time of purchase need to understand what is needed and what function of the pad, is laid on the front door is beautiful but also has good sand suction effect, or need to shop in the lobby with sand dust, or laying water absorbent powerful function and so on is in the bathroom door, a kitchen vegetable export. In a clear understanding of the pad function, combined with the current buildings and their own ground pollution characteristics, you can begin to buy mats.

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