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My sister drove very slowly over a steep speed bump and the undercarriage was scraped, now it makes a loud noise like it has a broken muffler, the muffler looks fine though, what could it be? The car is a 2005 Chevy Cobalt.
The pipes run deep enough underground that they don't freeze. That probably doesn't surprise you because your regular water supply doesn't freeze in the winter. The valve on the hydrant is down with the pipe, below the frost line. There is no water between the valve and the hydrant when the hydrant is turned off. If you have winterized your garden hose spigot, this is the same theory. You close the valve deep inside the house (deep enough that it doesn't freeze), and then you bleed out the air between the valve and the spigot.
My street is a small, paved road with small houses. we live on a dead end, but there are about 50 houses on the road. Cars go down our 25-30 mph road going 50 mph very frequently. There is a small street that turns off, and it is also a dead end. There's not even a stop sign. Who would I propose a few speed bumps to? Police dept? city? I live OUTside the city limits between Smyrna and Murfreesboro, TN. 1. A drunk driver sped around the corner many years ago and flew through our yard between the house and the trees that were in the front yard. They almost hit the house.2. A speeding motorcycle coming around that curve hit a parked car next door to us.3. There is an intersection after our house.4. Two of my pets have gotten hit by cars.5. I’m afraid to walk my dog because cars FLY by and don’t move over.6. Children are playing all the time near the road. (in their own front yards)
I've never used gloves..I rely on my hands.
I just found an fire extinguisher, how can you tell how old it is and if it is still any good?
Here's a classic one you can use to show the effects of gravity on space, a big part of what defines a black hole. You will need: a sheet of rubber or other flexible material several small, round objects of various sizes and weights. What you do: 1. Stretch out the sheet of rubber in some way (this is where your imagination comes in!). 2. Take the small objects and note how they change the shape of the rubber. 3. Place a larger, heavier object on the sheet. Take a smaller, lighter object and try to roll it past the heavy one without hitting it. Experiment with different weights and sizes and notice how the speed of the small object changes with the weight of the larger. 4. (save this for absolute last). Cut a small hole in the sheet and tape it to the floor or otherwise stretch it out and down. Now roll the small object past. Notice what happens if it gets too close or isn't rolling fast enough. The Point: Space is a little bit like your rubber sheet. It bends and stretches based on the objects in it and their masses. A black hole is the last thing you did: it creates a 'rip' in space and so objects that aren't moving fast enough or get too close fall 'off the sheet' and out of reach. I hope this helps you. dark_phantom_jedi
OK, so a year ago, I got really busy with school and stopped riding my bike regularly. I'm doing some major updating to my old beast and lo and behold, one of the locks that was securing it is totally seized. I tried both of my keys and the whole lock tumbler appears seized tight. It's a pretty cheap D lock with a 'bic pickable' cylinder style keyhole. Problem isn't the keys though, it's the lock. And as I was trying both keys (one well-used and one backup still brand new), the metal internals of the lock got damaged. Yay!But thanks to Giant's high quality standards, While the delicate lock mechanism quickly turned to twisted wreckage under the punishment of a cheap metal key, the body of the lock rejects my drill, my hacksaw andIt's an older frame, but a fairly new wheel that cost me almost 200 bucks I'm thinking my option is to pull the tire and release the spokes to slide the wheel out and say goodbye to my frame.Any ideas for taking care of this?
you can buy the dremel bits at larger hardware stores and tool shops. Some stores will order specialty bits from the dremel company, or you can forder direct from dremel depending on your home country.
please answerwould really like opinions!!?
My Dad owns one and he walks around his backyard sometimes in upstate New York, looking for old Indian or George Washington stuff because both have crossed through what was once our back yard.
can i find it at a Hardware store,maybe Ralphs?
Balsam wood is best for structure. For roof, glue two different grades of sandpaper (coarse and coarser) to a piece of poster board or the back of a cereal box. When dry, use scissors and cut out tiny shingles. Make them uniformly cut for realism. For glass windows, I put clear or light blue marbles in a sock and clobber them to smitherines with a hammer then pour the glass out onto tinfoil (two sheets thick) in a tin pie pan or whatever into molds that I make by gluing wood toothpicks together, and bake the glass then in the regular oven until the glass melts. Doesn't take long. Watch closely. That's your window glass. If you can't find balsam at a hobby store, use thin foam rubber sheets that you can get at Walmart hobby department, or tongue depressors or even Lincoln logs as your base and then put siding over the base. That thin foam is best for a realistic siding look. Also, stucco siding looks really good. Use real stucco from the hardware store, just a little is enough. Stucco covers a world of flaws. At Walmart and Home Depot and such they sell tiny, skinny dowels or rods of wood that work for front porch pillars and ballisades. Along the bottom all around the structure skirt it off with flagstones which you create by dropping and breaking different kinds of rocks against each other and collecting the shards and chips to use as stone skirting. To make a rolled up green garden hose, buy a meter of tiny green ribbon cord in notions department or sewing department of Walmart. Use wire cutters to cut out the garden hose sling from a ridged tin veggie can. Shape it to look realistic and mount against the house. Take the green cord and loop around the sling like a garden hose. At the end of the cord, wet with Elmer's glue to seal. Lighting the interior is easy with tiny white Christmas lights. Keep it simple.
I lost my shield when I faced the demon lord the first time, so I went to buy a new one and got it upgraded to a banded shield. Probably a stupid question for gamers but I can't get it out to use? Anyone know how to get it out to be placed on Link's back?
Nope. It's a nice analogy, but it's not quite that simple. A lot of textbooks use a thin rubber sheet as an analogy for space, and put a heavy object to make a dent or dimple in it. Obviously, if you put a small object next to it, it will fall into the dimple. In reality, of course, this is not a perfect or even a good analogyit still require something to pull down the dimple, which doesn't really help with the explanation. Unfortunately, the real explanation is difficult to describe visually. The upshot of it is that massive objects don't distort spacethey distort space _and_ time (space-time). They distort it in a way that objects that are coasting nearby take a curved path instead of the normal straight one through space and time. The results are that objects move almost exactly like we would expect, except for very fast objects and very massive objects, which this type of math does a better job of describing than Newton's math. Again, unfortunately, the math involved is stupendously difficult to understandEinstein himself had screwed up the math and needed a friend called Levi-Civita to help him. As a more human note, Einstein and Levi-Civita became very close friends through letters, but never had a chance to meet in real life. In short, the answer is no. The real description is far more complicated but most lay people can at least grasp bits and pieces of it.
What's the difference between rubber and rubber?
Rubber sheets and rubber sheets are of the same kind, and they are of the same kind.Rubber sheet with rubber as the main material (can contain fabrics, metal plates and other reinforcing materials), vulcanized and made of a certain thickness and a larger area of sheet products, referred to as rubber sheet. Rubber board has higher hardness, physical and mechanical properties in general, can be in the pressure is not small, the temperature of 20 degrees ~+140 degrees of air work. The rubber plate is made of rubber compound by calendering, laminating, forming or extruding, which is cured by vulcanizing with a flat press machine or by vulcanizing with a drum vulcanizing machine. Color: black, grey, green, blue, etc.. Widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, transportation departments and housing, ground and so on. Used as sealing aprons, pads, door and window seals and laying tables and floors.