Fashionable PVC Flooring for Indoor Use

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Product Description:

1. Description of PVC Flooring Carpet

In the early 1980 s, PVC plastic floor started in China, mainly for household stone floor used of customers overseas. PVC plastic floor can imitate texture of all kinds of material, and even can achieve actual effect. Grain imitation including marble, wooden floor and carpet lines, etc. PVC plastic floor has the advantages of other floor without, such as: environmental protection, light, beautiful, durable, easy maintenance.

Though the layer of PVC plastic floor is thin, it contains a wear-resisting layer, anti-pollution, foam layer, the processing of fiber layer and ground pressure layer. Another kind of homogeneous thickness of the PVC plastic floor is the whole squad is wear-resisting layer. All of the PVC plastic floor also has non-slip, waterproof, wear-resisting, corrosion resistance and other excellent performance. PVC plastic floor is a kind of energy-saving materials, because of the light body, so for the bearing requiremen of structure is very low, basic can be neglected.

PVC plastic floor becomes the world's popular ground decorative materials, PVC plastic floor has been widely used in education agencies, medical offices, business office building, home decoration, industrial system, transportation system, etc. It could be cut by knife easily to follow the ground and designers ideal. PVC plastic floor installation is convenient, if the ground roughness meet the requirements, only need to use special PVC plastic floor glue, can DIY installation

2. Features of PVC Flooring Carpet

nti-static function, with good decorative effect with good anti-static properties and mechanical properties, abrasion resistance, flame retardant, corrosion, comfortable, luxurious and beautiful, long-lasting performance even more remarkable. 

The products are mainly used in computer rooms, program-controlled switches, electronic equipment manufacturing, microelectronics, industrial production plants, sterile room, central control room and other production sites requires purification, anti-static floor coverings. Widely used in the fields of banking, offices, kindergartens, shopping centers, supermarkets, gym, hotel, residential, railroad, transportation, pharmaceutical, electronics equipment industry, etc..

3. Specifications of PVC Flooring Carpet

1> Material : 100% vinyl pvc

2>Thickness: 1.0mm,1.20mm.1.50mm.1.80mm.2.0mm.2.50mm.3.0mm.3.20mm

3>Roll Width: 72"(183cm) & 79"inch(200cm)

4>Roll Length: 20-30M Per roll

5>Packing: Export standard , Each roller wrapped up with kraft paper put into PP bags,or according to customer's requirement.

6>Shipment date: Within 15-20 Days

7>Payment: T/T and L/C at sight

4. Images of PVC Flooring Carpet

Fashionable PVC Flooring for Indoor Use Fashionable PVC Flooring for Indoor Use

Fashionable PVC Flooring for Indoor Use Fashionable PVC Flooring for Indoor Use

Fashionable PVC Flooring for Indoor Use

5. FAQ

1)   Are free samples available?

Yes. But express delivery cost is to be collected and we will pay it back after confirming the order.

2)  What about the lead time for mass production? 


Honestly, it depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order. Generally speaking, we suggest that you start inquiry two months before the date you would like to 

get the products at your country.


3)  What is your terms of delivery? 


We accept EXW, FOB, CIF, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you.  

4) How to maintain PVC plastic floor?

The maintenance of PVC plastic floor is very convenient, the dirty can be wiped with a mop, if want to achieve better brightness, wax regularly is necessary.

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Q:How do you handle the new carpet?
Wash: spray detergent 10 to 15 minutes after the stain from the fiber, and then wash it with a washing machine. Operate back, each operation ensures a portion overlap, at least two times after washing.
Q:He is 9 months old and He is not allowed in my room. When I accidentally leave the door open to go cook etc, within 2 min. he runs in and pees right on the rug by my bed.It is infuriating! He is allowed everywhere else in my house, just not in my bedroom. Can anyone tell me why he does this and how I can deter him? I have tried verbal correction, removing him quickly from my room, putting him outside, even rubbing his nose in it. Nothing...someone help!
The dog needs more house training. Training! Verbal corrections after the fact do no good, they only stress the dog. Never rub a dogs nose in it. That simply tells the dog you want him to ingest it Why confuse /stress the poor dog? Get you a couple of good dog training books from the library and go to work on training him. There are no bad dogs, just dogs that have been poorly trained.
Q:For now, I have carpet just lay on top of the the old low carpet that the mobile home came with. it is sort of quick fix so cleaning is easier and the walking feel better. Is it okay to do that? The old low carpet underneath is ugly and have dirty feel to it, but I don't know if I should pull it up and replace the floor with vinyl flooring? My kitchen came with the vinyl flooring so I figure it is okay to pull the old carpet up and install it? Also, I don;t know if I should really pull the old carpet up or not, since I have no experiment in this. please answer, thanks in advance
I would definitely remove the old carpet just because of the fact you said it feels dirty...carpet can collect all kinds of allergens and even make some people sick. Especially if there were pets in the house previously. For your health, remove the old carpet. As others suggested, there are options for you to lay the carpet w/ glue/tack strips. Also, Home Depot sometimes offers free carpet can see if you qualify.
Q:the carpet is really just nasty in my car........i'd like to get it's a tiny bmw?any ideas on how much it would cost???? anyone had this done?
For the best answers, search on this site The carpet you would get online is specially made for your vehicle with all its contours and cutouts. It's not some area rug you just throw down on the floor. $150 sounds very reasonable. I suppose you could take all of your carpet out and just get some bath mats or something. Assuming you could get your hands on a giant square piece of automotive carpet in the color you wanted, how would you cut it and contour it to fit properly? I think you should either buy the carpet online or try to spruce up the carpet that's in there currently.
It can be folded, or use below 30 degrees Celsius warm water with soft detergent to wash blanket surface. Size (CM), not easy to slip
Q:Which is more harmful to the human body, the plastic carpet or the cement?
Plastic (PVC) is not possible due to the release of formaldehyde, the domestic plastic floor (PVC floor) used in the production of additives is relatively poor, a serious odor, imported PVC floor adopts production technology and advanced production technology, to replace the pungent odor additives smell, so the PVC floor is at present the most environmentally friendly all the floor in the floor.So I suggest using the PVC floor, sheet, floor or coil flooring.
Q:I got a little nail polish remover on my shag rug and the bottle says harmful to synthetics-so is shag synthetic?just wondering
A shag rug is sythentic.
Q:well my brother spilled iced tea all over the carpet
A shop vac ( wet/dry ) is the best thing. If you've got some clean paint rollers you can roll them across the wet area to help dry it. Otherwise, regular towels will have to do.
Q:we are moving out of our apartment and need to have the carpet cleaned. Has anyone rented a rug doctor? Was it easy to use? work well? Or should I just hire a carpet cleaning company to do it?It was like a $70 difference in price. Trying to save money where we can. Thanks!
It's easy to use. Just add water and carpet shampoo and go to work. You have to dump dirty water periodically and refill with clean water. Cleaning carpets will tire you out. It's good exercise! It does a real nice job. You have to go kinda slow. You can't go fast like with a vacuum cleaner. You have to go real slow.
Q:Can carpet be heated by warm ground?
Water heating refers to the heating of water to a certain temperature, transport to the floor of the water pipe heat dissipation network, heating through the floor and heating purposes to achieve a heating way.The low temperature ground heat medium forms a gradually decreasing temperature gradient from the sole of the foot to the head, thus giving the feet a warm and cool head. Ground radiation heating conforms to the fitness theory of "warming foot and cool top". It is the most comfortable heating mode and the symbol of modern quality of life.

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