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I have a dance performance en pointe on a very slippery floor. I was wondering if there were any ways other than rosin that won't damage the shoe that will help them stick. Thanks!
It is not really bending. That is just a happy image that is used to prop up our thought processes so that we can try to understand what the mathematics is telling us. It is rather like those pictures you see in quantum mechanics books that try to give you a picture of what is happening in the quantum world - a world of complex numbers that we cannot really picture. What is happening is that the equations describing the various metrics of space and time no longer look the way they do when there is no mass present. The solutions to those equations give the impression that space has become curved or that the time axis is no longer orthogonal to the spacial axes. Remember that in general relativity the metric tensor is related to the mass energy tensor so effectively one determines the other. Relativity itself really says nothing about beyond the universe. These colourful expressions have been bolted onto relativity in the hope of making further progress (which to date has not shown much promise of being forthcoming). The rubber sheet analogy of the previous answerer is a helpful picture but the problem is that it presupposes an independent gravity to pull the rolling ball down, whereas in relativity, the distortion of space IS the gravity. Also in reality, even if you had a distorted sheet that could affect the trajectory of a rolling ball, without presupposing gravity to cause the ball to roll, you cannot simulate the effect of gravity n a stationary ball. I'll leave you to figure that one out. Check out the links below. Thee may be something that answers your questions there. Cheers!
If there's a lot of pressure, can it hurt.
As Scott above, and your neighbour say, it is perfectly safe! Listen, I have been sailing tiny sailboats for half a century and I have experienced many thunderstorms at sea. Alone on the ocean with a big aluminium mast and antenna because I am also radio amateur, I could be worried. But I am not. The only time lightning stroke my mast was when I was in harbour and while it grilled my marine VHF antenna, my ham radio tuner and, strangely enough, my speed log, everything else was just fine. Even my magnetic compass was still working. At home, if lightning strikes a power line, it will cause a power surge in your electrical equipments. But that's all. The dangers of using a telephone, taking a shower, etc. during a thunderstorm, are mostly urban legends. Using a mobile phone is, of course, perfectly safe for you and the phone.
I have alot of fire extinguishers from the year 2000 til now. Is there a way I can get money for them? Like lets say, recycling them or donating them? If so, how would I find a place. I live in Miami, fl.
you could make a really small one with a lighter and wd 40 you could probly figure out how
Poll: Have you ever put a fire hose in your butt and started the water?
First: Albert Einstein was never knighted. Since he was not a citizen of any country that does knighting that would be quite exceptional. Space is also present in planets. The planes are just drawn for human reference. It is not the planes that are warped, but the 3D space itself. The warp of space is an equivalent way to describe gravitational force. It is not something that comes in addition to the force.
I want to make a stock for my paintball gun that wouldnt cost much and is made of household stuff, live pvc..any ideas?
i sometimes have the same issue, usually im so embarrassed about it, but it`s female ejaculationalthough, I find it gross, my husband LOVES it. He says its proof he is doing a great job. We`ve even put rubber sheets on our bedalways use towels underneath because sometimes the wetness is extreme
(This is Zazy's little cousin I'm 13). This year for Christmas me my parents (I'm an only child) or going to New York City, were leaving the 21'st coming back home to Texas the 5th. I'm exited but really nervous, I've lived in the same small town in Texas my whole life, I'm not one for a lot of noise. So does anybody have any tips on how to keep safe? Also what should I wear? How cold does it get? Or the subways really that confussing? LoL sorry fo all the questions, I'm just kind of scared. Thanks for your help :)
try looking on , i have found various items like this for my art project on there before. if you still can't find it try an art shop. maybe they can order you some from their suppliers? hope you find what your looking for and have fun with your art project :)
she keeps telling me she just shaved, and asks does this feel smooth? while she has my hand goin up her thigh. Last night while we were wacthin a movie w/ my parents. she tell me to put my arms around her so i do. then she takes my hand and starts putting it down her panties. I stop her and tell her to calm down. so after the movie i walk her home and ask her why she did that. she says cause she was bored.. After i kissed her good night she tells me she want to put rubber sheets her the bed. and take out the baby oil and for me to slick her up real good from top to bottom and front to back. and have me try and hang on to her and if i can.what ever position that i get a grip on her I JUST DONT GET HER.
Many are designed to fit over glasses. Helmet fist, then glasses, put the goggles over the helmet.
what hose is the one that goes to the compresser .it has the port to fill it with freon on it i need to know so i can order one
On a recent episode of Josh and Drake, one of them was learning to be a teacher for a class (pour this into this). The thing blew up in his face. In the real world a student should never pour chemicals etc. without wearing glasses not for thr kaboom but to protect against the more common SPLASH. You only have one set of eyes. Also in biology settings the eyes are a source of any blood contaminates (bacteria virus) etc entering the body if exposed. So no its not just to aggravate you.