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Is it good for solid wood flooring? Tangled. The
Is it good for solid wood flooring? Tangled. The
General composite wood floor life
The life of the floor is mainly affected by two factors: one can not soak. Second is wear. If the family used to wear soft bottom slippers, and keep dry, hygienic, usually drag the ground with the basic dry mop. For decades can be used. Of course, it takes a long time, the surface will be polished, and the creak is sure to be.
Home improvement with a good floor or a good tiles
Home improvement with a good floor or a good tiles
Cheap point of the composite floor how much money a square meter
(Floor thickness: 18mm) Price 270 yuan -300 yuan / square meter compound imitation solid wood Shan side of the side of the valley to ask the fork chute ting floor: the floor, the price of the floor, (Floor thickness: 8mm-10mm) price of 260 yuan / square (floor thickness: 8mm-10mm) price of 110 yuan -160 yuan / square meters of solid wood flooring: Rice recommended home selection of the floor: do not choose too well-known brands, because well-known brand advertising into great. As long as attention to whether through environmental certification can choose. In the middle of the ordinary composite floor: the Yangtze, the new image, Feilin Si (floor thickness: 8mm-12mm) price 8mm thick 75-90 yuan / square meter; 12mm thick 85-100 yuan / square meter.
I bubble two different brands of composite flooring, soak a night, its edge has a centimeter width of the bubble up, come up with drying, there is a piece of recovery to the original state, there is a piece has been restored, ask you master, Is all the laminate flooring will be the case, or that the two floors are not good, like the kind of big brand of water soaked after the water will not appear such a situation, there is no one tested ah? Please test friends Recommend a few shocks Museum can be Jiu Jiu turtle snow you feel good after the test brand. Thank you! More
Can restore the status quo that the substrate density is good, the compound of the muscle museum can be Jiu Jiu turtle snow off the floor so that the blisters, and can rise, but a good substrate can restore back a little. Because the border is made of wood, water will have the phenomenon of expansion. Brand is not the most important, look at the density, the best is the big sub-substrate
How to install video on composite flooring
Install the frequency
How to choose a solid wood flooring
How to choose a solid wood flooring
Such as title
With a rag dipped in hot water can be removed more rub, rub clean and then wash the towel.