Good Quality Wood Plastic Composite Outdoor DIY Decking

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WPC series

**WPC outdoor decking
**WPC exterior wall panel
**WPC DIY flooring
**garden box
WPC(woodplastic composite) part one
Type: hollow and solid
Length: 2200mm, 2900mm, 4000mm,5800mm
Specification:150*25mm,135*25mm,140*26mm,  150*21mm, 150*30mm, 145*30mm, 250*21mm,250*25mm etc.
Color: ivory white, wood, cherry red, reddishbrown,  black etc.

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Q:Do cucumbers planted in home garden need to be watered once a day or twice a day ?
Once a day is plenty either early morning or later at night so the sun doesnt fry them. Dont over water them. Yes the will grow with more than one on a vine. I put mine against my against a trelace (stand) they will climb to for future reference and that makes them more stable and larger. but dont water when its sunny it will damage the plants they could get burnt by the sun.
Q:hi... anybody know of any good home magazines?
martha stewart home and garden home style/style home whatever P:
Q:Creamated Ashes spread into the garden of your home- What do it mean?
Often there are more than ashes (such as teeth, etc.) inside the jar. Please make sure that ashes are all that are there before exposing your friend to it. No one would want to see that part of their parent! Just check it before you let him spread it. PS these are considered a biohazard so do not tell very many people. You don't want a health code violation.
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Q:what can i grow in my garden to attract dragonflies?
It's not so much the plant that attracts them as it is the water. I grew up on a farm and we had a pond. They would always hang around the pond. So I'd put in a small pond then I'd plant some ornamental grass around it. Dragonflies like having something to land on after they fly over and sometimes lightly touch the water. You might also put a stump in the pond with a branch sticking out of the water. Maybe have the top of the stump come about 2-3 out of the water. I'll notice them normally landing on tall grass around the pond or on stumps or sticks that protrude out of the water.
Q:I am a student and I would like to grow a garden at home during my summer break.?
Yes! It's best to start early like in June. You can even have them in pots which will work fine. You can do the basics: Tomatoes (Moutain pride), zuccini, broccoli, peppers... Just water it at least 3 times a week... Good luck!
Q:Landscape design direction, decoration engineering budget and management direction, decoration engineering supervision direction which good point?
If you are an art student, then the landscape design direction is good, because you have the art foundation, so hand drawing is still more advantage
Q:Does the television show Home Garden Television (HGTV) influence you to improve your home and garden?
I'm sorry. I don't have cable. I'm afraid I spend much of my spare time in my woodworking shop, or on line. I do watch the Woodwright Shop on PBS. Not too keen on New Yankee...too many gizmo tools.
Q:What is the design of landscape architecture?
We can understand the landscape design from the view of the relationship between the landscape and the people, the relationship between the landscape and the artistry, science, place and symbol of the landscape design
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This Site Might Help You. RE: What colors would you paint the exterior of a ranch style home with a tan roof? We just bought a ranch style home in florida, it has a tan tile, more like shingle roof. I want to update the look, it is an old house, the colors it has now gray with black trim all over make the house look depressing and dingy. I haven't seen too many ranch style homes with a tan roof, so...

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