Outdoor Wood Plastic composite engineered Decking

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Product Description:

Outdoor Wood Plastic composite engineered Decking

一.Product Description:


Outdoor Wood Plastic composite engineered Decking

Low flame spread / High slip resistance / No sting of wood / Contains no toxic chemicals or preservatives / Environmental friendly / Can be recycled with 100%

• High Strength

Outstanding screw and nail retention / High impact resistance / Great Compressive-tensile-shear strength / Modulus of elasticity: 20% greater than PVC

• Good appearance & nice touch

Natural feel & wood touch / Broad range of finishes and appearance, Multicolor, and needn't to painting

• Longevity

Its lifespan at least 10-15 years in the outdoor weather condition

• Install & Maintain easily

Easy to produce and easily fabricate / Easy to cut, fix and glue; Easy to tenon, drill and nail / Require less routine maintenance  / No need staining & water Sealant 


Competitive Price 

• Using most advanced machinery to increase the output and reduce the costs.

Strong technical support from famous institute of high polymer to guarantee the best quality as well as cost saving.

• Neighboring one of the biggest wood/ bamboo processing industry region and having a special purchase channel of the raw materials (Plastic and wood/bamboo fiber)

• As a high technology and environmental-friendly enterprise, supports form the government such as reduction and exemption of tax rate are available.

escriptions :

The characteristics of Wood generally had the problem of Waterproof and the serious concern to the environmental protection has been increasing day by day as well as it caused the Governments worldwide to stipulate the law to restrict to fell trees to reach the goal. To satisfy with the market's demand we utilized the characteristics of macromolecule to combine with the high technology of heavy pressure-micro foaming to produce an unique product with the invention and innovation of revolution. We call this new product " CELLwood®".

.Technical Data

Slip resistance:

Boards of Techwoodn according to ASTM D2394-05. This is the best ranking for bare-foot slip resistance.


Weathering resistance:

Boards of Techwoodn have very low moisture uptake.This is key for mold and mildew resistance.


UV resistance:

4000 hours accelerated Xenon-arc Exposure,the Boards turned slightly more clear and colored.


Abrasion resistance:

The resistance to abrasion is similar to oak.


Fungus resistance:

Whatever fungus the wood composite is exposed to,it is extremely durable.

Moreover,aging test does not affect this durability.

三. FAQ

. What kinds of wpcproducts do you have?

We have wpc decking in different size, fence series (only wpc material or connect with aluminum profiles, decking tile series.


. Is it difficult to install the wpc board?

No, it is easy to install. Using the tool which you use to install the real wood. Fix the board on the substructure with clips.


. Can you stick the label with our logo on the boards?

Yes, please provide the label drawing, we can stick the customized label on the board.


. What documents are available?

A full range documents, including products pictures, installation guide and relative certificates can be provided; Further more, customs declaration is provided. This is an one-stop service for you.

四. More picture for your reference


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Q:How many square of a box of wood flooring
Usually two more square, each company board specifications are different, the specific square is also different
Q:How do you level a floor, for installing lamanited floors.?
Go to Lowe's or Home Depot, etc, and get a self leveling compound. That will help level any spots that are uneven. As for the laminate flooring, Most laminate floors do not glue together unless under fridge. Laminate floors are meant to be free floating.
Q:How do I clean laminated floors without leaving streaks?
Use murphy oil soap you can find it most any where or just go to home depot its great stuff and concentrated its for wall washing cabinets all kinds of stuff
Q:Am I wrong about the 13th floor?
there's always a 13th floor. either the building cuts short at just 12, or the keep building up. but you cant simply skip floor 13. ive known some buildings to use the 13th floor as storage because of the superstition reason. but you cant have a 15 floor building without a 13th floor, not possible. and as for the show the sign is probably staged to add suspense
Q:unlevel floors?
There could be structural or foundation damage. Or it could be the house settling unevenly. It depends on what you mean by unlevel. Are the floors perfectly straight just tilting off to a side. Or are the floors warped, bowed? Or are there lips and noticable bumps? If you are looking at a house to buy, you might want to pass or have an expert look at it. If you own the house and want to repair, you will probably want someone skilled to look at it.
Q:What is the general use of the stool on the floor so that the floor does not spend?
It's fine with glue
Q:Laminate Flooring Underlayment?
by laminate i assume you mean an interlocking pre- finished wood or wood composite flooring. underlayment ( vapor barrier) is nearly always used when applying the flooring over a concrete slab surface. not so much as when it is applied on an elevated floor ( raised foundation) The purpose of the underlayment (which is usually plastic or foam) is to keep moisture (from Below) from permeating the flooring causing warpage and damage over time. any good floor installer will use an underlayment regardless. if your problem is with underlayment thickness at the very least you should lay down heavy gauge plastic as your vapor barrier. the foam underlayment is also effective , but was primarily designed for a quieter walking surface. hope this helps
Q:Why do rabbit hutches have wire floors?
Some folks here won't want to hear it but if they are correctly made, wire floors are fine for all but the heaviest weight breeds (Flemish Giants, Checkered Giants, etc). It needs to be 1/2gageire galvanized after welding and 16 guage at the lightest. There are powder coated and plasticised versions that you can use as well. When we had French Lops (minimum adult weight 11 lbs and most of ours were in the 14-15 lb range) we had them on wire and never had a sore hocks problem. You can use a piece of sheet rock for a sitting board if you want and throw it when it gets nasty. Frankly wire floors are a lot more sanitary. We would wash down the cages weekly, but when we really wanted a thorough clean, we loaded them up and took them down to the car wash and used the pressure wand on them. Slick tile has 2 problems. The first is that it is slick and the rabbits don't walk well on it. It is a traction problem - we see it whjen our cats chase each other into the kitchen and slide like crazy! The second problem is that the urine will go over the edge and soak into the poros underside of the tile unless you grout and seal the grout.
Q:Can ordinary tiles be resistant to high temperatures?
Can, 120 degrees no problem, 120 degrees is not what the high temperature, and then check the temperature of the tile 120 is no problem
Q:Concrete dance floor..?
Well, you can put primer on the floor first, THEN paint it. and you would have to use more then a coat or too, but the primer will act as an adhesive between the concrete and the paint. Or you can get fake hardwood and glue it over the concrete as well. wood is pretty popular and the fake stuff isn't that expensive.

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