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More than 300 of quartz stone is man-made?
There are thousands of man-made quartz stone plates without natural formation
Can I build quartz stone on the windowsill of my house?
Factory is a professional engaged in the production of man-made stone, quartz stone design, processing, sale and installation of Wuhan Guang Jun artificial stone processing factory, that factory was founded in 2008, currently has a number of master table processing artificial stone more than 10 years, the technological level is good, we are adhering to the "price beyond the quality, reputation to win market" policy to provide high quality and low price, artificial stone, quartz stone products for the people of Wuhan. With DuPont artificial stone, Milan stone, DuPont Monterey, Orville born Americans made stone artificial stone, artificial stone, LG match Kchibo quartz stone, Guangzhou Selidstone, tianwo quartz stone, quartz stone, health beauty DELL Richmond quartz stone, quartz stone, Orville day beauty beauty quartz stone, quartz stone, artificial saiyo Astra Shi Xun, artificial stone and various brands of artificial stone and quartz stone. Processing a variety of crystal stone, jade, transparent stone, stone, stone, such as fossils.
Can quartz rock be waxed on the surface?
Do not put wet towel and wet sponge for a long time.Keep the quartz stone table clean and dry. Don't let the countertop have water for a long time. Don't put wet towels and wet sponge on the table for a long time. The surface of he quartz stone board is treated by special treatment such as nano polishing. Long term immersion may change some characteristics of quartz stone board surface, and it is easy to aging.
How can I tell the grade of quartz stone?!
Stone is made to the two main materials of quartz sand and resin 7% about 93% or so. Quartz stone hardness is high, with a sharp mirror object scratched its surface, not easy to product scratches. The colors are different
What is the use of stainless steel in the cabinet table or quartz stone?
If you do not love can choose stainless steel, quartz stone, quartz stone quality good variety, I do cabinets, quartz stone is abroad, I have been using Huaxun quartz stone, 350 yuan -450 yuan / m, used for 6 years, no customers reflect crack.
How about artificial quartz stone?
Artificial stone is resin and mineral powder and organic filler with non-toxic masterbatch and other material composition (also known as acrylic resin, is a kind of environmental protection material), Piana cabinets have a table is Polystone provided by the company, named Farley stone!
What kind of material is quartz stone made of?
The formation process of magma intrusion in the evolution process, due to conditions such as temperature and pressure changes, the differentiation of hydrothermal SiO2 rich, smooth bedding, rock fracture penetration of metamorphic rocks, or along the contact zone early magmatite intrusion, the formation of quartz vein quartz ore rock classification of quartz stone type: quartz powder, green quartz, quartz, Huang Shiying. Quartz stones are classified according to their categories: ordinary quartz sand, refined quartz sand, high-purity quartz sand, fused silica sand and silica powder. Quartz stone is the main material of quartz, color rich combination, so that it has natural stone texture and beautiful surface gloss.
How to clean quartz stone table?
Daily maintenance can use the latest Q1 quartz antifouling crystal wax, with 3M White Nylon cake for spray grinding, to bright can be. Antifouling effect can be maintained for 7-10 days (maintenance cycle division depending on the number of people depending on the flow)