Artificial quartz stone

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Artificial quartz stone

1.High hardness, Good Wear Resistance

2.Pure raw material,

3.No radiation, healty for human


Artificial quartz stone :

1.More than 93% natural quartz powder

2.Hard enough to avoid any scratches. The surface scratch Hardness is 7%.

3.Fashion color design for any projects.

4.Surface brightness, easy wipe and easy clean.

5.No poison and no radicalization. Environment-friendly and safety.

6.Proof-stain, Anti-Corrosion & Proof-Mold, Anti-Bacterial.

7.Capacity of production:30,000m2/month

8.Slab size available:3050x1600x12-30mm,3050x1400x12-30mm

9.Kitchen top size:96”x26”,96”x36”,110”x26”,96x52”

10.Cut into size:12”x12’,18”x18”,24”x24” or OEM

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Q:What is the difference between synthetic stone resin and quartz stone resin?
Artificial stone restoration: after damage, it can be repaired by repairing, grinding and polishing to extend the long service life. Quartzite: because of the hardness of quartz stone, once an exception, it is not as good as artificial stone restoration. Normally quartz rocks do not need to be taken care of.
Q:Can quartz stone table be punched and screwed?
Quartz stone is a kind of superhard environmental protection composite material produced by using the most advanced technology in the world.
Q:The hazards of quartzite
Natural quartz stone surface rough, difficult to burnish, polishing is mainly used for building materials, household decorative quartz stone is by quartz stone particles mixed resin molding, cutting, polishing, and adjustable color, beautiful and beautiful. We like to buy other qualified unqualified materials, but I suggest that may involve hazardous products or manufacturers buy a reputable brand is better, or for other non hazardous product replacement, artificial products are popular for a short time on the date, artificial stone quartz stone is now added two years ago quartz particles. Hope to be of some help to you.
Q:How do you deal with black quartz after being polished and polished?
In common with quartz inclusions (Hair: crystal) - crystal is mainly rutile; grass into the main crystal - tourmaline; liquid inclusions in quartz crystal with water; green light blue quartz containing rutile needles; milk quartz by fine water holes caused by turbidity; green quartz plate or fragmented chlorite, sometimes may be green needle like actinolite; Aventurine quartzite (Aventurine) - containing internal green or red brown mica flakes, also known as Aventurine Aventurine, commonly known as. Common smoky black to dark brown smoky crystals; mostly these rocks contain a large amount of radioactive uranium and thorium.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of the surface of the toughened glass and the ratio of the man-made stone?
The advantages and disadvantages of toughened glass mesa and man-made stone:Advantages: the advantages of toughened glass mesa are easy to take care of, good seismic performance, no infiltration.Disadvantages: tempered glass can no longer be cut and processed, only in the glass before the processing to the required shape, and then steel processing. But the glass there blew in temperature changes (when the possibility of their rupture).
Q:Table top selection of artificial stone or quartz stone? Is artificial stone easy to crack?
Disadvantages: no inclusion, artificial stone of any material, hardness between 58~62, metal and other sharp instruments". (can be renewed, refurbished, remedied).
Q:Cabinet table with quartz stone, OK?
Quartz stones do not look like other materials, and after a period of time they fade because of scratches or corrosion. No matter how long the use of quartz stone, will keep the surface clean, if the Taiwan area saved for a long time or ashes is dirty stains can be washed with detergent. Not really. You can shave with a knife.
Q:Will quartz crack?
Quartz will crack, quartz stone is a brittle polymer composite material, also have the characteristics of expansion and contraction, there is also a certain shrinkage stress, impact toughness, elongation and other mechanical properties, when the material cannot withstand internal stress and serious external impact occurs when crack expansion and contraction. Pay attention to maintenance while using.
Q:What is the difference between synthetic stone and quartz stone?
Artificial stone is now mainly 2 types: one is a microcrystalline stone; by the organic gelling agent and gravel particles glue stone products into coagulation; because of the appearance of the stone itself is rich and diverse, the appearance is relatively good judgment, with the sound quality is very easy to judge, microcrystalline stone sound close to the ordinary glass quality, organic glue sound will be a bit of plastic concrete feeling, basically does not have a very clear voice. The quality of natural stone is unique, and it is direct to be judged by sound quality.
Q:How about the stone countertops?
When the glue is thoroughly dried, add water 3000 or more to the finish, light and clean once, the seam glue mark is not obvious, you can omit this step.
We cover an area of 40 acres, with 16000 square meters of plant area and 1200 square meters of office building space. We are a professional quartz stone, artificial marble and countertop manufacturer, with annual production more than 1,000,000 square meters. We have obtained the certification of ISO 9001:2000 and SA8000

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong,China
Year Established 1998
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America 35%
South America 4.5%
Eastern Europe 4.5%
Southeast Asia 4.5%
Oceania 8%
Western Europe 4%
Northern Europe 5%
Southern Europe 4.5%
Domestic Market 30%
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000;SA8000

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Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
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