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What is the function mechanism of the angle valve for water inlet and outlet of water heater?
If the tap water pressure is insufficient, even if do not install the valve, also cannot raise the flow.
What tools do you use for angle valves?
Raw material belt, a movable wrench, angle valve with six angles, without the pipe forceps, do not twist too tight, otherwise it will split
When decorating, how to determine the number of angle valves, is not each outlet with one? Hot and cold water use? Washing machines, faucets, faucets, all of these?
Determine the number of angle valve decoration: toilet 1, basin faucet 2, dish basin faucet 2, water heater 2, namely, a kitchen and a bathroom only needs 7.
Where are angle valves installed? Wash basin (hot and cold water), shower (hot and cold water), faucet (hot and cold water), squat stool 5Where are angle valves installed? Hand basins (hot and cold water), shower (hot and cold water), taps (hot and cold water), squat stools, which ones require the installation of angle valves
Wash basin, two toilets, a kitchen, two water heaters, two, this is normal
Where must use angle valves?
Generally, a toilet needs 5-6 triangular valves, respectively: 2 under the washbasin, 1 under the toilet, 2 on the water heater and 1 water inlet. The kitchen sinks two. Guojianglong production angle valve with good quality! Can go and see
How do you calculate the angle valve hose in the budget?
These are water pipe fittings, can be counted as waterway renovation project, can also be classified as bathroom hardware to separate calculation.
The angle valve is broken. What shall I do?
Angle valve broken, basically man-made factors, angle valve broken and broken, and need to change the new professionals, and if they change their own, in case the angle valve bud broken, it will be very troublesome.
Home improvement hydropower where to install angle valve?
Toilet bowl, washbasin, water heater, dish basin and kitchen treasure