Square copper mould tubes/copper mould tube

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CNBM, is the leading professional designer and manufacturer for copper mould tubes & plates as well as the complete sets of equipments & spare parts used for hundreds of domestic and abroad steel plants. The copper moulds supplied by CNBM adopt advanced European technology. Nowadays, CNBM is one of the largest copper moulds supplier and exporter with more than 30% market share in domestic market and 5% in the world market. We commit to supply products with world-class quality, competitive price, flexible payment terms, speedy delivery and excellent service, and we can also give technical guidance to help our customers to reduce the cost and increase the productivity. We have got high reputation from various customers all over the world.

 2.Main Features

We are supplying High and Best Quality Copper Mould Tubes, which is the world's most Renowned and Reputed.

We supply Copper Moulds of Highest Quality, ensuring Maximum Life, excellent Heat Resistivity and smoothest Casting Operational efficiency.

With Size range 50x50~500x500mm, Length 700-1000mm Radius      R2500-R16000,

Steady and high quality,

Material  Cu-DHP (SF-Cu DIN1787), CuAg0.1, Cu-Cr-Zr;Coating   Cr, Ni-Co-Cr

We can design as per the customer’s specific requirements.

With lots of export expriences all around the world,

Fast shipment; 30-40days for for production;

Packing : Strong, export worthy wooden cases.

 3. Images

Square copper mould tubes/copper mould tube

Square copper mould tubes/copper mould tube




Size range 50x50~500x500mm

Length     700-1000mm

Radius      R2500-R16000

Internal geometries    Par parallel, single tapered, double tapered, multi-tapered, parabolic tapered   

Material  Cu-DHP (SF-Cu DIN1787), CuAg0.1, Cu-Cr-Zr

Coating   Cr, Ni-Co-Cr

* We can design as per the customer’s specific requirements.



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Q:Cast iron bathtub with water pipe or hose?
Hello, Begle. Here is your answer.If you choose the cast iron bathtub, it is recommended that you select the all brass drainer and the shift pipe directly.Because the cast iron bathtub, although the quality and durability are in the bathtub material, belong to the first-class products. But after all, he is very heavy, and if you later the water heater is broken, you need to replace it. It's a lot of trouble. So I suggest you use a good quality whole copper launching device.Hope to be of some help to you.
Q:The two copper tubes of the air conditioner are rough or thin Should I turn off the fluoride first or the first one?
Compressor from the thick suction, and then out of the tube, you think first which, the answer: first off fine,
Q:Removing light copper fouling from a Glock 19 barrel...?
i second the hoppes #9 bench rest copper solvent i bought a used 9mm and it had copper fouling on half of the grooves of barrel and wouldn't come out it was actually tumbling the bullet i put it in a ziploc bag overnight with the hoppes and a 3-4 passes with wire brush and 3-4 with bore snake and it was as good as new do your self a favor buy a bore snake for every caliber and as soon as your done shooting run it through with some solvent a couple of times u will never have this problem again and it only take about a one minute
Q:Chemistry question???? copper?
It is D. First you need to divide the weight of the coin by the molecular weight of copper to find the number of moles in the coin. 12 divided by 65.39 g Cu is approx 0.18. avogadros number is the number of atoms per mole, so you just multiply the number by 6.022 x 10^23 it is 1.105 x 10^23
Q:Should I replace my main water line pipe with plastic (black well pipe) or with a copper?
Q:Your opinion on Copper Industry, NYSE: PCU as well..?
I okorder.com
Q:Which brand is good for air conditioning copper tube?
Jinyang, flywheel, Fergus, good is the import of Miller, too expensive, not necessary
Q:can pex piping be used in place of copper to hook up ventless propane heaters to tank?
Pex is plumbing pipe NOT pressure hose. No.
Q:Reaction of copper and nitric acid. Please Help!?
if its spilled onto thick copper bars, there's less surface area for nitric acid to react on. so when spilled onto thin copper pipes, its more surface area so nitrogen dioxide will be produces at a faster rate. when water is sprayed, it dilutes it and there is the same amount of H+ ions in a greater volume of solution. its all got to do with surface area and concentration :)
Q:What happens when you mix copper with silver nitrate?
When copper is mixed with silver nitrate, you are correct, it makes copper nitrate and elemental silver. What happens is that the copper is more active than the silver, and so it displaces the silver. In order to do this, the copper has to lose 2 electrons from it's outer shell, and then it becomes a copper ion with a + 2 charge. The nitrate ion itself has a - 1 charge. In order to maintain neutrality, it will take TWO of the nitrate ions to balance out the copper (+2 and two -1). So, the copper nitrate will have one copper ion and two nitrate ions. The silver ion that comes off of the nitrate will be a +1, but it will pick up the electrons that were given away by the copper. It will take 2 silver ions to absorb the 2 electrons donated by the copper. In the end, everyone is happy, and everything remains neutral with respect to charge. And I did all that without any word equations.

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