High density Purified Copper Alloy Ingot Casting for Steelmaking

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Product Description:

Product: High density copper alloy ingot
Type Specifications: T2, TU1, TU2, TP2
Produced by low-vacuum copper smelting casting technology with its intellectual property right owned by Feichi Copper & Aluminum; high density and high purity product with low hydrogen and oxygen content, usually processed into copper products of various shapes and widely applied in steelmaking, electric power, shipbuilding, and machinery sectors


Produced by low-vacuum copper smelting casting technology with its intellectual property right; high density and high purity product with low hydrogen and oxygen content, usually processed into copper products of various shapes and widely applied in steelmaking, electric power, shipbuilding, and machinery sectors



Special Shaped tungsten products


We produce special shaped tungsten products and other OEM products.

Production Equipment

      750-1500kg main frequency induction copper melting furnace, 80MN water seal extruder, LG60 high speed two-roll cold pilger mill, straight-line wire-drawing machine, copper tube/pipe straightener, polisher, 84′ copper coil winding machine, straightening-cutting & pancake coiling machine, thermoplastic packaging machine, 1.2T continuous bright annealing furnace.


 80MN extruder

Continuous bright annealing furnace

Testing Devices

       spectrum analyzer, atomic absorption analyzer, spectrophotometry, analytical balances, metallurgical microscope, eddy current flaw detector, metal tensile testing machine, eddy conductivity instrument.

Hardness tester

Spectrum analyzer

Metallurgical microscope

Metal tensile testing machine

Atomic absorption analyzer


      refined copper — smelting & casting — extrusion — rolling — drawing — straightening-cutting/forming of pancake coil — bright annealing — packaging — finished goods.


GB/T 1527-2006     Drawn tube of copper and copper alloys
GB/T 16866-2006   Dimensions and tolerances of copper and copper alloy seamless tubes
GB/T 4423-2007     Copper and copper-alloy cold-drawn rod and bar
GB/T 5231-2001     Wrought copper and copper alloys chemical composition limits and forms of wrought products
GB/T 5585.1-2005   Copper or aluminium and its alloy bus bars for electrical purposes—Part 1:Copper andcopper alloy bus bars
GB/T 17791-2007   Seamless copper tube for air conditioner and refrigeration equipment
GB/T 19850-2005   The seamless round copper tubes for electrical purposes
GB/T 26024-2010   Seamless copper and copper alloys tube for valves on air-conditioning and refrigeration system
ASTM B280-2008   Standard Specification for Seamless Copper Tube for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Field Service
EN 12735-1:2001  Copper and copper alloys Seamless,round copper tubes for air-conditioning and refrigeration Part 1:Tubes for piping systems
EN 12735-2:2001  Copper and copper alloy – seamless round copper tube/pipe for air-conditioning and refrigeration system – for equipment
JIS H3300-2009       Seamless copper and copper alloy tube/pipe


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Q:why is copper (ii) nitrate blue? and why is potassium chromate yellow?
You can look all of these up yourself by using Google or another search engine. Why expect others to do it for you?
Q:paraguard IUD copper...how?
The Paraguard IUD is copper based which means it can cause heavier periods with more painful cramps while your body adjusts. The Mirena IUD is hormone based and it's the Mirena that can give you shorter lighter periods. Sorry, read some of the other answers and wanted to clear that up for you. As for the Paraguard, and the Mirena actually, when they insert it there is some cervical trauma by virtue of how the device is fitted. So bleeding for a few days is perfectly normal. With the Paraguard, the copper can make the bleeding worse but it's still normal. I bled for quite awhile after mine was inserted. Nothing to worry about.
Q:Difference between Nickel amd Copper coated fmj ammo?
nickle is harder than copper. Next to no extra fouling. HOWEVER, surplus ammo, unless USA, is normally corrosive powders and primers. Plus, the bulk of non US mil-surp is berden primed. A pain to reload. On the plus side? Mil-surp ammo is normally more powerful than today's modern. So, an older pistol will fire like it's suppose to. Strictly a balance. If, the 32 surplus is in good condition? You will do fine using it. Newer pistols mostly have stainless steel barrels. So, hard nickle vs copper near a non issue. Just clean pistol completely after using mil-surp ammo. Try some and you'll like it. Compare recoil and accuracy over today's commercial stuff.
Q:Copper sulfate and ghost shrimp?
Copper sulfate will kill shrimp (or any other crustaceans) in significant amounts, but a very tiny amount might be used to provide trace minerals for the shrimp. Kuhli loaches normally move around quite a lot, especially in the evenings. I don't know that they move more when you have more of them, but it's interesting to see a group of them interacting.
Q:copper is dielectric?
This Site Might Help You. RE: copper is dielectric? A slab of copper of thickness b is thrust into a parallel-plate capacitor of plate area A and plate separation d; the slab is exactly halfway between the plates. (a) What is the capacitance after the slab is introduced? (b) If a potential difference V is maintained between the plates, what...
Q:Do waters heaters have alot of copper in them?
Copper Water Tank
Q:Is Copper II Nitrate a pure substance?
It helps to think about it all as a hierarchy beginning with elements. Elements are composed of atoms which all have exactly the same number of protons. Therefore, all the atoms have exactly the same chemical characteristics. NOTE: I was careful to restrict my definition to just protons. An element can have atoms whose numbers of neutrons vary. These are called isotopes, but they are still elements if the number of protons are all the same. This is why Uranium238 and Uranium235 are still the element Uranium. Each isotope has 92 protons. Compounds are composed of only 1 kind of molecule. Molecules are composed of atoms. Mixture is a vague term used to describe something which contains two or more compounds. Seawater is a mixture of the compounds water and salt. You and I are also mixtures. Most things on earth are mixtures. This definition is broken down further into homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures. In a homogeneous mixture all the molecules or ions are evenly dispersed. Saltwater is a homogeneous mixture. In a heterogeneous mixture this is not the case. Chicken soup is a heterogeneous mixture. Copper (II) nitrate is therefore a compound. However, dissolved in water, it forms a mixture of water molecules and ions.
Q:Does copper react with acids or not?
Copper WILL reacts with acids, but only if they are strong oxidising agents. It never gives the normal salt + hydrogen. so copper doesn't react with dilute sulfuric acid, but it does react with hot concentrated sulfuric acid Cu + 2H2SO4 --> CuSO4 + SO2 + 2H2O similarly copper will react with nitric acid because it is a potent oxidising agent.
Q:What is the mosquito coil copper pipe for?
At present, the mosquito coil is mainly used by foreign customers, and the domestic price has not been used in a large area, but it must be a trend later.
Q:Copper water pipe split?
Copper pipe that is subject to freezing will usually split the pipe when it freezes. Depending on what type of copper you have most residential copper is either M or L . M is thinner than L and will split easier than L when freezing due to the wall thickness . The piping system will usually maintain pressure while it remains frozen even with the split , the flood starts after it starts to thaw .

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