R410A Refrigeration Copper Pipe for Refrigerating System

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R410A refrigerant copper pipe

Model: TP2、TU1、TU2、T2
Primarily applied in household and commercial central air conditioning system; pressure resistant product made by large water seal extruder through degrease process, without residual oil and with low dust load, suitable for refrigeration systems using new refrigerant

Type Specifications: TP2, TU1, TU2, T2
Primarily applied in household and commercial central air conditioning system; pressure resistant product made by large water seal extruder through degrease process, without residual oil and with low dust load, suitable for refrigeration systems using new refrigerant



air conditioner copper pipe


 straight copper pipe,pancake coil copper pipe,capillary copper pipe


GB/T1527-2006,JIS H3300-2006,ASTM B75M,ASTMB42,ASTMB111,ASTMB395,

ASTM B359,ASTM B188,ASTM B698,ASTM B640,etc

















1m,2m,3m,6m,or as required


 1/16 hard,1/8 hard,3/8 hard,1/4 hard,1/2hard,full hard,soft,.


mill,polished,bright,oiled,hair line,brush,mirror,sand blast,or as required

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 Ex-Work,FOB,CNF,CFR,CIF etc



 TT,L/C etc

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Singapore,Indonesia,Ukraine,Korea,Thailand,Viet Nam,Saudi Arabia,Brazil,Spain,Canada,



2 tons


 Standard export package ,or as required.


Copper pipe have strong, corrosion resistant properties, and become a modern 

contractor in all of commodity house pipes, heating, cooling water piping installation

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Q:What are the copper tubes used in the air conditioner?
3. do a good canopy protection, it can reduce the rain and dust on the air conditioning invasion, will prolong life, but do some big canopy, do not affect the air-conditioning cooling and maintenance!
Q:Chemistry Help! Calculate the mass percentage of copper (I) oxide in a mixture?
CuO (Copper(II) oxide) and Cu₂O (Copper(I) oxide). This gives us a total of 2 oxygen atoms (1 in each compound) and 3 copper atoms. We are given that oxygen comprises 16.3% of the mixture's mass and since there is only one oxygen in each formula, it must constitute 8.15% of each compound's mass. Let's first assume we have 100-g of the mixture. That would give us 16.3 gram of oxygen and 100-16.3 = 83.7-g of copper. Let's start with the simpler formula CuO first. This contains equal numbers of moles of Cu and O. Since we know we have 8.15-g of O in it (8.15-g / 16.0-g/mol = 0.509 moles of oxygen) and thus 0.509 moles of Cu. 0.509 moles of Cu = 0.509 mol x 63.5-g/mol = 32.32-g of Cu in the CuO - Copper (II). Since we had a total copper of 83.7-g with 32.32-g of it in the CuO, there must be (83.7 - 32.32 = 51.38-g in the Cu₂O - copper(I) . The total mass of the Copper(I) oxide is 51.38-g Cu + 8.15-g O = 59.53-g Given 100 grams of mixture and 59.53-g Cu₂O we have a % mass of 59.53-g / 100-g x 100% = 59.53% = 60% to 2 sig fig.
Q:Why is the filament of an incandescent light bulb made out of tungsten, as opposed to copper wire?
Copper would melt before it could reach the temperatures necessary for incandescence. Tungsten, on the other hand, has a higher melting point than any other element, and stays solid at such temperatures.
Q:What is the formula for Hydrated Copper(i) Sulfate.?
Formula For Copper I Sulfate
Q:How do you remove a kitchen sink drain hole copper pipe?
If you are talking about the 1-1/2'' tube directly under your basket strainer[which is the part that sits in the bottom of the sink bowl] you may be talking about what is called a ''brass tailpiece''. You call it copper, but is it a gold , brassy colour? If it is then it just threads onto the bottom of the basket strainer I mentioned earlier and can be removed with channellock pliers. If it is actually copper, then it may be hooked up solid. Which means that it was threaded onto the basket strainer, and then the joints were soldered making it impossible to remove without actually cutting the copper. One other possibility is that it's a brass tailpiece that was threaded on and then slipped inside the copper pipe and soldered, as the 1-1/2 brass tailpiece has an outside diameter that fits inside the 1-1/2 copper pipes inside diameter. If this is the case it would have to be cut or ''sweated'' out using an acetylene torch, heating the joint until the solder melts and the tube can be twisted out while the solder is a liquid again. I'm sorry for being long winded, but there are several possibilities as to what you actually have there. I hope I've been of some help anyway. Finally, if this is a brass tailpiece as I would suspect it is, then replacements are readily available at any hardware, good luck!
Q:Where can you get a copper and zinc electrode?
Copper is easy. Any hardware store has copper pipes. You can flatten them with a hammer if you do not want a round electrode. Zinc I am not sure about - 20 years ago I got a piece from a sheet metal place, that used it to make flower boxes that would not corrode. Today I am not so sure. I had another thought - how about using copper and iron. Just get a piece of iron from the same hardware store along with a piece of copper pipe. This should work to make a battery. Not a good as zinc, but easier to get.
Q:Copper Piping - Heating the Pool?
copper pipe will eventually develop a hole in pipe due to constantly flowing, plus it's expensive.Any pipe left in sunlight will be solar heated, even a garden hose. You could make a makeshift solar heater by getting some small diameter plastic pipe and put on roof ( which gets hot anyway) 200 ft of pipe w/slow moving water will probably work. If you can set recirculating pump to come on (and off) once an hour, it will give water time to heat better
Q:copper cycle?
You haven't really given enough information, but I will try to work out what the experiment was that you were doing. If you were asked to wash a solid in very hot water, it was presumably copper oxide. The impurities that you wanted to remove (copper sulphate?) are more soluble in hot water than cold, so hot water will purify the black solid more efficiently. Methanol and propanone (acetone) will help to remove water, and make sure that the final product is completely dry.
Q:Where does natural copper occur?
Natural copper is called native copper in the meralogical world. It is copper that is not combined with any other elements. It is found in the oxidized zone of copper bearing sulfide veins. As ground water percolates down through the rocks it chemically changes the ores and native copper is one of the new minerals produced. A few important minerals that contain copper are: azurite, malachite, turquoise, chrysocolla, chalcopyrite, bornite, covellite, linarite, cuprite, and the list goes on... Copper in the liver... maybe, you should ask that question in the biology section.
Q:i have to do a science project on copper?
i've got no direct hits for you yet a pair of leads which you are going to be able to desire to attempt, to be sure in the event that they gets you what you opt for. the 1st hyperlink under is to a steel ending website, exhibiting communique between a pupil or 2 and a steel ending expert. in step with danger that expert can help you. the different hyperlink shows some library books that could desire to have the background you opt for.

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