Refrigeration Copper Pipe for New Refrigeration

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500 kg
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10000 kg/month

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Product Description:

Refrigerant Copper Pipe Type R410A

Model: TP2、TU1、TU2、T2
Primarily applied in household and commercial central air conditioning system; pressure resistant product made by large water seal extruder through degrease process, without residual oil and with low dust load, suitable for refrigeration systems using new refrigerant

Type Specifications: TP2, TU1, TU2, T2
Primarily applied in household and commercial central air conditioning system; pressure resistant product made by large water seal extruder through degrease process, without residual oil and with low dust load, suitable for refrigeration systems using new refrigerant



air conditioner copper pipe


 straight copper pipe,pancake coil copper pipe,capillary copper pipe


GB/T1527-2006,JIS H3300-2006,ASTM B75M,ASTMB42,ASTMB111,ASTMB395,

ASTM B359,ASTM B188,ASTM B698,ASTM B640,etc

















1m,2m,3m,6m,or as required


 1/16 hard,1/8 hard,3/8 hard,1/4 hard,1/2hard,full hard,soft,.


mill,polished,bright,oiled,hair line,brush,mirror,sand blast,or as required

Price Term

 Ex-Work,FOB,CNF,CFR,CIF etc



 TT,L/C etc

Export to

Singapore,Indonesia,Ukraine,Korea,Thailand,Viet Nam,Saudi Arabia,Brazil,Spain,Canada,



2 tons


 Standard export package ,or as required.


Copper pipe have strong, corrosion resistant properties, and become a modern 

contractor in all of commodity house pipes, heating, cooling water piping installation

of choice


If you have any question ,please feel free to contact me 

we are sure your inquiry or requirements will get prompt attention



Production Equipment

      750-1500kg main frequency induction copper melting furnace, 80MN water seal extruder, LG60 high speed two-roll cold pilger mill, straight-line wire-drawing machine, copper tube/pipe straightener, polisher, 84′ copper coil winding machine, straightening-cutting & pancake coiling machine, thermoplastic packaging machine, 1.2T continuous bright annealing furnace.


 80MN extruder

Continuous bright annealing furnace

Testing Devices

       spectrum analyzer, atomic absorption analyzer, spectrophotometry, analytical balances, metallurgical microscope, eddy current flaw detector, metal tensile testing machine, eddy conductivity instrument.

Hardness tester

Spectrum analyzer

Metallurgical microscope

Metal tensile testing machine

Atomic absorption analyzer


      refined copper — smelting & casting — extrusion — rolling — drawing — straightening-cutting/forming of pancake coil — bright annealing — packaging — finished goods.


GB/T 1527-2006     Drawn tube of copper and copper alloys
GB/T 16866-2006   Dimensions and tolerances of copper and copper alloy seamless tubes
GB/T 4423-2007     Copper and copper-alloy cold-drawn rod and bar
GB/T 5231-2001     Wrought copper and copper alloys chemical composition limits and forms of wrought products
GB/T 5585.1-2005   Copper or aluminium and its alloy bus bars for electrical purposes—Part 1:Copper andcopper alloy bus bars
GB/T 17791-2007   Seamless copper tube for air conditioner and refrigeration equipment
GB/T 19850-2005   The seamless round copper tubes for electrical purposes
GB/T 26024-2010   Seamless copper and copper alloys tube for valves on air-conditioning and refrigeration system
ASTM B280-2008   Standard Specification for Seamless Copper Tube for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Field Service
EN 12735-1:2001  Copper and copper alloys Seamless,round copper tubes for air-conditioning and refrigeration Part 1:Tubes for piping systems
EN 12735-2:2001  Copper and copper alloy – seamless round copper tube/pipe for air-conditioning and refrigeration system – for equipment
JIS H3300-2009       Seamless copper and copper alloy tube/pipe

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Q:copper question ?
Its worth around 7500 $ per ton. 1 ton =2200 pounds. About 3.4 $ pr pound. Emerging economies like china/India creates a bigger demand than we can supply
Q:BackGround History of Copper?
Q:copper and metal bb's?
All BB's are steel. They have a very thin coating on them. Weight and quality differences between various BBs is negligible.
Q:Is the gap between the copper tube and the galvanized pipe wide?
Performance is not big, there is a difference in corrosion resistance, the most important raw material prices are different, hey hey!
Q:im doing a chemstry project, what is a intressting fact about copper?
Q:Copper Pennies, pre & post-1982?
It's true that pre-1982 cents are 95% copper (with a current metal value of 2.44 cents each) and that post-1982 cents have only a thin layer of copper plating over zinc (with a current metal value of a little over 1/2 cent each). But, what about the 1982 cents that you've skipped over? You will find both kinds dated 1982. The Mint made the switch during the production year. There are two ways to tell the difference. The best way is with an accurate metric scale. Copper cents will weigh just over 3 grams, the zinc around 2.5 grams. I don't have such a scale, but I've gotten the 'drop' test nailed down. Drop the coin on a hard tabletop and if it makes a 'ring' it's copper, if it's a dull sound, it's zinc. To double-check, drop a pre-'82 and post-'82 and compare. People cash in their pennies for more than face value all the time. There atre copper bullion buyers just as there are buyers of precious metals. They're harder to find, but they're out there. You can get from 1.5 to 2 cents each for large quantities. There are roughly 145 cents to a pound. Buyers go by the poundage, not the number of coins. They might go as high as $2.90 a pound right now with copper at $3.70, but I would expect something in the $2.25 - $2.50 range per pound.
Q:What are the masses of copper and silver metals in the strip?
Copper 0.95g Silver 3.23g Cu + 2AgNO3 ---> Cu(NO3)2 + 2Ag 63.55g + 339.82g ---> 187.57g + 215.8g divide all by 63.55 1 + 5.35 ---> 2.95 + 3.40 so, 1g Cu makes 3.40g Ag we started with 2g, let's say one gram was used. 1g left of Cu + 3.40g Ag = 4.4 grams in total we're looking for 4.18... 4.4 - 4.18 = 0.22 off knowing that 1g Cu makes 3.4 Ag, lets try to find how much copper and silver we will need to make the difference of .22g 1g Cu makes 3.40g Ag 4.40g total dividing by 2 0.5g Cu makes 1.70g Ag 2.20g total because the amount of silver is dependent on the amount of copper is used in this react we ill make the 0.5g of copper to 0.05g to make the 0.22 total we need. That is, 0.05g Cu makes 0.17g Ag 0.22g total At last: 1 - 0.05 = 0.95g Cu 3.4 - .17 = 3.23g Ag making 0.95 + 3.23 = 4.18 total I'm sorry if this is all a bit messy or even not the way you were shown.
Q:Is Copper II Nitrate a pure substance?
It helps to think about it all as a hierarchy beginning with elements. Elements are composed of atoms which all have exactly the same number of protons. Therefore, all the atoms have exactly the same chemical characteristics. NOTE: I was careful to restrict my definition to just protons. An element can have atoms whose numbers of neutrons vary. These are called isotopes, but they are still elements if the number of protons are all the same. This is why Uranium238 and Uranium235 are still the element Uranium. Each isotope has 92 protons. Compounds are composed of only 1 kind of molecule. Molecules are composed of atoms. Mixture is a vague term used to describe something which contains two or more compounds. Seawater is a mixture of the compounds water and salt. You and I are also mixtures. Most things on earth are mixtures. This definition is broken down further into homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures. In a homogeneous mixture all the molecules or ions are evenly dispersed. Saltwater is a homogeneous mixture. In a heterogeneous mixture this is not the case. Chicken soup is a heterogeneous mixture. Copper (II) nitrate is therefore a compound. However, dissolved in water, it forms a mixture of water molecules and ions.
Q:help, between copper and brass?
copper is a softer metal than brass and brown in color or green if its corroded brass is made from copper and tin and no a magnet wont work
Q:Why does copper have a distinct metallic smell? Pennies, for example.?
Pure copper has no smell that people can detect because there is virtually no significant vapor pressure of copper atoms at room temp. Pure copper will react quickly with things like sulfur and hydrogen. The copper sulfide on the surface has a vapor pressure and will leave a metallic taste when inhalled.

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