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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Packing: Wooden pallet packing strong seaworthy, Coils will have to be collected into a pile to build round 3+3 or 7 coils carried on one fumigated wooden pallet. Cardboard flange to be inserted between each coil and to be placed onto the top of the highest one.Shrinking film wrapping the parcel, each parcel composed of 3+3 or 7 coils, will have to be characterized by a label including the dimension, gross weight, tare and net weight, packing number, production date.
Delivery Detail:within 15 days after we received deposite or L/C


1) high efficiency, energy saving healthy
2) the inside surface area increases 70~100% than plain copper tube

We have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, UPC,SGS and TUV etc.,these promise that the products we produced are always of the best quality

1) Alloy no.: C12200, Temper: soft drawn

2) Coil Wt.: 100kg ~ 500 kg

SpecificationsUnit weightO.DI.DBottom Wall Thickness TWFin Groove Depth HFTotalWallThicknessApex AngleHelix AngleNumber of Tooth
Remark:These are common sizes which the company is making,and unusaal sizes with special requirement can be tailor-made against order.

the inside surface area increases 70~100% than that of the same specification of plain copper tube, the heat transfer coefficient is about 1.8~2.0 times of that of same specification of plain tube.

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Q:how much can i get scraping copper?
I scrap every week. #2 copper = $1.90 per pound. #1 copper = $2.25 per pound. Burnt copper = $1.85 per pound. Wire with insulation = $1.8 per pound. These are the prices last week at the scrap yard I go to. The prices change every week and each scrap yard pays different amounts.
Q:What is the GPM capacity for 2 Type L copper piping?
No, you will be fine with that. Maybe you should try and just take her out of the car seat to take her up to your apartment. See if that helps. A baby really just shouldn't be exposed to too many things when just being born because they are so prone to catching things. As far as you, I also had a C-section and I know for me I went walking at the mall because my baby was born around Christmas time and we had pics taken and needed to do last min. shopping and it caused me to have really bad blood clots coming out. You don't have to stay in your home all the time but just from experience just do the hard things you have to but if you have a choice just take it easy. at least for another week. Good luck!
Q:what size compression fitting will fit over 1/2 copper pipe?
Q:San Francisco 1885; Copper Printings?
Copper printings? Do you mean a copper etching? Is the image etched into the copper? Look for a signature or initials. That will determine who made them and if they're worth anything.
Q:Called a plumber to fix 5/8 copper water pipe which was slightly leaking from a soldered joint.?
When you're working with soldering copper, always remember that if you have a problem or a leak, you cannot just patch it up. The entire job needs to be redone. Here's some basic tricks that I've learned from various plumbers (I'm not a pro, I'm just a DIY learner): First and most important, clean and sand the outside of the male part and the inside of the female part. Use flux to help the solder stick to the copper. Heat the joining piece (in your case the coupler) on one side until the flame turns green - not a scientist but I think it has something to do with oxidation. Once that happens, heat the opposite side. Then feed the solder into the joint and it should suck it up and inside. There should be a small bead remaining on the outside of the joint to ensure a full seal. Personally, I still don't have all this stuff down. I practice on small stuff and have had to get pros to fix my mistakes. I try to learn what I can from them. They say I have the right ideas but my application needs work. Hope this helps.
Q:How can I get cheap copper pipe?
price of copper doubt you going to find it free-check with local plumber they would have scrap pieces
Q:Are copper bb's poisonous? PLEASE RESPOND QUICKLY!!!!!?
Q:Is it good to use copper tubes for decorating water pipes?
Strongly recommended to use copper tube, PPR tube for a long time will produce a large number of toxins and a large number of viruses is not good for the body, and the tube no matter how long hundreds of years later, will not produce toxic substances and toxic bacteria, and will automatically remove the virus. Now China still use a lot of PPR tube, the industry is not an open secret, have been in several years ago out of the PPR tube, PPR tube is used only in industrial uses, foreign PPR tube imported into the China market, poison Chinese, please resist PPR pipe used in civil.
Q:Copper or Iron pipe through a slab?
the iron could be sleeves to protect the copper. anytime you run pipe thru concrete or a wall or under something it should be sleeved
Q:why is copper sulphate useful?

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