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Packaging Detail:Packing: Wooden pallet packing strong seaworthy, Coils will have to be collected into a pile to build round 3+3 or 7 coils carried on one fumigated wooden pallet. Cardboard flange to be inserted between each coil and to be placed onto the top of the highest one.Shrinking film wrapping the parcel, each parcel composed of 3+3 or 7 coils, will have to be characterized by a label including the dimension, gross weight, tare and net weight, packing number, production date.
Delivery Detail:within 15 days after we received deposite or L/C


1) high efficiency, energy saving healthy
2) the inside surface area increases 70~100% than plain copper tube

We have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, UPC,SGS and TUV etc.,these promise that the products we produced are always of the best quality

1) Alloy no.: C12200, Temper: soft drawn

2) Coil Wt.: 100kg ~ 500 kg

SpecificationsUnit weightO.DI.DBottom Wall Thickness TWFin Groove Depth HFTotalWallThicknessApex AngleHelix AngleNumber of Tooth
Remark:These are common sizes which the company is making,and unusaal sizes with special requirement can be tailor-made against order.

the inside surface area increases 70~100% than that of the same specification of plain copper tube, the heat transfer coefficient is about 1.8~2.0 times of that of same specification of plain tube.

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Q:will copper harm birds?
YES ~ ! I've never seen a bird playing with copper before.
Q:copper and metal bb's?
they wieght the same. cuz it is just a copper coating
Q:If you discovered ore deposit containing copper,what other elements might you also expect to find and why?
confusing subject. look at google or bing. this can assist!
Q:Is the air conditioner copper pipe welded or welded?
The connection of air conditioning copper pipe interface mainly depends on the construction process level, and requires higher construction quality.The fittings for the air conditioner copper pipe need to buy the relevant fittings, and the installation will occupy a certain space, and the welding technology can not meet the requirement in space. In addition, not in the fire area, must be used with connector.The brazing connection mode of air conditioning copper tube requires good welding technology, low cost and little space for connection. In hot conditions, this method can not be used.The air conditioning copper pipe connection way mainly has the mechanical connection, the pipe fitting and the brazing connection, the pipe fitting.
Q:What is the evidence that copper is copper!?
Well copper is a pinkish brown metal, not a blue powder. Perhaps you think you have copper sulphate, which is blue You should do a flame test, the colour will determine the presence of copper. Copper does form 2+ ions, but that isn't a test, it is a fact about copper. How do you know the mystery blue power has 2+ions, and even if you had shown this, it wouldn't prove copper, as many other metals have the same. Blue is also not a test, there are other blue substances. the test for sulphate is barium chloride, i think.
Q:How do I make a Bohr model of the element copper?
This Site Might Help You. RE: How do I make a Bohr model of the element copper? My son has a science project in school and needs to make a atomic model of copper. Any suggestions?
Q:The two copper tubes of the air conditioner are rough or thin Should I turn off the fluoride first or the first one?
Fine air! Thick air! The valve that closes the receiver first!
Q:With Copper worth over $2.00 a pound are people steeling Copper wire?
Good for them. It isnt a new thing. Back in the 1970s the same thing happened. Maybe we need to find a different conductor for our electricity.
Q:Is copper wire magnetic?
No, copper is not magnetic. There should not be any attraction between copper wire (or copper) anything and a magnet (of any kind). You can run an electrical current through a coil of copper wire and make an electromagnet. But on its own, copper is not magnetic.
Q:Why won't copper melt?
either your flame is not hot enough, too much yellow in the flame instead of blue, or you're losing heat somewhere

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