Copper Wire Wearing Tape

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Application: It is mainly used for packing and isolation of cable conductor and cove,has

cushioning and shielding effect.










Tensile Strength






Short Term Stability


Long Term Stability


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Q:Identification of the quality of the packing belt
PP packing belt identification: packing belt straightness standard, uniform thickness, color is not fade, pull to the foot, to see if the new material will be packaged with cut with scissors, look at the joints, packed with intermediate black is relatively poor, the raw material is PP, one can understand.
Q:Why are packing machines always unstable?
The head position adjustment improper packing machine.The head is too high or too low, left and right, straps or tool to collide with heating up the two layers, should be adjusted according to the situation.
Q:Is the profit margin of the packing belt line large
Profit in general, buy materials to 6000 far, the finished product in the market price more than 6000 yuan, remove the rent, electricity, wages were flat! I'm switching now!!!! At that time I bought a new branch of machinery, worked for seven months, now want to sell, but I do not know where the old equipment received
Q:What's the reason why the packing belt breaks easily?
Packing belt temperature settings are not suitable, summer should be around 450 degrees, in the northern winter to about 600 degrees;
Q:Blue belt principle is what?
Blue will be packaged with packaging with heating to proper temperature in the air - water vapor to form a blue layer of the surface process.
Q:What's the function of the carton packing belt
Carton packing belt is mainly used for bundling cartons, strapping goods and convenient transportation, PE automatic end zone since 1989 from Japan and Taiwan to introduce automatic strapping machine after use, is characterized in that the demand is high, if not the use of new raw material for the production of the end zone will make the knotter strapping machine is worn, but also cause the operation is not smooth, tardy, error. With the recent years in the end of PE automatic carton packaging, printing and packaging, washing industry, towel factory, more and more vermicelli factory, manufacturers gradually increased
Q:What material is the packing belt made of?
The straps are made of PP and PET, two plastic mixes.  The difference between machine and hand is that the thickness is different, and the requirement of machine is higher.Production process is: plastic melt - - tape - forming - cooling - winding - Packaging - storage is probably the case.
Q:Identification of PP packaging belt
The width and width error of the baler belt are generally plus or minus 0.3mm. Such packaging machine with production of medium and lower, the quality will be relatively uniform, will not appear when the good and bad situation.
Q:Baling machine; packing belt; tightness adjustment
The belt of the fully automatic baler is jammed and can not be used as a normal conveyor belt.1. remove the nuts associated with the stationary roller in sequence;2. it will be found that there are two special countersunk screws on the connecting shaft, because it is used for fixing the shaft mouth, so you need to turn the screw up;3., then you can remove the connecting shaft, check the tape stuck reasons, if there are foreign bodies can also be quickly cleared;4., in accordance with the original operation steps, and then re assembled fully automatic packaging machine, the main nut and curved plate to maintain a certain gap between. At least greater than the thickness of the bale used
Q:The baggage for my American traveler's cloth is to be checked. Do you need a doggy belt? Will it protect the box?
You can pack it. It won't break

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