Electro-deposited Copper Foil

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1. Product Description:

Copper foil made of copper with a certain proportion of other metal forging and into, copper foil generally have 90 foil and 88 foil, copper content is 90% and 88%, size 16 * 400px copper foil is the most extensive use of decoration materials. Such as: Gaestgiveriet Hotel, temple statues, crafts, ceramic tile mosaic, a gilded signboard;


2. Product Characteristic:

Copper foil has characteristics of low surface oxygen, can be attached with a variety of different materials such as metal, insulation materials, with a wide temperature scope of use. Mainly used in electromagnetic shielding and antistatic, conductive copper foil disposed in the substrate surface, combined with the metal substrate, with excellent continuity, and provide the electromagnetic shielding effect.













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Q:What is the standard of plastic strapping?
Double Fai PET plastic packaging belt manufacturer, Southern China region engaged in plastic packaging belt production for more than 20 years.The main raw material of PET packing belt is polyethylene terephthalate (English abbreviation PET), the specific gravity is 1.34.
Q:Features of PP packing belt
According to customer requirements and samples, the production of printing, printing, icons and other special packing belt.
Q:What's the difference between a strapping sheet or a steel package?
Plastic tape, a roll of 20KG iron strap, a roll of 40KGPacking:Plastic steel belt carton packing, iron packing bag, gunny bag packingColour:Plastic belt, regular green, iron strap, black beltUse:PET plastic steel belt and traditional iron, compared with PP has the following characteristics:High strength: PET plastic steel belt material is polyester, with strong tensile properties, with the same size of the iron band, the strength of ordinary plastic band is several times. Tensile fracture strength >450mPa, fracture <20%High toughness: PET plastic belt with plastic features, has a special flexibility, in the course of transport can avoid bumps caused by broken belt, resulting in scattered goods, to ensure the safety of goods transportedSafety: PET plastic belt has no sharp edges, no dents and scratches. It will not cause damage to the package. During packing and unpacking, it will not cause injury to operators and avoid unsafe factorsEnvironmental protection: meet the export standards of Europe and the United States and other countries, easy to recycle, in line with environmental protection requirementsAdaptability: PET plastic belt because of the material and exquisite workmanship, advanced equipment technology, so high temperature, moisture resistance, can adapt to various climate changesBeauty: iron band will be exposed to the air to absorb moisture, oxidation and rust, easy to pollute the packaging; PET belt is beautiful, no rust, no pollution, environmental protectionTemperature resistance: PET plastic band melting point of 260 degrees Celsius, 120 degrees below the deformation, and can often stay tense, and adapt to the environmentEconomy: PET plastic belt is light in weight and easy to handle; the unit cost is only 1/3 with metal strap, which saves a great deal of investment cost for investors
Q:Why are packing machines always unstable?
The voltage of the supply is abnormal.This machine should use 220V voltage. Many factories voltage is often inadequate, if the use of long cable will cause a voltage drop so that the soup temperature becomes lower, even in fastened when burned motor.
Q:Is the profit margin of the packing belt line large
How do you say this?! Want to get rich quickly is impossible, he is a steady business, slowly, was still relatively moist, is in trouble!
Q:What are the classification of the packing belt?
That's a lot of sorting. According to what parameter you want to divide.Generally have PP packaging belt, PET packaging belt.Machine packing belt and hand packing beltNew material packing belt and feed back packing belt.Also transparent and opaque. Having or having no color. Wait
Q:The production of packaging equipment with how much money
Look what you want to make. Is it a regular band or a thin belt?.
Q:Do you need a packing belt for the airport consignment bag?
It depends on the actual condition of your suitcase.If you have a password lock, and the zipper, the box is very strong, the contents are not expensive, you can not play.Otherwise, call one. I remember the airport in Shanghai is 10 yuan, the general two city airport packing charges 5 yuan.If the finished package, you need to check out of the box at the check-in, check can be re packaged for free. But the trouble is, of course, the odds are small.
Q:Do you need two packing belt for the airport consignment bag
No, it's voluntary. If your bag is damaged or you can pack it for more insurance, I think it's unnecessary as long as your bag is good
Q:How long is the service life of the plastic strapping belt?
The polyester tape is chemically stable and has little impact on indoor and outdoor temperatures.

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