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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Inner packing: Different plastic spools according to wire sizes. Outer packing: Carton/wooden box or as customer required.
Delivery Detail:10-30days


SGS,UL Approved, ISO9001, ISO14001
Thermal Class:B,F,H,C
Min Order :500kg

Product Description



SGS,UL Approved, ISO9001, ISO14001
Thermal Class:B,F,H,C
Min Order :500kg

Product Center

SeriesName of ProductsTypeCoatingThermal   Class
Inner CoatingOvercoating
Solderable Polyurethane SeriesClass 130°C Solderable Polyurethane enamelled Copper wireUEW/130 QAL/130 Polyurethane B 130°C

Class 155°C Solderable Polyurethane Enamelled Copper WireUEW/155 QAL/155F 155°C

Class 180°C Solderable Polyurethane Enamelled Copper WireUEW/180 QAL/180 H 180°C

Polyester SeriesClass 130°C Polyester Enamelled Copper WirePEW/130 QZL/130Polyester B 130°C

Class 155°C Polyester Enamelled Copper Wire PEW/155 QZL/155Modified-Polyester F 155°C

Class H Polyester-imide SeriesClass 180°C Polyester-imide enamelled Copper wireEIW/180 QZYL/180Polyester-imide H 180°C

Class C Double Coating SeriesClass 200°C Polyesterimide Enamelled Copper Wires overcoated by Polyamide-imideEI/AIW200 Q(ZY/XY)/200Polyester-imidepolyamide-imideC 200°C


Product name:Self solderable enamelled copper wire
Other names:enamelled copper wire;polyimide/thin insulated enameled copper

Product info

Product name: Self solderable enamel copper wire

Other names: polyimide enameled copper wire;thin insulated copper wire; enamelled copper wire  

Application Range

Enameled round winding wires is the primary materials in the production of electromagnetic system in Electrical machine electronics, telecommunications and instrumentations

Product features

Technical requirements, such as size, resistivity, elongation, rebound resilience should be followed GB/T6109.1-2008 standard  or IEC

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Q:Is a good or a lot of fine copper wires in the wire?
One or more soft copper stocks, to see applications.
Q:Why does copper wire become black? How to change back to original?
It has been oxidized and can be washed with vinegar or acid, but don't use strong acid to damage copper coins.
Q:What's the difference between a copper tube and a copper wire in a cable?
1. Because the copper tube is easy to process and connect, it can save material and total cost when it is installed. It has good stability and reliability, and it can save maintenance.2 copper is light. The copper tube does not require ferrous metal for the same diameter of the rifled tube. When installed, the copper tube is less expensive to transport, easier to maintain and less space to occupy.3 copper can change shape. Because the copper tube can bend and deform,
Q:The use of silver plated copper wire
Silver plated copper wire in some occasions call silver plated copper or silver plating, or hypoxia in oxygen free copper wire copper silver, after drawing fine wire drawing machine made of thin wire.
Q:What is the copper wire with melted welding welding method
The welding method is realized by using liquid solder to wet and spread on the base material, to fill in the gap of the base metal, to dissolve and diffuse with the base metal, and to realize the connection between the parts.
Q:What's the effect of Kang copper wire? What's the difference between a fuse and a fuse? Can the copper wires in the electric vehicle controller be replaced by a fuse?
Since the resistivity of the copper wire is higher than that of the fuse, and the melting point is higher than the fuse, the copper wire will not fuse as easily as the fuse.
Q:About using copper wires as fuses
Copper wires can be used as fuses. Copper sheets can be used as fuses! Fuse insurance is not insurance, the key is to see the fuse current instead of material, thin thin copper wire, the excessive current, as long as the wire diameter and the fuse current adapter is no problem (read more people do not adapt to this point).
Q:Why is a conductor always made up of strands of copper wire?
The larger sections of cable are made of a plurality of smaller cross-section conductors, which are easy to manufacture and store, and form large cables of various sections
Q:Are there any machines that use electricity to heat copper wires to 60 degrees?
Place the copper wire in the pan and heat the induction cooker. Of course, if the temperature is accurate, add temperature control link.
Q:The copper wire in the charger is broken. Why can you use it?
For safety or no use, short circuit fire is dangerous, and it is not good for the machine,

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