TX-0010 pure copper bar

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Packaging Detail:standard export seaworthy package ,suit for all kinds of transport,or as required
Delivery Detail:7-15 days after receiving deposit


pure copper bar
1.material:T1 T2 c2600
3.length:as requirement
4.quality first,service

Product Description


Copper bar ,copper rod ,Brass bar,brass rod














5.8m,6m,or as required

Export to


Ireland,Saudi Arabia,Viet Nam,England,Egypt,Oman,etc


Standard export seaworthy package,suit for all kinds of transport,or as required.



20ft GP:5898mm(Length)x2352mm(Width)x2393mm(High)

40ft GP:12032mm(Length)x2352mm(Width)x2393mm(High)

40ft HC:12032mm(Length)x2352mm(Width)x2698mm(High)

Price term



Copper bar is widely used in boat building,War industry, Car industry and communication

industry where the components need good wear proof and great corrosion resistance


If you have any question,please feel free to contact me .

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Q:Why hit the motor pulley with a copper rod
Install motor pulley is used for copper rod is softer than the belt wheel and the motor shaft hardness is low, so in the process of beating the pulley will not damage the belt pulley and the motor shaft and the guide pulley to cannot be installed in.
Q:Double bridge DC resistance measurement of copper,
A child is Dabei polytechnic... Because I am too. Help you, because I just made it. Calculation of voltage resistance joint, Rx average voltage minus the copper in the form of joint work of Rx is the result, in current joint. Principle self searching.
Q:What a long copper electric water heater electric heating tube is inserted into the ATM outside there
Temperature controller, usually 90 degrees thermostat, to prevent electric heating dry burning, when the electric heating dry burning, high temperature will automatically power-off, hope to help you, request for adoption
Q:Hello Using copper wire to do good?
Unnecessary。 It's too wasteful. The number of root 1.2-1.5 meters with zinc plating iron hit 0.8 meters underground, the number is determined according to the design requirements and soil conditions, spacing of 2 meters, connected by the flat iron or the 25 party can wire, fixed with bolts. If the underground water level angle into the best.
Q:The characteristics of copper
Brass rods are made from copper and zinc alloys, and they are named after the Yellow color. A brass with a copper content of 56%~68%, having a melting point of 934~967 degrees. The mechanical properties and wear resistance of brass are very good, can be used to manufacture precision instruments, ship parts, gun shells and so on.
Q:World of Warcraft professional training needs "copper" - where to buy?
Forging is done, general auction can be bought, if you can not buy, you can enchant division there, material vendors have sold
Q:The use of fine or coarse copper saw tooth tooth to say why the best?
Sawtooth thickness is said every 25mm length according to the number of teeth on the saw blade.14 ~ 18 teeth for coarse teeth, 24 teeth in tooth for fine teeth. Teeth thickness can also be t pitch size classification: coarse teeth from t=1.6mm, tooth pitch t=1.2mm, fine tooth pitch t=0.8mm.Selection of saw blade thickness:1, the thickness of the saw should be based on the hardness of the processing material, thickness, thin to choose2, cutting of soft materials (such as copper, Aluminum Alloy etc.) or thick material, should choose thick tooth saw blade, because more sawdust, require large chip space.3, cut hard materials (such as alloy steel) or sheet, thin tube, should choose fine tooth saw blade, because the material is hard, not easy to cut teeth, sawdust less, do not need large chip space; saw thin material, easy to be hooked and serrated workpiece is broken and needs at the same time the number of teeth, the tooth bearing force decrease.4, sawing medium hardness materials (such as ordinary steel, cast iron, etc.) and medium hardness of the workpiece, the general use of the tooth saw
Q:There are two electroscope, positively charged A B is charged,
So the actual electronic (negative charge) from B to A.A has been a part of electronic, charged to reduce; B lost some electrons, is positively charged. On the surface (false) is charged from A to B, is actually electronic (negative charge) from B to A. the positively charged nucleus is unable to move.
Q:Where to buy wow bar
The pit is for the auctioneerFirst of all, you have to learn the profession of magic, and then buy materialsYou can buy a bar to a lesser magic essence of a strange dust at the NPC.If NPC doesn't have these materials there, you can go to AG, the auction house, but it's a little expensiveThese are simple, learn slowly, ha ha
Q:Why use copper beat instead of other in the assembly
The hardness of copper than steel, iron and other metal to be small, so, when stroked, the workpiece by instantaneous impact is small, not easy deformation, if the use of steel on steel, easy to deformation of the workpiece caused by unqualified assembly.

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