copper clad steel strand wire

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Steel Grade: copper clad steel
Wire Gauge: 0.2-3
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Type: Copper Clad

Product performance

Plating copper clad steel single wire and stranded wire is a content is 99.9% of the electrolytic copper molecules homogeneous plating to the high quality low carbon steel core processing and into a new composite material, this product has both strength and toughness of steel, and has the good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper. Products are widely used in high frequency coaxial cable, steel network communications, electrified railway, metro light rail, electric power and petrochemical system of ground wire, etc. Compared with copper stranded wire with low density, high strength, low cost advantages, is a traditional pure copper stranded wire 's new production



1, better anticorrosion properties: double metal internal no residue, better corrosion resistance. Electroforming copper clad steel stranded wire is a combination of molecules and molecules, and thus internal won't appear corrosion phenomena.

2, better electrical performance: surface for oxygen free copper, conductive performance is good, the inner layer for quality carbon steel, skin effect principle of conductive and magnetic properties are excellent. Resistance is far lower than the conventional materials, including steel, galvanized steel.

3, copper layer bonding degree is high, because is the copper layer and the surface of the steel is a combination of molecules, so the bonding degree is high, the twisted into stranded wire, the copper layer is not destroyed, not disconnect, become warped skin, cracking phenomenon.

4, price is low, because of its anti-corrosion ability, electrical properties, such as tensile strength performance is equivalent to pure copper products, so you can directly instead of pure copper conductor. Compared with the pure copper grounding conductor, the price is low, can save a lot of money for project.

5, installation is convenient, beautiful shape, jetta company production of copper clad steel stranded wire using the company's"


The main technical parameters

copper clad steel strand wire

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Q:How do you connect the aluminum wire with the copper wire?
In accordance with the safety operation code, aluminum wire can not be connected with copper wireSolution (due to live lines, operation is extra careful)1 riveted aluminum wire and copper wire riveted together2 using the soldering method of aluminum and copper welding together.3, the best thing is to change the wire to copper wire
Q:How to remove copper wire in motor
Replace fire with electricity by burning. One end of the motor is chiseled with a chisel, then burned and then pried, and the other end will soon be removed. We usually do it in second ways.
Q:How can tin plated copper wire be checked for tin plating quality?
Check the solder with nickel plated steel sheet and solder it.
Q:How can I distinguish copper wire?
If the length is enough, can count the number of rings, and then take the length of each circle, then each lap length value multiplied by the total number of rings, the length of the wire out of the actual number is.
Q:Why use copper wire as wire?
Copper is one of the materials with higher conductivity and acceptable cost
Q:How much current can the 1mm2 copper wire pass?
15_16A selection, the actual application is the 5_6A selection.
Q:Are there any machines that use electricity to heat copper wires to 60 degrees?
Place the copper wire in the pan and heat the induction cooker. Of course, if the temperature is accurate, add temperature control link.
Q:Can copper wire be used as fuse?
The purpose of using a fuse is when the circuit is overloadedIf the short circuit causes the instantaneous high temperature, fuses fuses, breaks the circuit power supply,So as to protect the load and the people.
Q:Do all electric machines use aluminum wire instead of copper wire now?
Because of the low melting point of aluminum, the main problem is the short time heat resistance of the equipment. For the motor equipment, the short-time heating is higher, so it is technically impossible to avoid
Q:What's the little copper wire inside the stereo line?
It should be wrapped around the line, the better quality of the transmission line to use this, to screen interference signal it. Can not receive, will not have a big impact.

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