Copper clad aluminum magnesium wire

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Product Description:


1.high intensity,
2.low specific gravity,
3.excellent conductor performance.


Product Description


Detailed Product Description:

    Our company has passed the evaluations of UL and RoHS<SGS> certification and ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification .

                SJ/T 11223-2000,CCAM

                ASTM  B 566-93,CCAM

CCA wire is sorted into Annealed(A) and hard-drawn(H) according to mechanical properties,or into 10% and 15% modles according to volume of copper cladding.


1.Our state-of-the-art cladding and welding crafts guarantee the high desity and conducticity of our 99.97% purity copper cladding,while our metallurgical bonding technique around the aluminum core along the wire for excellent coaxiality.Mechanical properties accord with US ASTM B566-93 Standard.

2.Given the same weight and diameter, Huawang CCAM Wire measures 2.6 times longer than copper wire which means that the budget for 1T of pure copper wire should now afford 2.6t of our CCAM Wire ,a choice product to reduce costs of material for cable prouduction.

3.The impossibility to separate the copper-cladding from the aluminum cord keeps thieves away.

4.CCAM Wire is light,easy to transport and install,thus saves labor cost.

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Q:Can we wire coxial cable beside power cable?
Do not run your coax with your power. It will cause interference with your tv. Especially if you have satellite. That is why they are run separately when the home is built. If they must touch or cross in the attic, make sure to cross at a 90 degree angle. Like a cross or X. Cat5 can be run with coax just fine, though.
Q:How can I use a Power over Ethernet cable to connect to a hub and use PoE and non PoE devices?
Well, most POE devices come with a POE injector which puts the power on the line. That box will have TWO ethernet connections one which goes to the antenna has power on it. The other is a DATA ONLY cable. (also connected will be the power supply) That data only is the cable that is connected to your computer! Put that to any switch etc it is just plain everyday ethernet!
Q:Question about replacing the power supply?
The HDD power cable has no clips, the SATA cable usually does though. The ATX power cable especially (20/24pin) will give quite a lot of resistance, just make sure to keep pushing the clip down while pulling up equally, meanwhile, keep an eye on the motherboard, it'll flex and bend as you pull it up, but yes, you will have to pull quite hard to get things out, harder than you would normally think, I was the same as you, I keep thinking if I pull/push too hard or force things they'll break, but components are far more robust and resistant than you think.
Q:What power cord and USB cable goes to this HDD case?
It's a regular USB 2 cable. No idea what sort of power it takes. Can't be a very special power though. Your best bet is to get one of those switchable supplies from Radio Shack and try the voltage one at a time until the drive works. If you go under the drive won't run, so you can't do it that way if you start low and move higher.
Q:2000 hyundai elantra only starts after moving power cables?
If you're seeing a spark under the engine then you probably have a loose wire at the starter motor.
Q:What are the varieties of wire and cable (detailed point)
Chien fiber optic transceivers fiber optic cable flange fiber box fiber jumpers welding machine. Our company: Qin Sheng network
Q:help with intel mother board power cables ?
Q:I found my SATA power cable, but can't find where to insert my SATA data cable?
Short Answer: You plug the data cable into the drive on one end (usually a hard drive), and the sata ports mounted on the motherboard. Details: A sata data cable runs between the drive (most likely a hard drive, mounted towards the front of the computer) and the motherboard, which is the huge circuit board that everything else plugs into. If you look at the board, you'll see a section with 2 - 6 little plugs (each about the width of your fingernail, but half the height), with a sort of L shape in the middle of each one. Those are the SATA data ports. Yes, bizarrely enough, they are actually smaller than the power connectors. Near each of this the port number is printed in ridiculously small type, so you may need a magnifying glass or something to read them. Ideally, you want to plug your main hard drive into the lowest port number available, usually either 0 or 1. I apologize if I sound condescending, but I've found it's better to underestimate a users technical knowledge and give them details they don't need than to overestimate their tech skills and leave them frustrated and confused. As for your other questions: Power cables run between the power supply and the drive, so that doesn't necessarily mean your motherboard supports it. However, if this PC is only a few years old, it probably will. If you see the ports I described above, then it does. If it doesn't support sata, you can easily buy a 'sata controller card' for about $30-40 that'll plug into one of the pci or pci-express slots on your motherboard. btw, that model you gave is for the power supply, not the whole computer. The computers model number is usually listed on a sticker somewhere on the outside of the case, usually the back.
Q:Cd player in car does not work no fuses we could find were blown except fuse from the power cable to sub amp?
Best possible answer, you could of just simply shorted the radio. Unfortunately it may be the truth.
Q:What kind of power cable do i need for a VIA VT6421A IDE & SATA RAID PCI Controller Card?
I agree completely with the reply above However SOME eSATA cards that have external power jacks to power the external drive will have either a four pin Molex plug (same as an IDE/PATA drive) or a Floppy power plug. And back in the day when Firewire was more common any good firewire card had a power socket on it, again, either a Molex plug or a floppy power plug. AD

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