Copper Clad Aluminum Magnesium alloy wire

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Copper Clad Aluminum Magnesium alloy wire


Copper Clad Aluminum and Magnesium alloy wire is an electrical conductor which has an outer sleeve of copper metallurgically bonded to a solid aluminum alloy core. The combination of these two metals make it uniquely suited to many electrical applications

The mechanical property of CCAM fine wire can meet the requirement of producing stranded wire, braided wire(on high speed braiding machine).We can produce CCAM wire based on customer’s requirement.

Manufacture Scope:



Inner conductor of Lan cable

Shielding layer of coaxial cable

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Q:Are headphone wires not compatible with earphone wires?
Wires are wires. They are definitely compatible. The problem is that if the wires you are replace are made of cheap components then the sound quality wont be great. Also if you aren't getting any response then you have either wired it up wrong or you have damaged the speaker drivers and they now no longer work. Make sure you have connected the ground to the ground on the jack and the positive to the positive. Look around on google for a wiring diagram
Q:need help with wiring deck?
I think you are just better off doing a factory amp bypass and there shuld be a harness you can buy that will hook from the wire behind the factory amp to your deck.
Q:Speaker Wire Recommendation?
The only place you will find genuine silver speaker cables is at very high end stores and the Internet. It is a good choice for the high end audiophile but if you are bi wiring three zones you could upgrade your speakers and use copper wire for the money spent and this would be a much more noticeable improvement. Some good Monstercable will do fine. If you are fishing through walls you want to get some wire that is UL rated for in-wall installation. Many communities have building codes requiring this since ordinary wire can get stripped when fished and cause a short circuit in the amplifier. I have seen Cat 5 used in multi-room applications but I recommend against it. It does not make very good speaker wire and it is particularly important to have decent speaker wire in the long runs involved with multiple zones. To sum up --The cheap wire that has one side colored silver is beneath you. Wire made of real silver is overkill for you. Cat 5 is a bad idea for speakers. If fishing through walls get in-wall wire.
Q:connect amp wire to car battery?
Absolutely not! The amp power wire goes to battery POSITIVE. The amp ground should be as close to the amp as possible, and be securely screwed to bare metal on the vehicle frame or chassis. The battery negative should be removed while your are making the connections. The correct sequence is as follows: 1) Remove battery negative terminal. 2) Locate and mount the amp. Connect ground terminal to bare metal within 18-24 of the amp using the same gauge wire as the power wire. 3) Run power wire from battery positive to the amp power terminal. DO NOT install the fuse yet. 4) Connect remote wire, RCA inputs, and speaker and/or subwoofers. 5) Check that all terminals are tight and secure and that no strands of wire from one terminal are contacting adjacent wires or terminals. 6) Install the fuse in the positive wire. 7) Reconnect the negative battery terminal. The amp will not drain your battery when the vehicle is off. If the wiring is correct and the remote wire from your head unit operates properly, the amp will only turn on when the head unit is turned on.
Q:2001 Chevy Silverado 1500 wiring diagram?
Car Radio Constant 12V+ Wire: Orange Car Radio Switched 12V+ Wire: Yellow Car Radio Ground Wire: Black Car Radio Illumination Wire: Gray Car Stereo Dimmer Wire: Brown Car Stereo Antenna Trigger: N/A Car Stereo Amp Trigger Wire: N/A Front Speakers Size: 6 1/2″ Front Speakers Location: Doors Left Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Tan Left Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Gray Right Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Light Green Right Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Dark Green Rear Speakers Size: 4″ x 6″ Rear Speakers Location: Side Pillar Left Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Brown Left Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Yellow Right Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Dark Blue Right Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Light Blue
Q:What is a wiring harness?
If you buy an aftermarket cd player, you can get a harness for your specific type of car (walmart or auto parts store). That way you don't have to clip the wires and solder each one.
Q:how to wire in a raido?
the radio comes with a wiring harness the easiest way to do it would be go to a pepboys,bestbuy, or autozone and get a radio wiring harness for 1990 maxima. this way all u have to do is splice the colored wires that match the same colored wires from the radio harness. once that`s done all u have to do it plug in back of radio and the car harness. the car harness will run u bought 18.00 but its worth it to do the job right
Q:What / Where are spark plugs and wires?
they are not called wires ,spark plug leads or ht leads , ht stand for high tension leads wich are mostly silcon based corbon fiber
Q:Question about wires in plugs?
The typical U.S. power distribution system has two hot wires coming into your electric panel, plus a neutral wire. The neutral wire is grounded to earth ground, as is the protective green earth wire. An outlet, carrying 110 volts from one of the hot wires (black), supplies current for the load and it flows back to the transformer on the pole normally via the neutral (white) wire to the center transformer (grounded) tap. The green protective wire does nothing in normal operation. However, should the appliance have a metal outer skin, and the machine develops a short, energizing the outer skin, it will flow through the green ground wire back to the transformer rather than through you and back to the transformer.
Q:What are good speaker wire??
16 gauge wire to 8 gauge wire. Some people like to pay a lot for the wire by getting name brand, they claim it sounds better. but any wire advertised as speaker wire will do. If you do spend a lot of money for high quality shielded speaker wire, chances are you've already spent more money on your equipment, so It will sound better anyway.

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