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I plugged my 110 volt JBL On Stage ipod speakers into a 220 volt socket. The fuse has blown, although I think it has only blown in the power cable and that the Ipod speakers are still fine. I was wondering where I could find a replacement power cable. Thanks for your help
A 110 ac plug configuration is usually not the same as a 220 ac plug configuration. they look completely different and will not pug into each, I'm not sure how you managed to do that. Now, I am talking about the United States (not sure where you live). Anyway, I'm sure you can find a new power cable online. Or have Best buy order one for you if they don't have it in stock.
my tv is mounted on the wall, and my friend came round and we tryed to plug in his ps3 and we knocked the main power plug from the tv.we have fiddled about for around an hour looking for wer it came from and need help before my mam gets back!
Ignoring all the upfront on-line research I undertook, I made 8 separate visits to the showrooms of the 'usual suspects' in UK electrical retail I was so torn between the sony panasonic 42 offerings!! As a brands snob I wanted the Sony because I wanted a sony on my wall.. But every time I viewed the TV's in various store environments I kept getting drawn back to the simplicity if the panasonic's operation, the depth of tone / image on screen vs. the sony. After much consideration I went for the panasonic as (for me) it's a better TV to watch TV on!.. Technically the sony has a faster refresh rate plus slightly more advanced image 'in-fill' technology and technically it should therefore give a
I have digital cable through Cox. The receiver is plugged in, and the electricity is fine, but it won't turn on! Please help! I don't want to pay for repairs!
If your not getting any power to the box no little green lite or humming noise coming from the box then its dead. your just going to need to get the box replaced you should be able to just bring your box in and trade it out to avoid a service call charge.
I just finished building my shed, I put a 1 1/2 inch conduit under the shed coming up into the corner. I am now about to dig the 65 foot trench back to the house. I need to run power, not a problem. I want to run a phone line, a network cable, and a cable wire for my satellite. I say shed but it is 12 by 20 feet with an attic. Can I run these additional lines in with the power. I was thinking about using a run of Shielded cables for the network and one for the phone. For the cable some heavy duty quot;I don't know what thoughquot;. Will the power lines mess the data up on them? What will work for the three if any. If I need to I could run them in a new conduit, but that is not cheap!
if you run you power line with any other line the phone company will take you out in the bush and shoot you. you must use two different conduit pipes.
Many of the complete amplifier kits, example rated for a 700 watt amplifier come with a 10 gauge power cable. Many of the gauge charts from the online car audio techs, would recommend a 4 gauge wire, but they sell the amp kits with the 10 gauge. I guess bigger is better, more efficient and safer for the installation, but I would expect them to add some * adjacent to the kit specs with their recommendation.
with that kind of amp go with 8 gauge
The wire is the same, just different color so you dont confuse yourself when installing. You'll actually have to upgrade BOTH wires to properly do the big 3. 1. + Batt to + Alternator output post 2. - Batt to frame/chassis 3. frame/chassis to engine block 4. (For extra) engine block to - Batt All in at least 0 awg gauge wire. I've done my in 0/2 awg gauge welding cables.
We have AT U-verse and we lost power during a storm. The picture returned and sound through the tv speakers but our surround sound did not. We have an Onkyo receiver along with the U-Verse cable box but nothing was changed.Any ideas?
That used to happen to me too, quite frequently. What happens is when the power goes out, the receiver looses its settings and goes to a default mode. You have to go into the setup menu and reset all the values so it recognizes that all the speakers are present. I say this USED to happen because the power used to to go off if someone down the block so much as sneezed hard. We rarely went more than a week without a failure. Then Hurricane Sandy blew through and tore things up, including the power lines. It took more than 10 days to fix it but they apparently fixed all the weak spots - we haven't had much more than a blip since. Of course, during that 10 day period I went out and bought an array of batteries and a power inverter as well as a generator - which are now pretty much useless.
I have a HP Printer and have lost my power cable, now I am having trouble identifying the type of lead that goes in the hole (see pic link)I am in the UK
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