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Product Description:

We are the largest aluminum profilemanufacture in China which specializing in industry aluminum profile. If you need some products,please feel free to send us the drawings or samples, we will supply you the good qualitywith best price, and we will serve you all the time.

Provide full size of seamed tubes(Round):


Wall thickness:1mm-44mm


Alloy  Aluminum 6063,6061,6005,6082 or customer nominated


T3, T4, T5, T6 and other


Anodize,  electrophoresis, powder coating, PVDF coating, wood grain painting, etc.


Any  colour based on Standard Germany RAL Mark


Not  more than 16 meters

Good Package

Inner plastic film /outside carton/wooden  pallets

Payment Method

T/T, L/C, etc

Delivery Time

Normally 2-4 weeks, Delivery time can be consulted.

Press  Machine

500-12500  tons all together 93 press lines.


1. Furniture 2. Drilling; 3. Bending; 4. Cutting; 5. etc.




1.  Using our dies, no fee;

2.  Using customer drawing, opening dies, usually about 5~50 tons then the dies  cost can be refunded.

3.  Die cost is negotiable base on the order quantity


Annual  output 800,000 tons

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Q:How are the copper tubes and aluminum tubes welded in the air conditioner?
Thin wall welding is known as the world's problems, there are objective factors. The melting point of copper is 1083 degrees Celsius, the melting point of aluminum is 660 degrees Celsius, which is more than 400 degrees Celsius melting point, is the result of the formation of aluminum, copper may be weak. It is more difficult, but also will be natural aluminum to form an oxide film on the surface, the refrigeration pipeline cleanliness requirements, clearing method of additive with this film is not clear, it is difficult to use physical methods, the oxide film layer and the melting point of 2000 degrees Celsius, the three different melting point, resulting in welding weld welding is not very easy to form even. In the past, using some special welding methods, such as explosive welding, diffusion welding, welding, friction welding method, by applying the auxiliary welding, welding can also be achieved, but these methods can only be completed or above 1 mm copper aluminum tube welding, or as a result of High cost and complex process, not suitable for industrial production. Some countries try to use copper and aluminum eutectic structure of weld, welding for thin walled, conducted extensive research, but did not realize the industrial application of refrigeration and air conditioning pipeline. The wall is very thin, only the invention of new welding method of welding production forming thin-walled copper aluminum pipe industrialization in order to realize, instead of copper aluminum in the air conditioning and refrigeration pipeline on the target."First we follow the copper eutectic structure of weld experiments, results show that the tube wall is too thin, the eutectic structure is very fragile, therefore, the weld quality is very poor, or even hand tear tear down. So, we started to look for new ideas." Zhao Yue recalled.
Q:Air conditioning copper aluminum tube how to connect? It's broken at the copper aluminum pipe joint. What should I do?
1. the copper tube inside and outside of the tube wall is clean, and then in the brass (copper tube outer diameter equal to the diameter) has been prepared with uniform wall paste aluminum powder, aluminum tubes inserted into 10mm.2 open welding torch, adjust the mixing ratio of oxygen and B, choose neutral flame. With the flame heating and the alignment of adjacent copper tubes (heat uniformly faster), when heated to melt in the copper tube to start, and then rotate the brass pretty, even soluble together, then take off the gun.3 note that the paste is aluminum powder aluminum powder and water.Another point is to note that it is in the pipeline will have aluminum slag, must blow clean hair in small, because in a brass tube is formed when rubbed into aluminum complex
Q:How can I bend an aluminum tube into an oval shape?What is the best solution?What is the most economical solution?ThanksIn the ordinary bending machine, it is feasible to change the arc in order to change the radius from the radius to the short axis firstSo, the whole pipe can only be bent into ellipses with more clamps?
Pull the solid die upwards! You can also do more bending! This needs professional! I'm a professional elbow! It can also be bent in sections!
Q:Water heater tube welding seam how
Two, low temperature 400 degrees aluminum welding method, with third generations of WE53 liquefied gas porous spray gun as heating source of heat, and then with WEWELDING Q303 welding wire spot welding, has good permeability.
Q:Can aluminum tubes be sprayed or painted? What type of paint is appropriate? Will the paint come off?
Yes, but clean the surface!Processing is generally electrostatic adsorption, and mostly fluorocarbon paint. You can do it yourself.But don't hand paint, preferably spray paint, if the area is small, you can buy (canned finished products) from painting.It's easy to sell on the market!
Q:Expert: about 100 caliber aluminum tube, manual argon arc welding, single-sided welding, double sided forming technology. And welding process and welding method ~!
Aluminum tube size 57*4*100; thank you all experts to answer the aluminum tube butt manual tungsten arc welding; single-sided welding double-sided forming technology......
Q:How to control the hardness of aluminum pipe?
Can also be used as a die material.Advantages of aluminum tube: first, welding technology advantages: it is suitable for industrial production of thin-walled copper aluminum tube welding technology. It is called world class difficult problem, and it is the key technology of aluminum alloy for air conditioner connecting tube.
Q:The refrigerator can be used in soldering aluminum crack? Repair a Haier refrigerator, found that there is a little cracks in the aluminum tube in the freezer. Can solder wire be used to repair it?
Certainly not for solder wire Lo, can move a little cushion water temperature is low, iron cloth flame is very short, prepare a fix, it is open and close back the money, can not move back out on the open
Q:I am now a lot of goods, some can be folded, and some directly broken, and this is how it happened?
As a rule, T5 can not be bent. If you want to fold it, you need to heat it and then fold it.O or H status can be bent
Q:resulting in the pipe can not be used after folding, how to deal with? Fifteen08 years to buy three AUX air-conditioning, moving this year, the pipe was folded, and then installed, AUX said after the sale of the pipe can not be used, to replace all new, because the aluminum pipe can not be welded. We all know that the tube is very expensive, then bought 5 meters or so, I think it will not have to spend money again, I did not expect, because of this reason, even for old pipes, the installation of new tubes, but also spend nearly 1000 yuan. When I bought it, I didn't think they would use the aluminum tube. I thought it was copper. It was entirely cost saving by the factory, which made the consumer pay the bill. I was so angry that I didn't buy anything from AUX any more. Would you like to ask if you have ever touched this situation? What can you do to reuse the old pipes?
Encountered many, but still have a fool to buy AUX air-conditioning, no way ah!Change the copper tube, never use the aluminum tube again, buy the copper pipe yourself, and let the installation worker install it for you. It won't cost much money

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