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The door of the automatic door is not a robot
Yes Yes, Infrared Sensing Robot
We were working in the garage and made contact with a chord that hangs from the bottom of garage door opener. We went to close the garage door and the motor works, but the pulling mechanism does not open or close the garage door. The garage door is a Stanley.Can anyone offer advice or know where we can get a user manual?Thanks
You accidentally pulled the emergency door release. This is for used during a power outage or if the door opener motor stops working. The cord is attached to a lever, push the lever back up, opposite the direction that it would be pulled. It should work fine.
I live in an aprtment. I have a garage that works automaticaly. I didnt realize that it wasnt opened all the way yet and backed into the door with my SUV. well the maintenance guy came and fixed it to the point tha it works going up and down automatically. BUT, when closed there is a gap . the door got dentted so its kind os slanted when down all the way. He said they gonna have the door people come look at it and bill me.What could the cost be. Its working but the bottom of the door is dented. so thats what needs to be fixed. the dent so the gap and be fixed. maintenance guy said probably need to replace one panel.
Yep, if a panel is dented the only way to repair it properly is to replace the panel. A door guy could charge between 150 and 200 for it. A lot of apartment complexes get a deal from their subs it could be even less.
Won't automatically open when you approach it?
I'm never afraid of any closed door. The cool thing about doors is that they can never really be closed, only locked. All you have to do is pull it open.
With my car inside.I heard a crash earlier and I went outside. The latch that connects to the automatic part pully thing (tech term) was not connecting, the latch had come out, but I managed to get it back in.Now the cables on one side of the door are loose and not taut.It wont budge. What do I do with the cables?
The main helper spring broke. The door itself without the spring is quite heavy. Without the spring help, the opener will never lift it. Your only option is to un-hook from the operator and ask a friend to help You lift it and prop it up with a VERY STURDY PROP... a 2x4 will work. Call a garage door service company in Your area. This is a DANGEROUS situation. Don't try it alone. It will come down with major force. I've heard of people getting their feet broken!!
Please Help
Sorry to hear you are having a concern with the automatic passenger door on your 2004 Dodge Caravan. I checked for Technical Service Bulletins but could not find any concerns regarding the automatic door. You may want to consider having the vehicle diagnosed by your local authorized Dodge Service Department or a trusted mechanic. Lisa Customer Care Chrysler Group LLC
Automatic door is how to do when someone came to the door?
Mainly by the door above the sensor, the sensor is generally two, a far-infrared, a microwave, far infrared light affected by the relatively large, so not stable, microwave self-induction moving objects can not Induction of prohibited objects, that is, if you stand in the middle of the door does not move, the door will automatically shut up to hold you, then the best way is to install the microwave sensor and then in the middle of the door to install a set of infrared on the radio Closing the door. Microwave sensors are currently more popular, and far out of the basic infrared has been eliminated.
...This door is at the entry to our building.The door closer keeps the door open wide and it closes very, very very slowly.
u could get a new one or if it is in a complex (like a hotel) cant remember the name of it right now....acadentaly break the machine that closes the door and then complain to them to get a new one......or just complain that it doesnt realy work during winter....... bably shouldnt do the breaking one...