aluminum material doors and windows

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Product Description:

    • aluminum doors and windows

    Advantages of  aluminium doors

    1.aluminum doors and widows

    2.Specialized plastic injection channel is set up at angle joint to ensure that the internal and back of the angle joint is sealed effectively, and strengthen the angle.
    3.Special angle steel sheet enhances the angle quality of the hanging arm of the frame and fan angle, and make the joint angle more.

    4.Internal and external continuous glass sealing strip, having better sealing

    5.Excellent protection against weather, water proof, anti-aging, windproof, air permeation resistance

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Q:Do you ever climb out your window onto the roof.....?
my counselor won't let me climb onto any roofs anymore, I got a little close to the edge a couple times & he was concerned
Q:My phone millet account password forgotten, how to do, and now the phone number also changed, the original also forgot, and now the phone shows the device has been locked,
I have to give you unlock the phone + I will do it
Q:Commonly used anti-theft door door thickness is the number of centimeters? Cat eye has several diameters, respectively, what size? To specific data, thank you!
The thickness of the door is measured in millimeters, there are 0.3mm to 1.0mm, if it is measured in centimeters for the hungry thirsty thirsty leek blood fox is estimated that you are said body thickness, 5cm, 7cm, 9cm, 11cm
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows of the specific aspects of how the calculation
The first choice of each window window used to calculate the weight of the aluminum! If the aluminum marked 6 kg per square so the weight of aluminum left to the unit price is 6KG * per kilogram of price = aluminum prices used in the same way to calculate the price of glass And then add the price of accessories coupled with the production of installation costs and gadgets! Plus your profits on the line if there is tax to add taxes!
Q:Is it possible to shop quartz on the windowsill?
Can ah, quartz stone without radiation, hardness is higher than artificial stone, it is easy to do health, it seems the overall effect. Now many people are using quartz stone to do the windowsill.
Q:What is the metal net? What are the functions of automotive metal mesh
Net (Grille), also known as the car's front face, face, grille and water tank cover, etc.. Its main role is the water tank, engine, air conditioning and other air intake, to prevent the movement of foreign objects on the inner parts of the car and the destruction of the aesthetic personality. In automotive engineering, the net is used to cover the body to allow air to enter
Q:How to weave a web of hares
A rabbit like bird stick net, a rabbit in a narrow and long, strong simple network.Generally composed of 2 thick rope and a thin nylon rope woven network. Bar rope nylon rope is about 5 mm thick, the color is green or white, because the rope will go through the network from the eyes, can slide along the rope mesh, so the running rope. The nylon rope net 2 mm thick, color to color or color of loess Lepus capensis, mesh size 6 x 4 cm wide, with 16 mesh 18 mesh or mesh is appropriate, the width of about 110 cm, the net bar length and rope length according to the proportion of 1.5:1, the general bar rope length 20 m a rabbit in a net, net length 30 meters.
Q:The car has an engine anti-theft why the lock after the door does not alarm
Car engine anti-theft system, and external installation of the anti-theft system to trigger different ways. Here are three kinds of anti-theft! 1, the engine anti-theft: also known as anti-start device, the key comes with the chip, the engine starts to verify the identity of the chip to start, not through the verification of the key, the engine can not start. This kind of anti-theft system can avoid the key is copied by the lawless elements after the vehicle away. 2, the vehicle comes with anti-theft system: the general vehicle comes with anti-theft system is no vibration sensor, and only in the case of illegal entry will trigger anti-theft speaker. You can try the glass down and lock the car. 5 minutes after the forced open from the inside, this time will trigger the original car alarm. 3, plus the installation of anti-theft device: This type of anti-theft device with a vibration sensor, people touch the body when the shock sensor will trigger anti-theft speaker tweet. That is, you said the pull the door may be triggered! This kind of anti-theft device has a drawback, if the car stops the road may be a night. So you say the engine anti-theft pull the door does not alarm, if not installed anti-theft device, it may be normal now! Pure hand, hope to help you! Hope to adopt! Thank you!
Q:What is wrong with automatic garage door?
check if you are blocking the sensors thats what sounds wrong
Q:Why the security door locked from the outside, which people can not open?
See what the door and lock ninety percent of the door lock as long as the lock inside the inside also need to key to open! The The The The The

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