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Product Description:

  • aluminum doors and windows of manufacture

  • Profile

    Aluminum Alloy

    Thermal-break or non-thermal-break



    Door:  2.0mm

    Surface Treatment

    Customized (Powder-coated/Anodized/Electrophoresis/Fluorocarbon, etc.)


    Customized (Wide range for options from color bond or RAL color)



    Customized (Low-e/Tempered/Reflective/Floated/Hollow/Laminated, etc.)


    Single/Double/Triple(for cold area and cyclone area)


    Single: 5mm-12mm

    Double: 5mm+6A+5mm/ 5mm+9A+5mm/ 6mm+9A+6mm,etc.

    Low-E Double Glazing: 5+12A+5 glass,6+12A+6 glass, etc.

    Laminated Glass:4mm+0.38pvb+4mm/6mm+0.76pvb+6mm,etc.


    Customized: Clear/ Tinted (Grey/Blue/Light Green, etc.)


    Chinese Top Brand(Kin Long), Greman (Roto), Siegenia, Italian (Guise,ALU-K), etc.


    EPDM, Silicone Sealant

    Other parts

    Mosquito net/Stainless steel screen/Inside blinds/Grid, etc.

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Q:What is the difference between steel and plastic windows and plastic windows?
Plastic composite window is PVC-U as the main component of the extrusion molding doors and windows materials, which is a building materials plastics.
Q:Why do you want to design windows and doors? Who wants to come out!
Idiot question. Why you do not have the clothes to be buttons that can not be so open ah, the door: the first out, the second privacy and security. Windows: the first light and breathable, the second viewing scenery.
Q:Solid wood doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows which is better, in the use of which is more practical point?
Of course, is the aluminum alloy Oh, you look at the times are progress, before the use of solid wood, wood life is certainly not long aluminum, of course, the garbage is not the thickness of the best 1.2mm above, so Will be a lot of durable, and then a lot of kind of aluminum, there are a lot of color, such as you want solid wood, aluminum which is a kind of surface imitation wood grain, looks like wood, other conventional colors, such as champagne Color, gold, bronze, black, copper, silver, can be selected, but the price is different, in use, of course, is the aluminum alloy Oh, first, not afraid of it fire, the second is not afraid of it back to the tide, the third Dirty, harder than wood, the fourth you want to heat insulation, you can use broken bridge, bridge type of double glass, in short, aluminum is finished wood, or how can replace the aluminum alloy,
Q:What is the difference between a windowsill window and a window window?
For the window, there is no difference between them, are windows. But for the Taiwanese, one is a windowsill, one is no windowsill. The window is on a thin wall, as in a simple room or on a plant, with windows and walls on a flat surface, and even the window frames are thicker than walls. This window only acts as a lighting and ventilation The
Q:Is your robin as smart as mine? He flies to the roof of the shed, sees his reflection in the window of the house, and flies into his image..?
I had the same trouble with a large crow.It kept doing that on a window on a farm cottage that I owned. The trouble was that it was let out as a holiday cottage and the guests complained as it went on early morning and miday for days.
Q:Someone on the car but I locked the door with a key inside the car can open the door?
Past the car inside the lock, that is, the black pillars, pull up to open, pull down to lock, so no matter how you get, from inside are open, but now many cars are electronic locks, locks In the door inside, can not see, locked out on the outside with the key, the car only helpless ,,, so have to see your car is what style, old or new
Q:What is the door?
ZHM is a combination door. The main features of the combination door, combined window are multi-fan combination, one-time installation. And the main difference between ordinary doors and windows is a combination of complete sets of installation, ordinary doors and windows is the first fixed box after the fan. Door: 1, the entrance of the building, but also refers to the installation of the entrance to the switch device. 2, shape or role like a door thing. The way of knowing 4. Old refers to the feudal family or family of a, now also refers to the general family. 5. The classification of things. 6. Quantifiers. 7. Last name.
Q:What is the difference between protective windows and anti-theft windows?
Protective window is a kind of anti-theft window. The protective window on the market is divided into two kinds of combination type and Sheng Jinyang King Kong network type. Combination of simple understanding that is outside the stealth window with a layer of anti-theft effect of steel or steel wire. Anti-theft is the top of the steel pipe or wire. Another kind of wins Jinyang King Kong network by the King Kong network itself is the high-intensity impact resistance theft. King Kong itself has holes, can be ventilated, feeling like a screen, in fact, you can subvert the traditional concept of the screen.
Q:Aluminum windows and wooden windows which is good
It depends on what position you have, in the indoor wood good, outdoor, then it is aluminum doors and windows or steel good
Q:Car door remote control bad, how to match it!
To see if the parts are broken, if not then do not change, directly with the key matching match to OK.

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