aluminum doors and window

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Product Description:

  • aluminum doors and windows of manufacture

  • Profile

    Aluminum Alloy

    Thermal-break or non-thermal-break



    Door:  2.0mm

    Surface Treatment

    Customized (Powder-coated/Anodized/Electrophoresis/Fluorocarbon, etc.)


    Customized (Wide range for options from color bond or RAL color)



    Customized (Low-e/Tempered/Reflective/Floated/Hollow/Laminated, etc.)


    Single/Double/Triple(for cold area and cyclone area)


    Single: 5mm-12mm

    Double: 5mm+6A+5mm/ 5mm+9A+5mm/ 6mm+9A+6mm,etc.

    Low-E Double Glazing: 5+12A+5 glass,6+12A+6 glass, etc.

    Laminated Glass:4mm+0.38pvb+4mm/6mm+0.76pvb+6mm,etc.


    Customized: Clear/ Tinted (Grey/Blue/Light Green, etc.)


    Chinese Top Brand(Kin Long), Greman (Roto), Siegenia, Italian (Guise,ALU-K), etc.


    EPDM, Silicone Sealant

    Other parts

    Mosquito net/Stainless steel screen/Inside blinds/Grid, etc.

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Q:How to make the security key of the security door to take effect
Very simple not to use the C key AB key can be used
Q:Jeep Wrangler Plastic Window Cost?
You're not getting ripped off... those things are surprisingly expensive.
Q:Window unit or trailer roof top AC unit?
Look at the nameplate rating on the installed unit. If it has a higher wattage than the window AC it will cost more to run. A 15,000 BTU Dometic roof mount AC currently is specified as 1,530 watts. So it runs less than 200 watts higher than your window AC. That is only about 3 cents an hour more in power cost. Running both of the units will cost you about 50 cents per hour, or $12 a day if running all the time. If you only ran one unit and added some small fans to circulate the cool air more efficiently you might find that works well enough. Do you really need to keep the trailer cold as you call it? If you keep it reasonably moderate you will get used to the temperature. It isn't necessary to have your home freezing cold.
Q:How to tarp a roof and window? How to find the source of a musty smell?
if it were me-and i had no money to get it fixed--I'd climb up on the porch roof with a caulking gun and caulk up that window like no one's business----really look for where it could be leaking--they also make this stuff for caulking leaks on a roof-take that up there too, just in case the leak was where the porch roof met the house...then you are going to have to poke around and look for the wet moldy drywall in the house around the might be able to borrow a moisture meter from someone...or sometimes you can just feel it or see the wet spot...when you find the area you will have to remove any moldy areas and replace the drywall...patching isn't so hard...and the insulation...if its moldy. wear a face mask...clean any other moldy surface with a bleach/water solution. not an expert solution...but i went through this before i got my new roof....and this is pretty much what i did!
Q:How to solve the key card lock
... why not call unlocked na? Well, if you have not yet opened ... ... If the key model is not right: not necessarily how much effort, think you plug in the intensity, a little bit of movement, which requires patience, and once that will control the intensity of rotation. Unlock their own no trick, but if it is hard to get into it must be made out. If the original key words: it will not open the inside are not enough lubrication, if the oil is not the case, or find a locker
Q:Why do star hotels use revolving doors?
No one specified hotel non-revolving door can not use the revolving door just show its upscale
Q:2 times the curtain hook to wear, solve?
Every one wearing one, wearing two legs to the fishing son, and then separated by two, and then re-separated by a wear one, two fishing between the four.
Q:Recently to give a factory to do an automatic door, with a good infrared sensor or microwave sensor better
You know the infrared is what you say, I know the automatic door industry infrared night vision detection displacement, but the microwave is used in the band, the infrared is infrared. The You recommend the installation of safe light, similar to the kind of elevator things
Q:a stone drops from the edge of the roof. it passes a window 2m high in far is the roof from the windo?
The stone drops ... so v(i) = 0 m/s Take down as the positive direction ... so a = g = 9.8 m/s² Let the distance from the roof to the top of the window = y v(f)² = v(i)² + 2as v(f)² = 0 + 19.6y = 19.6y so the velocity of the stone when it reaches the top of the window = √(19.6y) Now consider the stones motion as it drops past the window: v(i) = √(19.6y) ... [the speed at the top of the window] v(f) = v(i) + at so v(f) = √(19.6y) + 9.8 * 0.1 v(f) = √(19.6y) + 0.98 ... [and that's the stone's velocity at the bottom of the window] also v(f)² = v(i)² + 2as so [√(19.6y) + 0.98]² = [√(19.6y)]² + 2 * 9.8 * 2 19.6y + 1.96√(19.6y) + 0.98² = 19.6y + 39.2 1.96√(19.6y) = 39.2 - 0.98² √(19.6y) = [39.2 - 0.98²] / 1.96 √(19.6y) = 19.51 19.6y = 19.51² y = 19.51² / 19.6 y = 19.42 so the roof is 19.42 m from the window
Q:Broken bridge aluminum performance Competition
Plastic doors and windows because of the material strength and low rigidity, and its resistance to wind pressure and watertight function than the bridge aluminum doors and windows are low, many steel doors and windows because the box, fan components are welded, so its air tightness should be broken than the screw Bridge aluminum doors and windows slightly better, but the aluminum alloy doors and windows profile height accuracy, box, fan with more closely. Plastic doors and windows of the lighting function than the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows difference, the frame fan shade area than aluminum alloy doors and windows about 10%, vision and decorative effect is poor, is not conducive to building energy saving. On the doors and windows of the fire function: steel doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows are relatively good, plastic doors and windows and wooden doors and windows are relatively poor. Moreover, because the steel-steel doors and windows of the lining steel is not in its profile cavity corner into a complete frame system, window frame, fan four corners and T-shaped plastic welding angle strength is relatively low. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and steel doors and windows of the gap sealing level is basically the same, the sound insulation is basically the same.

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