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Aluminum wood doors and windows production which equipment needs
Aluminum doors and windows equipment: double saws, angle saws, face milling, group angle machine, copy milling. There are presses that can be adjusted according to your own size.
To the villa area to find villa owners, sales company's high-grade aluminum doors and windows, sun room doors and windows. Could you please? This is the terminal sales, and the channel than that, which one
Villas generally can not find the owner, personally think that the villa did not finish before the eyes to the design institute, open up the channel than the single run terminal more effective, the general owners also believe that the authority of the Design Institute, whether it is a single customer communication or channel development, Very hard, only the constant accumulation, will have a increase in contacts. Work to find, just to see their own position
I want to change the color of the previous color.
Directly looking for professional cleaning company to clean up.
How to brush the old wooden window of the paint
It is best to wear sandpaper before covering the paint. More smooth, good after the paint is also good-looking. Color, because you are now the color of the door is white it! Whatever color is easy to color. Choose your own favorite or can match the color of the room can be.
My home is rural, home doors and windows are wooden, hot summer when the air conditioning, but between the doors and between windows and windows between the small cracks, the degree of sealing can not reach a turn off air conditioning for half an hour Hot, just want to use a transparent tape to stick the gap between the windows, want to play a long time and then take the tape will be very dark and very sticky glue, bad scrub, the windows can be closed, perennial not open, there is nothing practical Way to seal the doors and windows?
Do not need to open the gap can be sealed with silicone sealant. Need to open the place is difficult. Leave the gap in order to prevent the wood from damp. It is recommended to change steel windows Or broken bridge aluminum doors and windows
The windows are made of aluminum windows, iron windows, and wooden windows, and the window frames above are round
The wooden windows are round, metal window frames can also be made round, but the trouble than wood.
1. My family doors and windows are white, now white, and some places from the skin. I used the knife to remove the part, intended to use sandpaper polished, with make up make up a fill, and then brush primer, and then brush the white surface oil. Ask: wooden doors and windows to re-brush paint, is this order? 2. What are the doors and windows paint? 3. Brush into white, is to buy white paint directly, or to reconcile into white? 4. How to calculate the amount? General price I'm gonna buy it 5. intend to the rest of the paint, brush in the bathroom radiator, because some places on the radiator rusty. I want to hit the rusty place with sandpaper, but worried that will leak. Ask: iron should be how to brush paint? Do you paint with wood? How it is rusty to prevent it from increasing.
It is too simple, the wood worn with a corner grinder surface, after the scraping putty, polished and polished brush twice (it is best to buy canned paint spray look), iron rust or electric angle grinder on a wire bowl brush, Polished to the iron is now white, and then red Dan again, finish twice. Oh steel structure, electric angle grinder more than 100 points one. Paint brush a bucket is not enough to buy sprinkle
But the effect is not very good, and I seek sales predecessors pointing, how close to the high-end crowd, how and their intersection
Aluminum doors and windows market development in many ways, each industry has its own skills. For different situations, you need to do will not be the same. There is aluminum doors and windows is a special consumer goods, if the customer bought the hardcover house, it is impossible to change the window. So this customer you contact is useless. To effectively expand the customer, you'd better use the decoration company, dealers at all levels to expand, otherwise the personal power is difficult to find a customer, but also for the window of the customer. The upscale community is generally not allowed to change the facade windows casually.