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Product Description:

Thermal insulation, heat preservation and anti-permeability 

Opening mode: inside and outside

Maximum width: 650mm

Maximum height: 1,430mm

Double insulating glasses: customized, 5 + 9A + 5mm, 5 + 12A + 5mm, 6 + 9A + 6mm, 6 + 12A + 6mm

Optional structure: fixed window screen, hidden window screen and decorated strips inside the glass

Exterior fluorine carbon spraying

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Q:What are the wooden doors and windows?
China's traditional wooden structure of the frame structure design, the window to become the most important elements of traditional Chinese architecture, become the aesthetic center of architecture. There are plate lattice window, lattice fan, cut off, support the window, cover the window, etc. The traditional structure of the window is very elegant, window lattice carved with a groove and a variety of patterns, constitute a wide variety of beautiful patterns. Through the window, you can see the outside of the different landscape, like in the box hanging in the wall of a painting. In the traditional housing construction, there are often some different shapes of window lattice. Such as Xiantao gourd, longevity longevity, pomegranate bats, fan-shaped bottle-shaped, etc., very decorative taste, but more people in the window roaming view, as in the gallery painting. We will find the window is not only painting, but also poetry.
Q:How to paint a wooden door and window?
First with sandpaper polished, and then putty, and then polished, uneven place and then putty putty. Finally painted.
Q:2-layer bridge aluminum doors and windows and a layer of aluminum-clad doors and windows in the insulation how much difference?
Specific parameters to see the bridge specifications, 24mm is relatively large. The same aluminum package window also see the window section specifications. From the single fan window, the aluminum broken bridge double glass K value of 2.9 or so, if the use of three glasses about 2.6 or so, low-e double glass and ordinary three glass almost. Aluminum package wood insulation coefficient and plastic window almost, perhaps also a little better. Its double glass insulation coefficient of about 2.3, three glass or low-e can reach 2.0. But a layer of aluminum clad wood doors and windows certainly less than 2 layers of bridge aluminum window insulation effect, but the cost of two-tier windows may increase. To get the two-layer bridge aluminum wall insulation K value with their spacing and many other factors related to the state of building energy-saving 65% of the corresponding window insulation requirements no problem. The overall estimate of K should be less than 2.0. Thank you!
Q:Aluminum doors and windows have anything special?
Aluminum doors and windows of the special features: 1, insulation, sound insulation performance: most of the wood imported timber, glass with 5mm +9 A +5 mm hollow glass, wood after a special degreasing, drying treatment, while the wood moisture content strictly controlled within the required range, and the wood The first cut into short material through the tooth from the integrated, so the deformation is small, aluminum and wood through a special connection between the connection, leaving a certain distance between the hollow glass hollow gap of 9mm, the whole window after installation, indoor Air can not achieve communication, thus, so that insulation, sound insulation performance to achieve the desired effect. 2, anti-temperature and humidity changes: anti-temperature, humidity changes, will cause the rod and other contraction, aluminum composite doors and windows are between aluminum and wood, between the box and the fan has a certain gap, you can eliminate the deformation The resulting impact, so as to avoid resistance to temperature and humidity caused by changes in quality problems. 3, waterproof, moisture and other properties: between the insulating glass and the use of special glass mats for padding, play a certain role in shock absorption, fan and box lap outside the room with a special isolation strip to isolate, to prevent direct penetration of rain indoor. 4, materials: hardware imported brand hardware, paint without heavy metal, waterproof, breathable, have a good adsorption force, do not fall off, do not change color. Profiles using well-known brands of domestic production of products, sealing tape with deformation and aging are very small ternary ethylene-propylene tape and so on.
Q:How do wooden doors and windows on the screen window
Invisible Shoe Belt Track Shaping Shield
Q:Outdoor wooden doors and windows suitable for painting what paint?
Painted white paint it, light and beautiful, looks relatively clean. Also painted before the paint, buy a beautiful pattern of paper, the glass side of the paste, paint brush, and then exposed.
Q:Wooden window brushing paint sticks how can we open
The best way: to the window sewn at the "paint thinner", after a while the paint softened and then try to start, not in the dessert. Open the window after re-brushing the paint on it.
Q:Wooden frame glass window glass is not careful to get out of crack how to repair the cheapest
The landlord is good, take a closer look at the side of the wooden window, carefully watching the side of the room, the glass side, there should be a pressure on the pressure, to see if there is no small nails on the bar, there are small nails, Down, the same way to remove the nails on the bar, you can change the glass, and if you do not see the nail, pay attention to the edge of the box on the bump pits, the bumps inside the pit paint scraping a little look, maybe nails It If you can not see the nails, that is to do sticking to the stick, hard to bend it, slowly you can take it down, that is just this bar is better work, do not look carefully, it is difficult to see out, the general carpenter master to do Time will take into account the glass is broken, you can change. So you look carefully at the side of the box. If it can not find, to the market, selling decoration materials, find a master to deal with, or to do the glass processing can find the master. Like the landlord said that such a big glass, the price is about 30 yuan or so, almost to be cheaper. Look at your local master of the day's wages is how much to half a day of wages can be, but also have to see the master is willing to live. Change the glass is the best, the glass money and wages together to say the total price, that off the master for how much money. Do not buy their own glass, because the installation of glass, accidentally easy to break, said broken, bad is the master of the matter. Good luck!
Q:Aluminum package wooden doors and windows of the price and installation process?
At present, the more mature aluminum clad wooden doors and windows production manufacturers are generally in the door 2500 - 3800 (open and fixed) per square meter window 1500 - 3000 (open and fixed) per square meter, the specific price but also according to customer requirements And drawings to calculate the expected, and other quotations should be included in the transport installation hardware screens, if there are individual manufacturers or agents did not say it is possible to make an article in this regard, consumers should be careful slightly. Our factory has encountered some unscrupulous agents holding our window out when the product to sell, from which to earn the difference of up to 3,000 yuan, due to the design of the window and the actual size does not match the installation of leakage leakage caused by leakage and many other issues, but also Hope the vast number of consumers recognize the manufacturers, must be optimistic about the quality of documents, it is best to have time to plant site visits to avoid unnecessary expenses. If you are in Beijing I recommend you to Fu Site doors and windows, Fusite doors and windows do the terminal home improvement and zero product market, there are two kinds of factory direct sales and sales agents, the product to the north market-oriented promotion, affordable In the 1800 yuan to 2,800 yuan per square meter or so.
Q:Wooden doors and windows brush what paint good!
Wooden doors and windows recommended brush wood paint. Wooden paint is like a wooden furniture, not only cleverly cover up the wood surface of the insects, knots, color and other defects, but also to highlight the beautiful texture of wood, while playing the role of protection of wood.
Yijia Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of roller shutter doors & windows and garage doors for residential homes, condominiums, warehouses, commercial buildings, shopping malls and other commercial applications. Covering the area of about 2,000 square meters, Yijia has more than 200 employees. Our teams include HR, sale, purchase, engineering, production and QC departments. The advanced production equipment includes cutting machine, extrusion moulding machine, forming machine and foaming machine for roller shutter; automatic polyurethane foam machines, wood grain rolling machine, guide rails forming machine, hydromantic embossing machine and forming machine for garage door.

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Location Jiaxing, China
Year Established 2000
Annual Output Value Above US$ 50 Million
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Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008

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Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
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