PVC window European style for concrete house with national standard

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Product Description:

1. Descriptions  for PVC Window

1).size:Any kind of size are available.We can design Sciences design.


2)Materials:We are mainly using Korea LG and Chinese Conch pvc profiles to make this kind of pvc casement window.Anyway other brand of pvc profiles are available.like German Veka,dimex Commerling,Chinese brand Yongtai,Zhongying,Shide,etc.


 3)Glass:4mm-32mm available.You can choose you like.Frosted glass,tempered glass,laminated glass,tinted glass,coated glass,low-e glass,insulating glass,reflective glass,etc.


 4)Hardware:German made,Chinese top brand,Korea LG only,all available.


5)function:Heat-insulating effect,sound proofing,smoothing openging and closing,Anti-chemical property,Airtightness,Fire-resistance.


6)packing:wooden case+air bubble.


7)Galvanized reinforce steel.We have 1.0,1.2mm,1.5mm,2.0mm,2.5mm etc. 


8)Our products have 30 years warranty.Welcome contact us!Thank you!


 2.Material for PVC Casement window N74,120 series :


1),Noble, artistic like solid wood, applying to both western and Korean style buildings;

2),Outstanding effect on heat insulation, sound insulation and dust poof, according to its adoption of high level sealing material and skill;

3),Excellent function of sealing, damp proof and wind proof no matter in cold weather or hot weather, by using the insulated glass made with our unique technique;

4), High quality sound insulation function, the average sound insulation value could be 25 db. For instance, a 80 db sound could be reduced into a 55 db by the window;

5), Strong anti-burglary function. Directly double glazing to frame makes it hard to remove the glass fragment even after being broken.


3. Photos for PVC Window  

PVC window European style for concrete house with national standard

PVC window European style for concrete house with national standard


PVC window European style for concrete house with national standard

PVC window European style for concrete house with national standard

4.Customer Visiting

Our products have been exported to many counties, such as Saudi Arab, Turkey, Mongolia, Iraq, South Korea etc. Besides, every year, many clients from all over the world come to our company to visit and build long business relationship with us.


Welcome to visit our factory!


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Q:Where can I buy those plastic window regulator clips for my Audi or VW?
Window Regulator Clips
Q:Does anyone know where can I purchase plastic back window for my audi cabriolet 1998 and how can I install it?
Any shop that specializes in convertible tops should carry plastic window material.
Q:What type of plastic are Windowed envelope made from?
Hi, . . . The brittle plastic Windows are cellulose . . . . . . The others are in PVC . . .
Q:What do you call the plastic windows in a screenroom on a deck?
Hubby is a carpenter. He says they are still called storm windows even tho they're made of plastic.
Q:How do you get mold off of white plastic trimming in the windows of an RV.?
You could try oxyclean, I also love Mr. Clean erasers. If the bleach turned the vinal pink I would not use any other bleach product. Oxyclean or Mr. Clean erasers should not have that effect. I have also used a product called awesome that I got at the dollar store that worked on some tough stuff without discoloring. Good luck and enjoy your RV.
Q:Does heat shrink window plastic work to conserve energy?
Yes it can make a HUGE difference. In college, I lived in an old drafty house with 6 other friends. Our heating bills were astronomical and you could literally feel the wind blowing through the windows! We shrink-wrapped the windows and immediately noticed a change in the temperature in the rooms. Our heating bills dropped by 30% over one month. Windows typically account for 10-20% of the heat loss in a house. Even if you have double-pane windows, they still get cold, leeching heat out of your room. The plastic sheeting will help by creating a partial vacuum between the window and the plastic which acts as an insulator (this is the same principle those old metal glass thermos bottles use.) This helps keep the heat in, and the cold out. Sunlight still passes through, but not the heat from the sun. That's mostly blocked by the vacuum between the plastic and the window. Double pane windows do most the same thing - only the space between the panes is filled with Argon gas, which is a poor conductor of heat and cold. The only downside is that the sticky tape these kits use may damage paint when removed - assuming you can remove the tape at all. You'll also need to purchase a new sheets for each window each year. Other alternatives include making sure there are no holes or cracks around your window frames. Use a caulk gun to fix these problems, just don't caulk the windows shut! :-) Caulk guns are cheap, and you don't need an expensive tube of caulk - even the $0.99 tubes of painter's caulk will do the job. (it also work wonders against keeping bugs out of your house, but that's for another time.) Covering the windows with heavy drapes will also help, but isn't as effective as the plastic sheeting. However, every little bit can help. Drapes also help in the summer by helping keep heat out of your house.
Q:My mom has plastic windows on the inside of the house. How do i take them off for the summer?
im not sure i know what you mean...explain and i'll try answer afterwards? sorry
Q:plastic window covering kits, how much do they really add to energy efficiency?
If you have the double pane windows, don't use the film. It creates too much heat between the double pane windows and causes their seals to pop. The film also cuts sun so if you have plants, they will be negatively affected. Heavy drapes will do the same thing as the film and in the winter, when you want the additional heat, you can just open the drapes during the day and get sun, but you can't remove the film.
Q:Recyclers,,,,,,,do you bust the plastic window ..........?
It IS possible to remove those windows during the recycling process but the process is not foolproof. Staples and other metal are easier to remove from the recycling stream. Remove the windows, if you can, but don't worry about it. Most of the paper will become newsprint, cardboard, or insulation and a bit of contamination is unimportant.
Q:does putting plastic over tye windows of a mobile home help your power bill ALOT!?
Whatever plastic you put over windows will do no good at all unless it's completely sealed along all the edges and creates an air space between the window and the plastic. You didn't say if you did that or not. It will, in any case, not make a huge difference in your bill to put plastic on the windows even if it is totally sealed and done properly. Some difference, sure, but not a lot. Yes, it's the heat that is making those huge power bills. Lights and TV don't use that much. Heating and cooling are what really cost you. I don't know how cold it is where you are, but it's not all that cold where I am, a few degrees below zero at night is the coldest we get around here. I have electric heat and electric everything else. My normal summer electric bill is about $30 a month. The bill I am about to pay is going to be $150 a month. That's for just me living here, I don't usually keep the place more than about 63F, I'm very conservative with power use, and we pay relatively low power rates here. Your large bill doesn't look too bad from my point of view. You're paying a lot less per person for December/January than I am. I don't know what temp you heat your house to. If it's more than 65f, turn it down and wear some extra clothes.

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