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Sleep at night to drink charcoal heating safety? Charcoal from the bed side of the distance of 1.5 meters, 40 square meters of the roof of the house, windows open 30cm hole
To see people's luck, good luck, luck back, such as the hole that "good people" to help you paste. The The The The Anyway, I would rather freeze, do not take this risk.
whats the song called when she falls of the roof/window, Please help!!!?
i forget the name of the song but i know its by like evenesence or something like that. hope i helped.
I bought the house on the top floor, indoor roof are slope, height from 2.3 to 4.2 meters. Can only be a ceiling, please give some advice to the elite. More
With the slope of the house, according to the actual situation of the scene to decorate, the top height allows you to do part of the flat top, both sides can follow the slope to do the ceiling. In the design concept can be appropriate to add segmentation (or modeling), to resolve the flat roof is too monotonous feeling. The top of the split, you can use the decorative panel made of solid wood feel, can also be made false beam brush latex paint.
My house is a three-storey building, the roof design of a 1.7 meters by 2.5 meters skylight. Is currently covered with two layers of tempered glass, lighting effect is very good! However, the current problem is: direct sunlight, the summer when the home temperature is very high, so that will cause the sofa coffee table and other furniture damage. Now please sisters and brothers, with a little scientific way to solve this problem, to avoid direct sunlight without affecting the lighting effect! Thanks for thanks. The The More
You can see from the glass point of view, some glass can be refraction light. Or add a block to the sun's gauze, through a certain light, not dark.
Is the government tax rebate for energy efficient replacement of roofs and windows a one time slush pile, or can you qualify for $1500 for roofing and $1500 for windows?
You can get a $1500 credit. It doesn't matter so much how much you've paid already, but more so what your total tax liabilty is...if it's greater than $1500. You should look at an old tax return to understand it...Depending on what form you use, it there will be a line than says tax obligation or something like that. Then there is a line that says taxes paid. If the tax obligation is $1500 more than taxes paid, you'll qualify for a refund.
I was trying to fix my A/C and started by checking fuses under the hood and I all of a sudden my windows wont roll down or the sun roof close. I checked the fuse inside the car and its good. Can someone please help? the door locks do work
Have you swapped any relays to test the A/C? This might be your problem. Check all relays from under the hood fuse box. It sounds weird that all of a sudden the windows and sunroof wouldn't work right after a routine check-up of the A/C. Something must have been disturbed from its place.
The average thermal conductivity of the walls (including windows) and roof of a house is 4.8E-4 kW/m·°C, and their average thickness is 20.5 cm. The house is heated with natural gas, with a heat of combustion (energy given off per cubic meter of gas burned) of 9300 kcal/m3. How many cubic meters of gas must be burned each day to maintain an inside temperature of 27.0°C if the outside temperature is 0.0°C? Disregard radiation and energy loss by heat through the ground.I have no idea how to even go about solving this, so please show me work. THANKS!
Average Thermal Conductivity
Okay so in my bathroom I have a window that's up above the toilet. Outside of it there's a drop down onto the roof where it slightly slanted. I've begun to climb out the window and just sit on the roof and look out. Helps so much with my depression. Problem is, my parents don't know about it and they would kill me if I did. I always leave the window open and the bathroom door locked so I can just yell inside something like I'm going to the bathroom and they would leave it be. It's a very safe roof, I've climbed onto it in the rain at midnight and was out there for hours and I'm fine. What do y'all think of the situation?
If anything helps with your depression, just go for it - as long as it is not harming you.