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What is the difference between lithium batteries and polymer batteries, which is better?
In fact, polymer batteries are also lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are divided into: liquid lithium-ion batteries and polymer batteries, both positive and negative materials are the same, but the electrolyte material is different from the liquid lithium-ion batteries for the liquid electrolyte, polymer batteries for the electrolyte Colloidal.
Anti-UV dye ink and pigment ink Which weather resistance is better?
Most of the pigment ink is used outdoors.
Own housing decoration. I personally feel that the wallpaper is more beautiful, the paint color is somewhat monotonous. But do not know how the durability of both sides? If convenient, durable are the same, I would rather spend more money, with wallpaper. Trouble you tell me the next two ways the pros and cons!
Wallpaper is a kind of widely used interior decoration material. Because the wallpaper with colorful, rich patterns, luxurious style, safety and environmental protection, construction convenience, affordable and other kinds of other interior materials can not match the characteristics of the development of wallpaper with the development of the world economy and culture continue to develop, wallpaper with other Decorative materials, with the development of the world economy and culture continue to evolve. The use of different periods of wallpaper is the local economic development level, new materials science, popular consumer psychology comprehensive factors. The original wallpaper is drawn on paper, printed from a variety of patterns made. There is a certain decorative effect, but also limited to royal court and other senior places to do the use of local decoration.
Buy paint how to buy
look at the weight, do not sloppy, the market's packaging specifications are varied, in our, the lightest is 3 kg, the most important is 9.5 kg. You have to pay attention to the time of purchase, marked 5 kg there are two, gross weight 5 kg and net weight of 5 kg, I think the choice of which you should be very clear! 5, understand
How to paint with jade
Transparent bad slices, the need for chemical acid cycle treatment, to improve its transparency, but also can be artificial color. No chemical acid-base cycle of the treatment of slices, it is difficult to artificial color.
What is the fluorescent dye in the luminous stick?
In the past people feel very magical, to see some glowing stones, but also as a gem, made into a night pearl. In fact, fluorite is a very common ore, in China's reserves of the world's first.
Is the first silk screen printing ink to the phone shell door, after the flat-panel printer with dye or pigment ink to print. Is there such a silk screen ink?
Water-based inks can replace the original inkjet printer cartridges for a variety of POS printer cartridges used in a variety of applications.
What are the benefits and usefulness of the paint?
The benefits of a variety of paints, decorative objects play a beautiful, practical, extended life, improve performance and so on. Its wide range of use, living in the doors and windows furniture, interior and exterior walls, floors, electrical appliances, handicrafts and other daily necessities , As well as the packaging industry, industry, aviation, national defense, scientific research and other aspects of all aspects are inseparable from the paint.