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Is there an industry standard for domestic wood flooring environmental protection? Does anyone know?
Please refer to GB-2001 "interior decoration materials, wood-based panels and their products in the formaldehyde emission limit." See attachments. Interior decoration materials wood-based panels and their products in the formaldehyde release limit.pdf "wealth =" 1 "& gt;
Nature flooring plate beans plus keel sticks foot line how many squares
About fifteen or so
Heroes Union, how to do the mouse has been a little soldier near the floor, the hero has been a soldier
Press the altA to automatically attack the nearest thing
RT, home Dan II test line Yao Gui Tai Tai Chun shop in the solid wood flooring, I would like to ask the next with the accessories are to pay another money, to the store when talking about the wood floor is about how much money, Did not mention there are accessories also charges, understand people come in and say, anxious, thank you more
need. My family of nature, inside the screws what money.
Such as the title! S file + floor oil is the fastest way to start acceleration? Is the floor oil trampled down? Or is it better to have different methods? More
S block, hit the brakes at the same time refueling, added to 4000 rpm near, put the brakes, flooring oil -> bacon start, this method is the fastest.
Floor mats, baseboard accessories on the wood floor with what is the impact?
Floor mats can be separated from the floor and the floor of the water, to maintain the floor with the ground down the trampling noise, but also to protect the floor, etc .; baseboard edge of the floor seams, play a beautiful role, better protect you when you drag Causing the corners to clean up.
World Friends of the floor 5A service specifically refers to what?
5A grade accessories solid wood, solid wood composite category - genuine floor accessories, to create the ideal space 1A: the use of World Friends genuine wood keel 2A: the use of World Friends of genuine rust-proof floor nail 3A: the use of World Health genuine special anti-pest anti-corrosion 4A: Genuine aluminum platinum moisture pad (double moisture proof). 5A: the use of World Friends of genuine natural wood linen 5A grade accessories to strengthen the class - genuine floor accessories, to build comfortable home 1A: dedicated baseboard 2A: safe, environmentally friendly floor glue: 3A: special floor mat 4A: comfortable bedding 5A: genuine ground protection 5A level installation - standardized installation services, built on the quality of life 1A: professional ground measurement 2A: professional ground leveling treatment (optional) 3A: professional ground moisture treatment 4A: skilled and comprehensive installation Skills 5A: Professional installation of the process of 5A maintenance of the first half of the maintenance of the first step in the rescue of the power to find the helmet - 1 A: long warranty period 2A: professional maintenance 3A: professional maintenance 4A: Extreme file management 5A: regular return visit system
I was doing curtain accessories business how to open the market
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