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My female gecko laid 2 eggs today and I have put vermiculite in a small plastic container, squirted it with water, made 2 dimples in the vermiculite and placed both eggs inside. (1 egg in each hole)I have put the tub inside my vivarium on top of the heat mat and i really need some help because this is my first time i have started to breed geckos. Please could you help me by answering these questions:I have put the temperature to 86 c , so do i keep that temperature all night, all day, everyday until they have hatched? When they hatch, where do i keep them?Do i need to buy a heat mat or a heat bulb for them?What and how much do i feed them?Also, how often do i moisten the vermiculite which the eggs are in?Please help me!! I would really appreciate it. I dont want to kill the eggs!
I do not recommend using aspen. In the wild, snakes look for moist places to lay their eggs, such as an underground burrow or inside of a rotting log. Unless the aspen is moist, they may not lay their eggs there. Be sure to remove the water bowl so it doesn't lay in there. I use moist coconut fiber and/or moss in the nest box. I later transfer the eggs to vermiculite before placing them in the incubator. Corn snakes lay 7 to 14 days after shedding. They do not protect their eggs and won't care if you take them like the last answer thinks.
If I want to repot a houseplant to a bigger container, what kind of soil do I use?
I'd repot in multi purpose compost! Quick, easy and relativey cheap.
Is it like mulch and soil?
These okorder
Can anyone name some materials used for thermal insulation?
Glass as partitions, like the Apple shop in NYC and the Glass Pavilion in Toledo OH, provides a remarkable view of outdoors, properly-knownshows the pastime interior, and makes the development extra or much less invisible to the attention. New extra acceptable glass panels, including laminated for steps and flooring, and the provision of water sparkling glass without the eco-friendly tint of glass containing iron an infection have opened opportunities for architects.
Vermiculite, soilless cultivation, horticulture, vermiculite, the use of coarse?
There are two conventional specifications for raising vermiculite: 1-3mm (seedling raising, horticulture, vermiculite), 2-4mm (seedling raising, vermiculite), and various types of seedling vermiculite according to customer requirements. Seedling vermiculite is made of expanded vermiculite specially made.
I need to know where to buy vermiculite and perlite for horticultural use in New Delhi?
definitely brown rice flour and vermiculite for making the cakes. If you see mold at any time, the batch has been contaminated. It is very important to throw them away immediately. If for any reason you decide to blend them for making tea, be extra careful, the shroom powder is extremely deadly if inhaled. If you don't feel 100% about growing shrooms do not. It is a very complicated yet rewarding process.
What do i do if my beaded dragon has babies and plz tell me the thing i need if she dose have them HELP!!!!!!!
Prepare a a laying box soft soil and once they hatch keep them in a tank and the temp must be high very high
I can only think of salt! Is yeast a nutrient? Would it work? Thank-you!
Nitrates Phosphates Potassium (so there is your famous NPK trio) magnesium (to prevent leaf yellowing) You would need (for example) an inert culture medium like vermiculite and a series of identical plants (eg cuttings, offsets etc) some you would water with all of the nutrients (in suitably dilute form) but miss out the nutrient you are investigating (e.g. nitrate) and some you would water with all the nutrients including the one you are investigating. By comparing the two groups you could get some idea of what the nutrient was used for. (If you deprive a plant of nitrates it generally remains stunted because the nitrate is needed for protein production which is in turn needed for growth). John