Metal Shingle Stone Coated Steel Roof Machine

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Packaging Detail:2* 40 Feet container
Delivery Detail:2-3 month after down payment


1 bottom gule spraying section 
2 stone coated section 
3 first time drying 
4 Auto face gule spraying 
5.second time drying

Stone Coated Production Line


Stone coated sheet is formed by 0.4mm Al-Zn plating panel and color stones. It is modern,environmental and nice appearance.


We developed this stone coated production line based on long time running and improvement. It is high-performance,stable, energy-efficient and easy operation.


It is including five main parts:

1 Auto bottom gule spraying section

2Auto stone coated section

3 The first time drying section

4 Auto face gule spraying section

5 The second time drying section



1. Auto bottom gule spraying section 

Appearance size:4000*1000*2000          Unit:mm


Driving section:3KW Excitation motor or frequency speed regulation (AS per customers’requirements )


Automatic pressure spray tank:1set  capability:200kg   Range:0.6~1Mpa 

Automatic glue machine motor: Servo motor, Power:750w, plc  

Automatic spray gun:4 set(spare parts) 

Dust collecting fan: 1set    power:200w


Damp proof lamp:1pc      power:100w


Conveying device:Chain reciprocating


Air compressor:1set   power:7.5kw


Dust control of axial flow fan:1set  power: 200w


Agitator: 1set   power:1.5kw   

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