horticultural and agriculture vermiculite

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Packaging Detail:50L or 100L per bag
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1.Color:golden,silver vermiculite 
2.Size:2-4mm 3-6mm6-12mm 
4.We have manufacture experience over 10 ye



1.In color,vermiculite can be indevided into silver vermicultie and golden vermiculite 

2.Type:raw vermiculite ,partially expanded vermiculite ,expanded vermiculite ,

3.Size:20-40mesh 40-60mesh 150mesh 200mesh 325mesh 400mesh 0-30um 0.3-0.65mm0.65-1mm0.3-1mm1-2mm, 2- 4mm3-6mm4-8mm

4.Expansion ratios:5.5-10times 

5.Bulk density after expansion :90-270kgs/m3 

6.Sample is free within 1kgs 

7.Vermiculite quality certificate:MSDS ,SGS ,non-asbestos testing report ,chemicals testing report 


product information :


Vermiculite, chemical formula M g × (H2O) [Mg3 × (AlSiO3O10) (H2O)], is a magnesium water inclouded aluminum silicate 

secondary metamorphic minerals of layered structure. It likes mica in form, and usually come from weathered or hydrothermal 

alterated black (gold ) Mica. It will present a deflection shape after heat expansion and water loss, liking a leech pattern in form ,

 so it gets the name vermiculite .


Vermiculite features 


Raw vermiculite will be expanded to many times when heated at 850-1100 °C, 


poisonless, odorless , corrosion-resistant, Non-combustible , natural refractory properties , Good thermal insulation , low density , Heat-resistant ,sound-proofing .fire-proofing etc .



Vermiculite chemical :











Content %











Main Property of Expanded Vermiculite


Bulk Density


Thermal Conductivity




Temperature in Use


Water Absorption




Sound Absorption


Corrosion Resisting







The parcicle size has no change,when it is freezed 15 times under -20°C.





Raw vermiculite is widely used for Foundary Insulation and Steel Industry

Expanded vermiculite is used in various industries as a packing material due to its highly absorbent nature. It is also a lightweight 

aggregator for plaster, proprietary concrete, compounds, fire stop mortar and cementious spray fireproofing. It can also be used as

 loose fill insulation and can be molded into shapes, bonded with cement and other bonding materials for insulation, refractory 

insulation, fireproofing of structural steel and pipes industries. Exfoliated vermiculite is also widely used as a component of the

 interior fill for fire stop pillows, and is also used in commercial hand warmers. 


Vermiculite is used for Horticulture :lawn of golf,seed preservation agent,soil conditioner ,wetting agent,plant growth 

substance,feed additive ,any other applications 


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Q:What should I give my female leopard gecko to ensure she lays her eggs as safely as possible?
Yes a true garden center would have it but depending on their location the garden centers may be closed because its winter. I would assume they would also have it where you purchased the tarantula or another exotic pet store. I just did a Google search and there are many places selling this online in various size bags. If you have problems finding it locally Google it and order online.
Q:Fundmental percentage problem?
You left out some steps. You should mix the water, vermiculite and brown rice flour(ground brown rice) and place it in a jar and place the jar in boiling water or pressure cooker. Generally they are mixed together in the right ratio. One part brown rice flower, one part water and two parts vermiculite is the recommended ratio. Mix the water and vermiculite first. Then add brown rice flour. Place it half way full in a jar and cover it tightly with aluminum foil. Boil it for 20 minutes being careful that the water level is low enough that it doesn't get into the jars. Pressure cooking is better but not necessary. Let it cool down. Inject the spores. After a week or so it should start turning white. At some point you need to put it in a fruiting chamber. I would probably do that at about 2 weeks or when the mycelium had established itself. It needs to be exposed to light or mushrooms won't form. Mushrooms also generally need more ventilation at that point.
Q:Why are my bearded dragon eggs really dented?
Vermiculture is growing raising and using worms for fertilizer and compost. I have a bin going right now. The castings and worm poopoo is one of the best composts you can use. In Spring, I will remove the worms and use all the leftovers in my garden....about one teaspoon per plant. Vermi compost is made up of worm castings, worm poop, and any other debris that the worms left behind. My worms eat all my shredded paper and leftover kitchen vegetable scraps. I keep the worms in an 18 gallon storage bin and nobody even knows it is a worm bin.
Q:i mixed some vermiculite in a plastic bowl that i also use to eat with should i throw the bowl out?
Just okorder.com
Q:is vermiculite and perlite the same thing?
this is a sight for seriouse answers not dumb jokes...grow up...there is no such thing as a south american vermiculite snail and snails dont cough let alone do their mothers abandon them because they neve get raised by there mother .... ***
Q:Leopard gecko breeding?
I can't help with the problems with incubation, however one thing I would say is that when they are born keep them under a UV lamp. The vet I go to says despite the fact they are nocturnal, in the wild they still get loads of light, just like we are exposed to the dark, therefore they need UV light. There are countless cases of geckos with metabolic bone disease simply because they haven't had the UV they need. The food needs to be sprinkled with calcium dust which can only be metabolised if UV is present. Use a small amount of this on the food, just rub them in it and it'll stick! For food, try very small crickets bought from a pet shop. Rule of the thumb is no bigger than the space between their eyes, but dont worry if they dont eat as soon as they are born. Personally, I would use a heat mat to keep them warm when born, just under the substrate. Keep them on kitchen roll.
Q:leopard gecko substrate?
Most of my gardening was hydroponics and the cotton basically was useless because it didn't hold its shape at all. It also could foul pumps. Vermiculite didn't breath well enough unless mixed with Perlite and the verm could also foul the water pump. You still might be able to mix cotton with one of the others. It could be that I didn't squish the cotton balls or something like that but I do remember it didn't work well at all. It just flattened out and almost all the water drained out. The small ball of cotton that was left would be saturated. It wouldn't support a plant or keep its shape and was too easily saturated. Moss containers worked very well but I preferred the rockwool. You could plant the seed or cutting right into it. It does holds its water too well though. You have to be careful not to add too much water or there is no aeration. With moss it didn't have that problem and it was easy to see by looking at it if it were moist. It was just kind of unsightly and not quite as suitable in hydroponics. Cotton never worked for me because it wouldn't hold its shape. It wouldn't hold water as well as any of them though I am making an assumption about the coco fiber. The planting plugs I have seen looked pretty much ideal. I was just happy with the rockwool. I think I might prefer the coco fiber if I was planing on putting it in soil. I definately prefer moss containers when using soil. Cotton is a pure cellulose fiber so it isn't going to hold the water as well as the more complicated fibers or it will contract to the point where there is no aeration. That was my limited experience at least.
Q:where in AUSTIN TX can i buy Vermiculite and Perlite and Brown Rice Flour?
Add three things Vermiculite ,top soil and fertilizer. Fertilizer can be commercial or dried manure. Add little play sand mixed in with the top soil and manure makes for easier spreading. Invest in a good spreader that broadcasts as apposed to a gravity flow one. Till it a couple of times,hard rake it or use a drag to smooth it out. then your ready to plant seed or sod.
Q:how to measure out a 2:1:1 ratio of ingredients?
Vermiculite holds moisture and helps hold nutrients and perlite helps with drainage.
Q:how do hot hands work?
I planted a date seed in regular ol' potting soil once upon a time it grew just fine. I don't think you need vermiculite -- just a good house-plant potting mix.

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