Water Proofing Perlite Vermiculite Boards

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Packaging Detail:Export Standard Wooden Pallet for Mgo board with CE certificate
Delivery Detail:15 to 20 days after receipt of deposit or L/C


magnesium oxide wall board 
Composition: MgO panel + EPS or XPS foam 
Size: 1220mm*2440mm, 1220*3050mm 
Thickness: 3-20mm

Water proof
Through experiment and test, after this material has been immersed in the water for one month, it keeps its original shape, without deformation or expansion, its dry-wet deforming ratio is 0.26%, its water absorbing capacity is 15%, especially the creasing resistance is 15Mpa under the dry condition and 22 Mpa under the moisture absorbing condition, i.e. the strength under the moisture absorbing condition is highter.

Fire proof
The karaoke room, schools, public area, the movie theater, the train, the bus, the boat and the subway, the shopping center, it is suitable in the place where the kitchen fireproof function is necessary. The material is A class frameless one tested by state authority insittute. The water absorb and max fire durability meet the demand for light inner partition completely.

Heat preservation and protection
The thermal resistance is 1.14m2K/W,mateched with the exterior heat insulating material, it can be used as the external walls in general.

Sound sbsorb and insulation 
9mm soundproof wall can have a soundproof atandard which a 123mm wall made of four layers of 12mm gypsum plank, which is equal to the soundproof of effect of a 150mm common solid brick wall.

Light quality and high intensity
10 thick board weights 10.7kg/m2. use the wall made of light steel keel is 31.5kg/m2 at about 1/10 of common wall made of sokid clay brick while the antimpact intensity is 2-3 times of normal plaster wall. It can be easily installed and the constructing time is shortened.

Electromagnetic Waves prevention & Antistatic
The operation room and the anesthesia thread and X ray of the hospital will grow the prosecuting attorney thread and the laboratory, and clean room, electronic component assembly plant, the computer thread, the film factory, it is suitable in the place where the paper factory, electromagnetic waves interception and static electricity prevention function are necessary.

MDF Substitution
The magnesium board surface condition is clean, it is a subject matter which is suitable in the interior film or HPM adhesion, painting and interior seat adhesion etc.2nd processing.

Plywood Substitution
Is not done a prevention of fire control with work after the case, which it will use with plywood substitution it, is a non-flammability 1-class material PC room, karaoke room and movie theater, subway etc.

OSB Substitution
The Magnesium board which is substitute OSB ply woods as the burglar and to be strong The wooden residential industry or the steel house, the villa if about under resin coating controlling facing suppository and as adhesion power or the drainage characteristic is excellent.

Flooring materials Substitution
The Magnesium board the burglar is the rainwater, as non-flammability 1 class materials with the access floor or bottom there is not inferiority entirely, it is suitable in the factory machinery spaces or OA etc.

Office Partitioning & Partition Substitution
The Magnesium board with Asbestos- cement board substitution the specified aircraft decline of fire prevention, drainage and the electromagnetic waves interception etc. about under using possible is suitable in the place which is necessary, about under 2nd processing the partition with application it is.

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Q:What should I give my female leopard gecko to ensure she lays her eggs as safely as possible?
Yes a true garden center would have it but depending on their location the garden centers may be closed because its winter. I would assume they would also have it where you purchased the tarantula or another exotic pet store. I just did a Google search and there are many places selling this online in various size bags. If you have problems finding it locally Google it and order online.
Q:Will my leo's eggs still hatch?
Earthworm castings but they are also a bit expensive because you need a very large amount. The cheaper way is to put a 6-12 deep pile of organic material like yard clippings onto the planting area, then cover with black plastic such as trash bags or better yet a tarp. Keep the material moist but not soaking wet. Leave it like this during the winter. Then earthworms will eat the plant material and give you lots of castings for free. You still need a fertilizer for major nutrients on top of this; any generic brand balanced organic fertilizer will do. Or you can use sterilized chicken manure, bone meal and a little kelp. Vermiculite is basically rock foam to help get air to the roots. Loosening the soil with tilling and materials like earthworm castings provides air too. Lighting will be extremely expensive no matter what you do. The power consumption will be much more than the fixture cost. Instead you might try a greenhouse. Or for herbs since they take up only a small space you can light them artificially so they are convenient and in reach. That's more reasonable but it still isn't cheap. If you have a sunny window that would be better. Most easy to grow summer vegetables are vines so they will do well on a trellis. Pick up however many you need.
Q:can i use vermiculite as a hermit crab substrate?
Cocoa fiber, perlite, vermiculite and organic potting soil all make good laybox substrates. Check them at least once daily when you notice the females digging around in there.
Q:how do i incubate my water dragon eggs?
So let's assume that 100%=20 and 50%=10 and 40%=8 and 60%=12 If he has 5 bushels of 50% peat moss, he has 50 peat moss. If he has 5 bushels of 50% vermiculite mix, he has 50 vermiculite mix. If he adds 100% (20) to his 5 bushels of vermiculite mix, he will get 70 (50+20) vermiculite mix. So now he has 70 vermiculite mix and 50 peat moss. He needs 48 (8 (which is 40%) times 6 (# of bushels needed) ) peat moss and 72 (12x6) vermiculite mix. Therefore, he does not have enough. I'm pretty sure this is a weird method of doing it, but it still works
Q:Why would there be shiny metallic stuff in the pot of my avocado tree?
check with home depot.. they usually carry it in small bags..
Q:what do you grow microgreens in?
Vermiculite comes from a naturally occurring mineral which expands when heated to 2500 degrees F. The mineral resembles mica. If you have seen mica, it has a shiny goldish color, and has many thin layers. If you look at vermiculite in a bag or mixed in potting soil, you will see flecks of shiny goldish particles, though most of the vermiculite is brownish in color. Chunks of vermiculite look like little accordions, which can be mashed flat between your fingers. Until 1990 vermiculite was mined from areas which were naturally contaminated with asbestos and used for building insulation and mixed in potting soils. Vermiculite is generally a filler in potting soil, which is sterile and hold some moisture. A potting soil containing a lot of vermiculite can develop a slime layer on the soil surface over time, which blocks air movement into the soil, and usually exacerbates algae growth on the soil surface. Perlite is a completely different mineral. It is a volcanic rock, which is grey naturally, but is washed to become white. Perlite holds very little water and is often used in potting soil to increase aeration. Historically it contained flourine which was slightly toxic to some plants. Modern supplies do not contain the flourine, but because flourine is easily removed by flushing the perlite with water, it is still a good idea to do so if you are using perilite by itself for some purpose, for example using moist perlite to vernalize seeds which require a cold treatment prior to germination.
Q:Can Bearded Dragon eggs last a few days without an incubator?
vermiculite. okorder.com
Q:should I use garden soil in Square foot garden?
Here in So cal all our Lowes and local plant nurseries sell it. Try calling them ahead before making a trip all the way out to you local nursery. That way you wont waste a trip driving out there only to be disappointed.
Q:Why vermiculite is always mixed with peat moss for a substrate for a tarantula?
Go for Peat, or Vermiculite instead. Many of the professional keepers swear by Peat as a substrate, however although peat hold moisture quite well, the following are common problems: Mould, mites, fungus and other unwanted growths. To counter this the substrate should be microwaved (only when it's dry, otherwise their is a possible fire risk!) This will kill any mould or fungus spores, and anything else, such as mites. Vermiculite doesn't tend to encourage mould, fungus or mites. Though some tarantulas, especially arboreal species don't like it as it tends to stick to their feet. You can wet the coconut fibre a little more to encourage burrowing. I use a product called Bed-A-Beast. This product comes in a 4 X 8 X 2 block and when placed in water it yields about 8 litres of bedding. One block fills my five - 10x24 tanks and a dozen small containers for spiderlings.
Q:Coconut brick soil permeability is good, that also need to add vermiculite, perlite?
Are expanded perlite and expanded vermiculite the same substance?What's the difference between them? What's the matter?

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