Heat Retention Material Vermiculite Fireproof Board

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Product Description:

1.Description of Heat Retention Material Vermiculite Fireproof Board:

Calcium Silicate Board is a new  environmental protection building material. With silicate and calcium materials as base and wood fiber as strengthen, which has the advantage of high strength, anti freeze, water-resist, fire-proof, damp-proof, sound-absorption, no distortion and no radiation,etc.

The boards feature good sound-absorbing and thermal insulating properties. Another advantage of the vermiculite boards is that they are easy to work using the normal wood-working tools. Various surface finishes can also be applied to the surface easily.

2.Specification of Heat Retention Material Vermiculite Fireproof Board:

1).Long service life. 
2).Light weight 
3).High specific strength 
4).Dimension stability

Heat Retention Material Vermiculite Fireproof Board

3.Application of Heat Retention Material Vermiculite Fireproof Board:

1).Petrochemical industry

2).Iron & steel industry

3).Cement industry

4).Glass industry

5).Shipping industry

4.Technical Data of Heat Retention Material Vermiculite Fireproof Board:

 Heat Retention Material Vermiculite Fireproof Board


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Q:can i use sphagnum moss as a medium for incubating leopard gecko eggs?
okorder has different kinds of vermiculite. Check their descriptions. I had only heard about horticultural vermiculite before I read your question, but try a big pet shop if the kind sold at garden centers isn't appropriate.
Q:what substrate do you place ball python eggs on while in incubation?
Allie is right. Freeze the eggs and then toss them. The mommy and daddy need to live in separate enclosures. Since she is getting rid of them, hopefully the new owners will know better.
Q:How do you grow your vermiculite? Do you place it at the top or bottom of the soil, or mixing?
In general, the flowers are more suitable for the near neutral acidic soil, so we choose when soil? Choose high organic content, loose, well drained acid soil, and then depending on the specific circumstances in which you can add sand, ash, perlite, vermiculite, sawdust and soil to become composite soil the original ecological environment, simulate plants. This kind of plant will be healthy.
Q:what is chemicals are in the soil around volcanoes that makes it so fertile. website link acceptable (:?
It really depends on what species your are growing. Some mushrooms grow well on wood (woodchips, sawdust, etc.). Some need soil with high organic matter, while others need high organic matter or fecal matter. Google the mushroom name with substrate or growing medium.
Q:What soil works best in planter boxes?
The vermiculite is sold at gardening stores, the flour at health food stores (you really don't need the organic), but the organic is available at whole foods and like stores.
Q:what is the stuff that look like pellets to substitute soil when your growing hydroponics?
I keep my spiders on half compost and half vermiculite. I sterilise the compost by putting it in the freezer for 48 hours. I have a terracotta flower pot on its side for the spider to hide in and I have a little bit of cork bark in a small arch shape which I sink slightly into the compost and I dig a little bit under it and the spiders carry on digging and build a burrow. I feed them one cricket once a week. They make a mat like web and flip onto their back to moult their old skin. Stop feeding when they are building this web and don't feed for about 4 or 5 days after the moult. Don't disturb them when they are moulting and leave them a few days after a moult before you handle them. Spray every few days. Spray the compost and not the spider. They hate being sprayed. They don't like bright light. If you have a light as a heat source use a red light. You can heat the tank with a heat mat. I have my spiders on top of my hot dessert lizard tank so they get heat from there.
Q:What is the best way to keep container plants from drying out?
They might be seeds or those storage ball things. But it's most likely seeds of some sort if it's the type of plant to drop seeds and if their seeds are white. Look up images of the seeds of your plant (Google it!!)
Q:What in nature has the most insulating and all seasons durability characteristics?
it really dosent matter,fear not, as long as the tubers (the rooty type nobly things are perfectally dry and kept out of day light and frost they will be fine for the next year, (ensure there is no soil left on any root, before you store) You can use shredded paper to pack them if you like, as long as it is PERFECTLY DRY. havefun
Q:why do stores not carry vermiculite?
uh-oh! you need an incubator, quick. here's what to do. get a small fish aquarium, fill it less than an inch on all sides with perlite (found in home depot). after that, get a heating pad or a very hot light and a thermometer. make sure it is at LEAST 80 degrees or 79 degrees Fahrenheit. if you don't have everything, just run to the store quick and buy everything. get a tuberware container and fill it 2/3 of the way with perlite. weigh it on a gram scale, divide number by .8, and then add the two numbers together. spray with water until it weighs that number. put the tubberware in the aquarium and turn on the light and adjust. then go out and buy a better heating pad and use that for the rest of the time, which is about 6-12 weeks. hope it helped! good luck can you answer my question? it is 'is this leopard gecko egg alright'. ps. you can use vermiculite instead of perlite p.p.s. you should candle them, which is carefully put them on a flashlight (oh also you should mark the eggs on the top so you don't turn them over) and if they are yellowy rosy color with a tiny embryo on them they are healthy. if they are green or grey they are duds.
Q:Vermiculite vs coffee grounds for mushroom growing?
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