vermiculite board for fireproof 28 years' experience

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vermiculite board for fireproof 
model size:1220*2440mm 
Thickness: 3-25mm

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so actually we know the price level and how to produce a good board. Will surely provide the most competitive price.

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pictures for vermiculite board for fireproof


 1) Thickness: 3-25mm

2) Max. width: 1,220mm

3) Max. length: 3050mm

4)Square edge; Tapered; Chamfered; Tongue/Groove;

Different edge types of magnesium oxide wall panel :

Composition of MgO Board:

“An innovative mineral based, environmentally friendly “green” building material comprised of:”

 MGO  70%    MgCL2  10%    Fiberglass  15%    Perlite(Filier) 5%

Raw Material:

 Magnesium oxide(MGO), magnesium chloride, perlite, Wood dust, fiberglass mesh, non-woven cloth etc.

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Q:Hydroponic Vermiculite-Reusable?
I generally use perlite as it has a low chance of getting too wet and clinging to eggs. Vermiculite with excess water will cling and drown snakes. There's no chance of that with perlite. Of the two I'd use moss, but it's more difficult to keep the moisture levels at a proper level. It can also get wet enough to drown the eggs. Perhaps a mix of the two would be suitable. Just use caution that neither drips water or is so wet that it sticks to the eggs. Vermiculite should be just wet enough that it clumps when you squeeze it.
Q:Common Florida Snapping turtle eggs?
Keep them warm but not above 90 degrees F. Keep them moist but don't submerge them. Best set up is a platic box with vermiculite and water in equal amounts. Put eggs on top of vermiculite. If dents develop in the eggs in a few days, the egg is losing moisture and water must be added. Do not use tap water if it contains chloramine. Use bottled water if at all possible. Keep the container floating on top of a half-filled aquarium with an underwater heater and the thermostat set to about 85 degrees F. If weather gets too warm, put some ice cubes in the water to cool things down. Keep the lid covered so that flies cannot get in to lay eggs. Some flies can lay eggs and the larvae can burrow into the egg and eat the embryo. In a couple of months or perhaps a bit longer you will hopefully have some baby snappers.
Q:leopard gecko eggs.? good or bad?
If you only have one leopard gecko ( the one who laid the eggs) then they are not because a female by herself can't have fertile eggs. If you do have a mating pair then there is a chance the eggs are both fertile or one is fertile. Some eggs are duds even though there is a male involved. Do not touch them, one movement can kill the embryo inside. But if you want the eggs to survive; Take the eggs out of the cage, with out rotating them so other words take them out the way they were laid.Take a rubber maid container with moist peat most ( you can by at local pet store) and lay the eggs into it. Then put plastic rap on the top of the rubber maid container and poke small holes onto the top for air circulation. Keep it in a warm area or if you can in a incubator at an average temperature of 80-85. Spray the mixture when it begins to become dry. If you succeeded then, they will hatch. Just take a chancedon't throw them out unless they co-lapse.
Q:can you encapsulate asbestos with spray foam?
I think blown in insulation is your best and safest bet.
Q:What is vermiculite steel tile?
The vermiculite steel tile generally selects the aluminum zinc steel plate. The aluminized steel plate is sufficient to guarantee the strength of the roof system and, accordingly, to make the whole roof system very light in weight. The vermiculite steel tile weighs 7 kilograms per square meter, equivalent to 1/6 or 1/7 of the same area of concrete tile or clay tile.
Q:What kind of material can be used instead of vermiculite and perlite on flower cutting?
Peat can retain moisture while peat contains a large amount of humic acids that promote plant rooting. To choose half of humification and rougher peat with coarse sand and large particles of perlite as well. The prepared matrix is conducive to ventilation and drainage, but also conducive to the formation of root.
Q:Perlite, vermiculite or hatch right for leopard gecko incubation?
Q:What is a good mixure of cement,vermiculite & sand to cast molds?
Neither. Use Vermiculite
Q:If a leopard gecko egg has.?
It could be caused by low humidity in the incubation chamber. If you are using vermiculite, the pieces should be damp enough to lightly stick together when pressed between your fingers. You may need to drip some water in between the eggs to remoisten the egg substrate. Don't wet the eggs directly. . Eggs will also appear to slightly collapse just prior to hatching.
Q:I want a frog but what do I need?
talk to a Vet for the medical treatment stand point, talk to the pet store about the food and get books or educate yourself on the temperature, environment, cage, what to avoid and so forth. It is really important to do research on how to properly care of your pet. This type of animals carry salmonella which is dangerous for us humans, so be careful where you get this frog.

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