High Purity Natural Flake graphite ( Expandable Graphite)

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Natural Flake graphite

Relying on the advantages of liumao graphite resources, we develop deep processing of natural

graphite. The main products include fine graphite powder, natural graphite anode materials for

lithium-ion batteries. 

The production capacity is:

1). 100,000 ton of fine graphite powder;

2). 50,000 tons of natural spherical graphite;

3). 50,000 tons of Purifying capacity;

4). 40,000 tons of anode materials;

5). 10,000 tons of expanded graphite, graphene, silicon-carbon anode and other graphite

deep-processing products. Our products have been continuously exported to over 30 countries 

including the United States, the UnitedKingdom, India, Japan, and South Korea etc.

Product Range:

Graphite fine powder- Mainly used in the production of refractory materials,

 main products: -193, -194, -195, 196, +195, +895, +595, etc. more than 80 varieties. 

 For details, please check Table 1.

 Table 1: 

  •Graphite deep processing products - Natural graphite negative electrode materials, 

  main products: 

  1. Spherical Graphite GS8, SG10, SG16, SG17. 

  2. Negative electrode material MSG10, MSG16 and MSG17 etc. more than 10 products .

  For details, please check Table 2 and Table 3.

  Table 2: Spherical Graphite 

 Table 3:Negative electrode material



 1.Proven resource storage is 236 million tons, possess graphite mining rights. 

 2.It is a rare high-quality large flake graphite resources in the world.


 1.Annual production capacity is 80,000 tons.

 2.Possess substations, tailings ponds, and special railway lines

 3.Mature production technology, deeply cultivated graphite mining and selection for more than 80 years. 



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